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  1. Not been as productive as I thought, barley stubbles this time. Had a few blocks to go at and good numbers seemed on the cards but only managed two afternoons of 51 and 47 respectively so far. May get one last go if the last block isn’t cultivated over the weekend!
  2. 90 in a few hours is always good sport, well done. The very few fields of rape we’ve got here are a week or so away if the weather stays fair I reckon, pigeons didn’t touch it through winter but may go for the stubble with any luck!
  3. What makes you assume the yellow cables on the left are earths? If they are they’re not labelled as such, and I’m not sure why someone would have run a 3-core cable and used a core as the earth (difficult to see if it’s really old cable with no separate earth conductor). Certainly worth checking with test leads anyhow before joining together with the other more obvious earth cables.
  4. Agreed, I find both rather boring and certainly wouldn’t choose to watch them on tv…..but then again I understand plenty will disagree and spend their life talking about it. Does make me laugh when others mock what someone enjoys doing when it’s not their ‘cup of tea’
  5. A great day and a great report…..nice read! Glad you had some good sport, it’s the days like that we all wait for! Strangely I’ve always had a 100 plus day on barley every year but this year only shot once for a 40 odd bag. Strange how every year is different as I’ve had all my 100 plus days this year on peas! Hopefully you’ll be in for a good day when that barley is cut 👍🏼
  6. Of course it’s who gets hold of them that are the problem! Had guns all my life but don’t see what crossbows have to offer really, never come across any proper target clubs etc for them although I could be wrong!? I don’t see why they couldn’t be licensed as shotguns are though, so they’re not so readily accessible was my point mainly. For a start there are nowhere near the amount of mindless accidents/shooting of cats and swans etc with shotguns, because they’re not as easy to obtain as a legal limit air rifles!
  7. Never fathomed why crossbows are even a thing, obviously everything is dangerous in the wrong hands but Joe public really shouldn’t be able to buy them! mom guessing you’re not wanting the confrontation of mentioning it to them yourself, but to be honest that sounds downright dangerous and could have much more serious consequences in the future if they carry on. Neighbours/family eh 🙄
  8. Just take the mower you’ve got back to Aldi for a refund and buy the other version, would be the easiest solution surely? i agree, most frustrating though!
  9. We all started somewhere, so don’t be disheartened as you shot one at least and the decoys clearly brought them in! You can’t shoot what’s not there! I think one of the things I enjoy the most about pigeon shooting is how I’ve learned so much over the years through trial and error and just good old ‘experience’, which is gained every time you go out. Spending spare time driving round looking and watching fields/flight lines is key to getting consistent success, in my opinion the most important part that lots of people miss out. Keep an eye on that field and have another go if they’re still using it 👍🏼
  10. What a find Jdog, there can be no better find pigeon shooting wise than a shootable line like that. I’ve never shot a bag of that size purely on a flight line with no decoy setup but have shot over some random crops/fields where they’re just ‘passing through’ as you describe. That must have been some 3 hours!! I jumped in the truck and had a drive round yesterday afternoon afternoon after an early finish and came across a strong line heading into the distance passing over the peas I was looking on, and managed to find where they were homing in on after a bit more driving. It’s amazing how far they’ll fly and how many other equally good fields with the same crop/food they’ll ignore to pile into a particular spot. A difficult field to shoot I found them on, semi laid barley with no access other than a very long walk 🤔
  11. Standard fitment on all the higher end builds I work on, and as you say gives the best of both worlds! 100% do this, you’ll need an electrician for the element connection/supply if you want to comply as bathrooms are ‘special locations’ and the work is notifiable. Unless the spark is prepared to do the plumbing side of things you could get a plumber to refit the towel rail with the element in then get the sparks in 👍🏼
  12. How else would you expect wireless anything to work? The battery replacement is the obvious downside, but lithium technology sees them lasting much more than a year so not the end of the world. They’re much much better than they were range/wall type wise. Texecom a common brand the professionals will install, horses for courses and I’d always opt for a wired system where possible to do so but in many houses especially old ones it cuts down the labour so much going for a wireless alarm!
  13. Why is it always when you find a field/flight line to get really excited about that you can’t shoot it…..totally understand your frustration as I’ve been there many times in the past! 50 plus is always a good afternoon though, and enough to keep you busy. Keep an eye on the phone though, just in case!
  14. That’ll do a great job of removing every ounce of protection from the paint too…..hopefully you wax the car after you use that! Aa said just get a snow foam Lance from the likes of clean your car and some good quality snow foam. It is a faff though, unless you’ve got plenty of time on your hands. i used to regularly spend whole days cleaning my car going back some years and really got into ‘detailing’, I never realised there were so many products and processes to get a car properly gleaming!!
  15. I must admit, that was my first thought too as it does look odd in black! Aa long as you’re happy and got a good deal though 😁 I could do with the same on my l200….
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