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  1. 265/70/17’s go on an otherwise standard l200 with standard wheels....look so much better too!
  2. Very difficult to say whether or not the amount you’ve been quoted is ridiculous or not (it does sound expensive if as straightforward as it sounds, no new boiler etc), but most likely he’ll be used to making that sort of money on a boiler ‘change’ where they supply a boiler. The sort of profit in those jobs for a days work! Does make me laugh how much some customers think tradesmen should charge/earn though, whilst they earn their 6 figure salary or whatever doing an office job/going to work in a suit. I’m afraid a good electrician/plumber etc that are signing off work as ‘safe’ and hav
  3. You’re spot on, Caterham’s cost the money they do for a reason.....they’re not to be confused with a home brew x flow Westfield/bike engines locosts etc where the spec alters wildly. They’re proven, handle properly and use ‘proper’ parts that work well as a package. A lot of money for what they are but you’re buying the best, a friend of mine ran a race team that focused on Caterhams and they have great dealer/factory back up etc for such a small company and aren’t really unreliable as such (certainly no worse than a defender haha), due to such light weight they don’t need to run particular
  4. Rolex sports watches are generally waiting list/by invitation only which hikes the secondhand prices up sometimes hugely! submariner ‘hulk’ (green bezel) for example were recently discontinued, were always a several year wait minimum anyway and are now going for 2-3 times rrp as you just can’t get them. Great investments!
  5. I’ll have to say it, I dread to think of the hash you’ll make of it with little to no clue on lighting circuits etc.....I’ve yet to see a decent diy electrical job 😂 Very easy job for an electrician, would be a minimum charge job for me plus materials so for what it’s worth just get someone in and get it done properly!
  6. It’s a good job he’s not operating in my area too, but have a look at the sort of numbers Gerwyn shoots himself for starters.... that should tell you something. Anthony Poolman shoots 20,000 plus a year for a start, just because you struggle doesn’t mean there aren’t large numbers of pigeons in parts of the country! I’m equally as envious, you can only make the best of what you’ve got to go at.
  7. How do you know there are ‘no’ pigeons? He’s in a prime area where big numbers are shot at the time of year he’ll have guns out.....obviously you can’t arrange the days as you do with pheasants but some people in the right area with access to the right ground could put you under good numbers of pigeons on the right days no trouble at all.
  8. There will always be people with money to burn, who get bored with blasting away at endless pheasants on all the big numbers days they do and fancy doing the same on pigeons without all the hard work/time that goes with pigeon shooting like the majority of us have!
  9. Well I didn’t realise Gerwyn Jones was ‘mr pigeon’......I thought he was shooting with ‘mr pigeon’ in a video he did with one of the shooting channels, at least that’s how it comes across when watching! Seemed a crazy cash cow price to me, aimed at those with more money than sense (clearly plenty of those). He seems to spend all his time shooting actually, on all the top estates etc at both pigeons and pheasants so can’t be short of money in the first place.....not sure what he does for a loving but didn’t think he was a pigeon guide!
  10. Blimey, are you ever home / and or switch the heating on? Otherwise Gas and electric must be cheap where you are!
  11. Sorry, but not ‘bad practise’ at all, especially when it comes to ‘alterations’ not wiring from scratch where it wouldn’t be an issue. Perfectly well permitted to run horizontal or vertical from an accessory. What it would be is be poor time management taking carpet/floor up to run cable down and back up to a socket a foot over to one side!
  12. That’s just how it goes sometimes, does sap your confidence in reading situations but then you’ll get a run of really good days and confidence is restored. I always say you don’t really know what will happen until you set up and give it a go, some days it’s almost too easy! I must say unusually I’ve had very few poor days this summer and had several turn out much better than expected, but rest assured it won’t last. Still a fruitful outing, it’s always nice to at least see the pigeons 😁
  13. Cracking day, 100 plus is always a good day!
  14. That’s the only trouble sometimes, I had my eye on shooting a spring barley stubble that had a nice lot on and building up.....popped by and being disced in already after only being cut a few days ago! Shot some stubble yesterday that always produces if left but shot it early instead as I know they’ll be cultivating soon, shot 60 in a few hours so not terrible. Have you got the good fields to yourself so to speak, waiting for them to build up?
  15. Agree, last thing you want to be doing after a busy day.....it takes long enough picking up as it is without faffing about lining them up in rows! At the end of the day, the reason for the bag jealousy is when you can’t do it yourself. I don’t shoot the 3/4/500 bird days some do regularly but that’s only down to not having such numbers in my area, I get plenty of 1-200 days which is enough and the odd bigger day. Doesn’t mean I disbelieve those that shoot the huge bags, why would you just because they shoot more than you? The photos I take after days are me and the old man to lo
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