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  1. I shot 51 on rape on Wednesday, on a field that hasn’t attracted much all through winter but is really short still so the pigeons have switched onto it. Lots of spring drilling to go in here too so hoping for a few decent days at last!
  2. Like or loathe him, it’s a great watch and really well written in my opinion. I’m a fan of his work so maybe a little biased, but he does have a ‘style’ of production that some may not like as they’re all very ‘him’. I don’t agree with some of his ideas outside tv mind, he’s massively overly opinionated on the subject of hunting/shooting!
  3. Cracking job Jdog, 75 bird day would do all of us.....this sounds like a great afternoons sport 👍🏼
  4. Impact driver is purely for screwdriving really, should only get one alongside/after a combi drill. For a diy’er take a look at the Erbauer screwfix range, i’d buy a 14 or 18v combi drill as it will still have enough power to drill holes in masonry but do the job of a screwdriver too! They do a twin pack 18v combi drill/impact driver brushless for £150
  5. If you want a watch to hold it’s money, go for a Rolex Sunmariner or similar divers watch if your thing.......Rolex prices go up regularly and the secondhand prices seem so strong! Not a cheap option though. I went for a Breitling, lovely watch but still not the resale value of a Rolex.
  6. What a let down Jdog.....what you describe is what happens to most of us at times though! All I read on the Facebook site is endless 100/200 minimum days where pigeons are constantly suicidal it seems. We’ve had a very lean frustrating winter, with very little to go at. Managed 26 on rape today with an early afternoon session, with 34 off the same field less than a week ago that is as good as it’s got since October!
  7. I’m a sparkie (Bath/Bristol way), with my own business and £240 a day is my default really. No complaints about being expensive as no one established charges less, with the bigger companies more like £40/hr plus vat.
  8. That must have been an amazing bit of sport.....flightlining is my favourite, especially in the wind and 50 is very good going indeed!
  9. Nice afternoons shooting that, where has JDog disappeared to??!! By all accounts I only had one block of beans to go at this year, which gave me a bag of 200 when direct drilled and three consecutive bags on the stubble of 154, 162 and 114 in the last three weeks. Wish all the farms that used to grow beans still did, I don’t expect to have any next year! I predicted we’d get good shooting over the stubble, and it was the last of the crops to be cut in a really good location so we did. Had they been on a different farm i don’t think it would have been the same result!
  10. Strangely spoke too soon as I took the afternoon off today to shoot a pea stubble that has only just started showing a few birds and knocked up the best bag of the summer for us picking 164. Cracking surprise, only a dozen or so on it when we arrived! Rape stubble has given us the majority of our shooting too, so strange how much things differ from county to county/different parts of the country. Cropping makes a big difference to our bags year on year, with lots of our prime fields/farms growing lots of oats/linseed now where they used to grow peas and beans!
  11. Cracking week off I’d say! It’s a strange year as I’ve not shot any real big bags on the stubble so far, but had various days from 20-100 so not complaining....all have been 1-3 o clock set ups too. Missed out on some cracking days through work etc, but we haven’t all got the luxury to go when we like eh!
  12. Great to get out after a long break!
  13. Good little bag with the .410 ! I’ve got one, and they’re certainly not the easiest to shoot well consistently! Not using them often doesn’t help, I’ve only used it once this year and shot 37.....would have been 80+ with the 12 bore, but if the birds are decoying well they do the job no problem once you get your eye in and satisfying too!
  14. Still on the last of the rape stubble where I am, even though they are pretty old now and most been topped. I reckon it might be down to the dry weather, there is nowhere near the amount of germination we usually get a couple of weeks after being cut! Shot 77 yesterday afternoon on an old topped off rape stubble with some germination, strong flightline and would have shot more had a strong wind not been in my face I think. Quite a few really young birds too. Ive not shot a pigeon on wheat/barley stubble as yet, missed out on some early on though.
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