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  1. Have spotted pigeons feeding on beechmast too, but not in vast numbers. Personally never managed to shoot any sort of bag on it but can imagine it being good sport if you can! I shot just over 60 on Tuesday setting up on some drilling on a busy flight line pigeons were using to go somewhere else (that I couldn’t locate). Was a case of right place right time as they didn’t want the drilling! Getting much harder to find them now the stubbles are all but gone.
  2. Are you ever there 🤔?? Even when I lived alone in a 2 bed house I was paying £70 odd a month if I recall…..£30 is firmly in tightwad territory 😂
  3. Agreed, a bit further forward than you but I lived at home into my mid 20’s earning 20k odd and lived my best life…..always had money to burn! I’m knocking on 40 now and earning more than I ever have but with far far more responsibilities, I’ve got a house and cars etc but never feel the I’ve got ‘money to burn’ feeling as I did back then. You definitely live to your means though, if I’d never bought a bigger house/had more expensive cars/lifestyle (and kids) I’d obviously be much better off but then I’m not sure I’d have the drive I do if I didn’t have those responsibilities?
  4. Pigeons feeding behaviour is so strange sometimes it’s hard to fathom. Peas have been my bumper crop this year from start to finish, even more so when sprayed off when the peas go rock hard. However an area not a million miles away they won’t be interested in them and go for cereal crops/stubbles instead, work that out? Certainly somewhere to keep an eye on, eh JDog 👍🏼
  5. An electricians rate of pay has always been ‘higher’ than a painters, not sure what your problem is with that. Your belittling is pretending exams/qualifications etc don’t count for anything….utter rubbish! Gas engineers earn more money, as do other trades. What on earth makes you think every trade should earn the same baffles me, just because I happen to be in a trade that can charge more money you feel the need to think I consider myself superior which is nonsense. You might be well versed in writing long winded/well worded replies but you’re simply wrong when it comes to the pay grade argument and I won’t agree with you on that. The customer doesn’t decide what to pay people, I don’t decide what I’ll pay a mechanic etc etc etc. You’re clearly someone who can’t ever be wrong/take anyone else’s points on board, so let’s agree to disagree. Feel free to have the last word 👍🏼 How refreshing to read this reply! Exactly how the majority of my decorator friends operate, and are quite happy to do so. Rates will always differ with the type of work undertaken within a trade 👍🏼
  6. Could go round in circles with you Jim, but there’s little point as you’re clearly intent to argue the toss all day long as to what my intentions are/ justify decorators are worth huge amounts of money. No need to stick up for poor old Pete or whoever else you know who gets bullied on site but the decorators don’t even get looked down on where I am, and we work alongside them all the time without issue. Good luck to any decorator earning good money, I merely pointed out what I would pay (in my area). The belittling of my trade in exchange is both hilarious and petty, but thanks for trying. Have a good one 👍🏼
  7. Haha, oh dear. Someone’s got a massive chip on their shoulder! No ‘king of the trades’ here my friend. But if that’s the patronising route you’d like to go down I did have to complete a 3 year apprenticeship with multiple exams along the way, along with other additional qualifications and ongoing update courses as and when regulations change. Add to that an ongoing yearly fee/inspection to allow me to sign off jobs, I’m afraid when comparing an electricians skill set/expenses alongside risk to that of a decorator there really is no comparison (and why they tend to demand a higher fee). Sadly not everyone can earn the same money because they go to work in a van, it’s well advertised what the going rates are for vocations before you go into them and that’s just life. If you’re honest with yourself you know that, but hey ho some people like an argument don’t they! You’ve gone off on a tangent again, I don’t personally care what you or anyone charges, merely my opinion and observations which we’re all entitled to. The chap asking the original question has got someone for £160/day whether you like it or not. Don’t take things as such a personal insult, you didn’t price the job did you so calm yourself down 😂🙄
  8. Blimey, that’s some heavy reading my friend. Everyone pays tax and ni so no big deal there, certainly shouldn’t be how you arrive at an hourly rate! I’m self employed and run an electrical contracting business so well aware how things work thanks. How you value your time when you’re self employed us entirely up to you, as is what you charge. You’re preaching to the wrong person I’m afraid 😉
  9. £160 a day not much above a burger flipper? Not sure how you arrived at that. A decorator has very little in the way of expenses/tools in comparison to lots of other trades for a start, not to mention zero qualifications/specialist training required to set up as one! Fairly obvious there are good/bad and high/low end in every trade/service with the money going up and down accordingly, as well as the usual supply and demand pricing. Decorating is tough at the lower end (small domestic jobs) where people struggle to justify paying proper money for a good job as they know they could slap some paint on themselves if push come to shove (and think they do it equally well).
  10. Agree with the majority of your points, as a self employed tradesman myself. Personally don’t think a decorators skill set is worth £230 odd a day but that’s obviously opinion/area based only as you wouldn’t get much work where I am charging such prices. Good luck if able to charge it though! Spot on with your main point, always amazes me how some people get so jealous at the thought of you potentially earning more/similar money to themselves when they’re in an ‘important’ job and wear a suit to work, not work trousers and hoody 😂 A good tradesman has a wealth of knowledge and in the majority of cases carries out work you’ve no hope of doing yourself to the same standard, especially in a similar time frame. This is worth a considerable amount of money these days, whether people like it or not!
  11. Nick Tait (ff5 man) already makes such a contraption, did wonder if it would be any good!
  12. Amazing and interesting how things seem to differ between areas etc. I’ve used the rotary to good effect on all of my outings so far this summer and rarely find the shooting better without it. With the exception of one afternoon I’ve also had good shooting all through July/August so far late on with 5-7 o clock giving a ‘second wind’ of birds. This was the case yesterday in fact when I hastily set up on a pea stubble at 15:30 thinking I may only shoot a handful as there was someone else set up where I wanted to be but after a steady start shot and picked 85, shooting the last one just before 7 o clock. The rotary worked a treat pulling birds off of the line going over/around me at height to the next field enough to get a shot with some decoying superbly! I’ll never understand why some days they just won’t have any of it whatever you put out / take in though.
  13. That must have been awful for you, and sounds like 100% avoidable if the owner has known of their dogs behaviour. No sympathy with owners of vicious dogs with known behaviour like that, as said thank god it wasn’t one of the kids as may have been much worse! I’d be livid and quite happy to do everything in my power for prosecution/dog destroyed to hopefully prevent a reoccurrence. Still can’t fathom what the obsession is with dogs that display such traits (and the owners that seem proud of this).
  14. Have one in my cabinet I bought new 20 years ago in pristine condition…..not sure I could bare to part with it though as it was the first decent air rifle I bought, seemed like a lot of money back then. Great guns in their own right!
  15. Pigeons are often in pockets within areas and the hard part is finding that concentration of birds and where they’re feeding. 100% some fields just shoot well with the right crop in where others won’t shoot well whatever is grown! I find this massively where I am, some places will be devoid of pigeons all summer where others have plenty, yet are only a few miles apart. I’m finding peas the biggest draw this year and shot some decent bags, yet stubbles haven’t produced any particularly good bags for me so far….they definitely move off them quickly as there’s so little spilt grain.
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