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  1. You are not alone Gordon?
  2. Thinking along the request for disclosure of her medical information, surely the reverse would be requested?
  3. Thanks for that, just wondering as one does when able. Deeply sorry for our Queen, PA should have had the sense not to have hung around in the first place?
  4. Why are you surprised as his ilk have always acted that way?
  5. If it turns out that she has a diagnosed condition could it backfire under the disability act?
  6. Certain peeps need to chill a bit , no figures are available either way so this fairly pointless maybe? Good and bad everywhere? As said getting caught with evidence a problem? Those that do won't be losing them unlike the seeming situation now where any minor offence committed by a ticket holder is being used against them under the anti social behaviour banner?
  7. Would propose no, it has an interesting toxicity? Most who have it in large areas probably wish they hadn't?
  8. Showing the same kiss chase activity here over the garden boundary 5 in view at once. 👍
  9. Naughty, naughty? 🤣
  10. Oops, time to leave by jumping the gate?
  11. old man

    Chinese spies

    Ah but this proves that competition without any control is the best way forward economically? 🤣
  12. I would guess that it was before Greta had been indoctrinated that the idiots here, (Teflon and Boris from memory? ? ?) saw an opportunity for further self aggrandisement knowing that they themselves were fully insulated from any and all problems relating to the action proposed? Tiny, tin pot irrelevant country proposing preposterous unachievable actions that will be ignored by all others wishing only to pay lip service so they could get away as quickly as possible? The mood of the country may well change when large numbers are pushed below the poverty line by the energy crisis? Me thinks interesting times ahead?
  13. Nope mine too for the first bit over our idiotic energy situation? Belies any common sense to plunge our economy this way? I don't see any of the major exporters/importers of coal giving it up to the detriment of their economies but we will for some unfathomable reason? Because our politicos are stupid beyond belief?
  14. Tricksters best hide in plain sight?
  15. old man

    Chinese spies

    All countries do it, whether they admit or not? Always best to have a red herring or two up the sleeve to divert away from the real news? The really sad thing is they need not have bothered as we gave control of all our utilities away to them anyway?
  16. Technically a Sandy then? Be very careful! Can be a bit short tempered, have had to jump a few gates to escape them when riled.
  17. No but there is rumour of him getting plants free from the NHS via his GP?
  18. What's wrong with a quick hose down in the back yard?
  19. Marrowfats rule ok. Peas for real men? really test the keks?
  20. A very frosty morning here. Sat for 2 hours nothing around, nothing gone from feeders. Just about to pack up when a kitt came in on the ground from my blindside left to within 6 feet of my feet to a bird feeder, winding me it upped and left the same way without stopping. Hopefully will meet it next week?
  21. Marrowfats give more bang for your buck? As long as if/when it all kicks off we tell them to £*** off?
  22. Top donor John Caudwell, shame , thought he had more nous. Now that's a right pair?
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