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Long distance pigeon😂

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On holiday in Spain and the texts piled in as soon as I switched ‘airplane mode’ off upon landing here. “Loadsa pigeons on my emerging peas, how soon can you get here?”

As luck would have it, a pal of mine had finished up with my gate key for the farm in question so I sent him a text, he was there the following day and picked 73 pigeon! then ran out of carts as he ‘ didn’t really expect so many shots’

I guarantee when I get back on the field, after six months of keeping the birds off the osr etc, it will be deserted of pigeons😩

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It never ceases to amaze me that farmers need anyone to shoot their pigeons/rabbits ect. they don't get people who want to wander up and down fields wearing a backpack spraying the crops. I suppose that most people would only be to happy to allow anyone to spend their time and money in the form of guns/cartridges etc to protect the farmers crops from vermin BUT in that respect who would get their hedgecutter out the shed to go and trim his field hedges for nothing.! Or go to the farm with a spade to dig out ditches.. for nothing. 😁  We're all a bunch of nutters But we love it.  the shooting that is.

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