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Hopefully they will start to pair up and the mega-flocks will disintegrate. It's been driving me nuts, just show up and they are gone elsewhere all day, not even a 1-shot wonder. You can get that by getting there 1st, ie 7.30am, shoot at the 1st scout and that's all she wrote. If you don't go out, they flood onto the crop and the farmer goes nuts. Heads I lose, tails, I lose!!

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With more record temps up in Scotland over the last few day can you wander why birds are pairing up , we are not out of January yet and down the marsh we have got pairs of Mallard already showing signs of mating , we were shooting on Saturday and the woods were full of mature Snowdrops and other plants like the Daffodils are now showing well above ground , this is something we will have to get used to as next month we could be facing snow drifts , who knows ??      MM

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4 hours ago, JDog said:

A Robin was singing at four this morning, yesterday I heard the territorial alarm call of a Blackbird and yes the Pigeons are cooing here too.


All usually the case as we hit February and the evenings start to draw out.


It's the lengthening daylight hours that trigger at lot of this activity and not the temperature.

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