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  1. The most frustrating part of pigeon shooting for us, finding great opportunities you can’t capitalise on. Over the years we’ve missed out on some of the best shooting through it being on land we can’t gain access to! Having game/duck shooting to swap over to is very handy.
  2. All our farms bar a few used to grow a large percentage of rape, and now only several are bothering at all and the ones that are at a much lower acreage. Even worse is that the break crops also seem to have switched to large acreage of oats which is total carp for pigeons! Makes it that bit harder to find opportunities.
  3. What started off as a very poor year has turned around somewhat into some good sport over the last couple of months. Peas giving us all the best shooting strangely with the stubbles drawing good numbers for several weeks until they were cultivated, with four outings averaging over 100 and several more around the 50 mark. Wheat and barley stubbles haven’t seemed to pull big numbers with the few outings only producing very average bags. On the way to a job on Monday I spotted a lot of pigeons on an old spring barley stubble that we haven’t got easy access to, but further on I checked some ground we do shoot as Dad had seen some flighting the week before. Nothing of note where he’d looked and only by chance when I was on the way back from the job that I spotted a line going over the road I was driving......had to see if it was going anywhere in particular and eventually found it going to another huge old barley stubble not far from where I’d already looked! Not seen numbers like it all summer really, massive number of birds down and flighting constantly from several lines. Had to move some work around to get there the following day but had to be done and got to the field and set up by 1 o clock. Still big numbers and after a quick setup Dad drove round to put them all up which started the action. Shot the first 10 really quickly but heavy rain for the next hour slowed things up somewhat. The rain finally cleared and the pigeons came back, flighting much better than I thought and between 2 and 4.30 a constant flow of mainly flighting shots in the strong wind saw a pick up of 115. Would have easily been 150 minus the rain but a cracking afternoon, and very unexpected! Can’t seem to upload photos for some reason?
  4. I’ve rarely had a day when pigeons have decoyed better after I’ve switched the rotary off / taken it in. I’ve had the rotary pack up/ batteries die a few times on busy days and the sport has noticeably slowed up! Personally I go for a rotary over a flapper with decoys every time, but everyone favours their own ways that work for them! I wouldn’t say they’re as effective as when they first came out though. Dad bought one of the originals from Phil Beasley and once we got used to how to position it our bags went up dramatically in comparison to when we only used decoys.
  5. Plenty of young birds about where we are too, as many as I’d normally expect to see anyway!
  6. Love unexpected sport like that, and sounds like you were deserving of it as well! I must admit I can’t show such restraint when it comes to packing up when pigeons are still coming, and invariably feel the wrath when I get back later than planned! I’m sure had you stayed on the best was definitely still to come, hopefully you might be able to stay a bit longer next time?
  7. That sounds more like it Jdog. A couple of hours sport like that is the best in my opinion, rather than an all day stint for a few more. I’ve been out once a week for the past 4 after a good mornings work, not set up before 2.30 on any occasion and had some great sport every time for 3-4hrs. Seen lots of young birds too! Never seen geese use any of the stubbles in my area though.
  8. Give someone that title ‘gamekeeper’ on a tinpot farm shoot even, and they can suddenly turn into the most important person on the farm. Sad but true on occasion! As said though, it’s better to be on the right side rather than the wrong as farmers usually take notice of what they have to say.
  9. Sounds like a good run Motty! Three in a hide sounds busy, good job there was plenty to go round. I’ve been having an unusually good run of late too, odd as some people in areas that usually get them all say they’re struggling for numbers?!
  10. You can only do the best with what you’ve got. Really hard work and demoralising when there’s nothing to go at but the best feeling when you come across a promising field/flight line and it all comes together for a good day!
  11. Good report mm, we have the odd few fields of fodder turnips grown for the sheep also. Shot just over 100 on some at the end of June, and had some great shooting on occasion in previous years. Be worth keeping an eye on for another day 😁
  12. Are pigeons feeding on any of it?! You can shoot them on all manner of crops at odd times if they’ve decided that’s where they want to be! They’re hitting the barley here though, although I did shoot just over 100 last Thursday on fodder turnips (sheep food).
  13. Well that’s not a bad days sport all round, good job PC
  14. Lovely job Motty, glad to see you back on winning ways.....130 is a great day regardless of how they decoyed, I bet you enjoyed it more than usual after a break!! I shot a 51 on Friday following the 70 on Wednesday one field over, sounds like you could go again tomorrow and have another bash, they don’t hang around long on drilling usually do they 👍🏼
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