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    Just the ways and means act? Fingers up to the law abiding?
  2. Something that actually works, maybe not for us PC 'uns, better to destroy our social care and NHS?
  3. One yesterday off the feeder, looked like a late last year female. In very good fettle. Still very quiet here only saw 2 all day the first one not stopping. Total 300
  4. Firstly from the bit of info I have crossbows not permitted in most venues. Mandatory training of 3 months required at my sons club. I am sure there will be more info from others directly.
  5. No offence motty, just a leg pull from here.
  6. Come on motty, the inference that advancing age implies a falling of personal standards is a bit off beam maybe?
  7. Maybe we will keep some of these rules?
  8. The main difficulty may lie with the fact that after destroying any personal documentation it's impossible to ship them out to unknown points of origin?
  9. old man

    is weekend

    Heavens knows about the inundation from the Nile for hundreds of years then?
  10. Spare a thought for us pensioners, we have to sleep on a straw palliasse. 😂
  11. old man

    is weekend

    'Cause it's all not done for environmental reasons innit? Happens to save them loads of dosh not doing it too, so win? win? Same with out of control fires? Just have to ignore it, stay safe and help other in distress from it? Those in charge don't give a rats beast of burden?
  12. Maybe consider and keep it simple, on an air gun set it at 7 X mag and zero it at your shooting distance? Different to shooting at 200 + yards.
  13. Wonder where mine ended up? More recoil than a .300 RUM. 😀
  14. Celebrities? I am still looking. The real ones in my book and supported by the lack on names on he honours lists are usually ones not seeking the false status and among the first to be forgotten?
  15. One yesterday, more interested in peanut butter than survival. 290.
  16. Ah, a Patriot, awful things IMO from personal experience.
  17. Global paydays will be good no doubt?
  18. You really, really don't, maybe?
  19. I feel sorry for him, just downright demeaning. The lure of the pound?
  20. Sadly, irrespective of "the facts" which few now believe to be truthful whoever supplies them the stream continues? Lives lost, fortunes made, social and economic systems at breaking point, the same old political avoidance or encouragement of the reality of the situation? Why?
  21. /M, maybe more interesting to some? Just bores me. That's the truth.
  22. Probably because they are nor interested on it or her?
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