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  1. 1 big buck today, came for afternoon tea at the feeder. Total 195.
  2. A new DG methinks, sounds like he gingered the staff up a bit about profile association? Ref Packham's exploitation of Aunty for own self aggrandisement? ITV. BBC. growing ever closer via *hitbox?
  3. 1 last night, just on dusk. Fat balls again. Total 193.
  4. ! this morning on the fat balls, a recovery from poison baiting locally? Total 192
  5. Nope, don't think so when a text takes 30 seconds, communication being a two way street.
  6. There always seems to be one to ruin everything? I seem to have lost my Squirrel cull area over lock down, no replies to any communications about it, Thought I had responded as requested, safe and reliable but now looking round again as beginning to feel like a stalker over it.
  7. 1 tonight, a buck off the fat balls. Total 191
  8. 1 this morning. Male kit. S200 and Hades. Total 1215
  9. 1 more juvenile, off the fat balls. Total 190
  10. 2 more this morning. Ratling. Total 185.
  11. ! more just, ratling on ground by water. Total 183
  12. 2 more today. Ratlings off fat balls. Total 182
  13. 1 more ratling off the fat ball feeder, it's mate escaped but will be back? Total 180
  14. 1 more today. Doe kit. Off bird feeder. Total 1136
  15. 3 out of closest 5 families, don't need the council ruining my lockdown fun. Useless lot. All in the ban the gun club too. 😛 Lots of veggie and vegans, tofu kings. Just got another big doe. Total 177.
  16. What about a 300 RUM, that will exercise your upper body too?😀
  17. Yep, a new neighbour covered his whole garden area in decking and created rat city, all helped by other stupid neighbours feeding crows, rats, squirrels and foxes with pounds of rough scraps every day, it's impossible to educate them so I just pop what I can, when I can. Useful in lockdown? Another rat this morning. Total 176.
  18. 1 more ratling this morning. Total 173.
  19. 1 more ratling just now, another about. Total 172,
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