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This was a strange one.


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Driving through the lanes at first light pigeons were already darting across the lanes into bushes containing Ivy berries. I thought I would be too late to my rape field.

A 200m slog with my kit, then set up by 8:15. The sun was rising in a clear sky. I then sat for 45 minutes without even seeing a pigeon. My warm bed and warm wife looking like a better bet.

Then out of nowhere came a flock of 200 pigeons heading over my head. I shot 5 from 6 shots in less than a minute, probably 30 seconds. The effort was already worth it.

The sun was a problem. I couldn't see anything to my right so altered my pattern accordingly. However most pigeons coming to the pattern came from the right and I missed lots of opportunities. 

I shot until 10:00 and picked 25 pigeons. I enjoyed every minute.

One photo shows me looking left, the other looking right into the sun.



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Well done JDog for making the effort and avoiding the temptations. 
I had a similar concern with the sun on my last outing with Ben, the birds would insist on coming to the decoys out of the sun. My hide was under a tree in the centre  of the field but the birds wanted the edge that the decoys were.

Thanks  for posting.

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