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  1. Quite sad that’s had to happen, I don’t know the reason behind it but I’m guessing someone local has been poaching your permissions. Great bags as I would expect PC. I do get where he is coming from though, over the last 5 years in particular it has seemed much harder to keep the same shooting as so many people seem keen on having a go, and often where we would be able to refrain from shooting a small bag and watch for a few days people now jump in when they see a few pigeons. Telling people of your success seems to result in them telling others to follow in your footsteps which is most frustrating, happens a fair bit sadly.
  2. Nice video with some good shots there, I’d love to see where I miss the easy ones from time to time.
  3. If there are no pigeons using the field you won’t shoot any pigeons, simply setting up because a field has peas in it isn’t the best way to go. Spend some time finding a field where the pigeons are going in and then study the flightlines for a day or two at least, you’ll then have an idea of a.) where to put your hide and b.) what time of day to shoot. Good luck
  4. I’d have to agree with all of that, Anthony Poolman and Steve Day to name two who shoot in the Oxfordshire area mainly both shoot huge numbers in excess of 20,000 a year.....in most areas that simply isn’t possible no matter how ‘good’ you are at it, aa the numbers simply aren’t there. We get some decent days throughout the year but nothing like the numbers some get easily and seemingly most time’s they go out. The 3/4/500plus bags just don’t happen in this area (very often anyway) sadly!
  5. They’ll drop crows no problem, providing your on them centre pattern and not at extreme range.....much like a 12g in a lot of cases! You need to be bloody accurate with the .410’s, those moderated pumps aren’t the easiest to shoot with.
  6. Cracking shooting with that .410 ! Haven’t used mine for quite some time now as haven’t needed to as such.....you proved how effective they are, I prefer 7’s over 6’s in it too. Some of those pigeons were jinking around so you did well to get on them with the drainpipe.....not easy that’s for sure! My pb with the .410 like yours is also 97, good few years back now. We’ve been stopped shooting in the past through noise, so frustrating and always someone who just doesn’t like shooting and kicks up a fuss!
  7. Ahh you must be lucky where you are, game dealers in general aren’t taking them until the market for them opens up again.....at least every one I phoned within an hour or so of where I live! real pain as got a freezer near full and pigeons to go at now, typical.
  8. Great bag with the hushpowers that.....my pb with mossberg .410 is 97 some years ago now. They’re so hard to shoot consistently when you only use them occasionally, I find myself avoiding using it for that reason but kill well when you’re on form!! Are you managing to get rid of the pigeons? Game dealers have all shut the doors to pigeons, interested to know how you’re finding it!?
  9. When first drilled and then again at harvest, you’ve missed the boat until harvest time now (and shouldn’t be going out at the moment anyway obviously)!
  10. Don’t agree with overpriced paid for pigeon shooting personally, but then I’ve been lucky enough to have land to shoot over ever since I was old enough to go with the old man. Can see why people will pay, it’s an easy option, but it’s the bane of any pigeon shooters life once a guide starts trying to buy all the shooting around you! Not so much lately but in the past had numerous good days we’ve had lined up ruined by a ‘guide’ turning up with his band of foreign shooters.
  11. Been nothing to report here either, although there have been a couple of potentially good opportunities on cut maize but the arrival of a baby and having serious man flu the past month have put a stop to them. The wet weather has been a nightmare for getting access to some fields too, maize stubble in particular. Rape has been a non starter with nearly all failed and so little grown now, such a shame as although never used to shoot big numbers always looked forward to chasing a decent day on rape over the winter!
  12. Didn’t see anyone ask but thanks anyway!
  13. Nothing you can do about the weather (or lack of pigeons). You get 100% for effort
  14. Sounds like a great day! I had a similar bag a couple of weeks back on an old stubble, large flocks there too which can be really hard to shoot.
  15. Oh well, no one will lose any sleep over him not being there.
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