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Police deer and pigeons.

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Out yesterday (Monday 12 Feb) I was pigeon shooting on some land owned by west Mercia police, shot 37 and picked 34, there's a fair few small woods on the land and a lot of Roe deer, must have counted 15 over 3 fields of rape, But I could not help but notice how tame they were, happily munching away and never batted an eyelid when shooting, 5 even walked up the middle of the field not 75 yards from me whilst I was out picking some dead birds, they then disappeared into one of the small wood at the top of the field.

I don't know if they are being shot on this land and I am not into stalking but they did seem tame for deer, nice to see them though.



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On Countryfile on Sunday night it was reported that the general deer population is now at a all time high , it would be a rare day now if you didn't see any deer on your travels rather than you did , dead ones lay on the side of most of  the county roads and the other day I had a walk along the river wall and I saw two dead Munties that had either got drowned or someone chucked a couple of dead ones in the river as no one around these parts want any venison nowadays .

Nice bag of Pigeons by the way .      MM

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See more deer now than ever have whilst driving Hgv's around the country, sheer numbers of dead ones especially on A47 and A14 is getting ridiculous. On my way to Humberside this morning saw several decent groups with 5,6,7 deer in them. Before now i have been decoying Corvids then gone into the woods and seen deer resting up 60/70 yds away, also occasionally took one if i've had the 270 with me and in the appropriate season.



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