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Waited for this wind.


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These fields have had a few pigeons on them. Not many but enough to ensure that I looked every day.

A strong wind was necessary as the pigeons were not coming very far. The wind would disperse the sound of the shots.

As one picture shows this is a patchy crop, not due to pigeons but due to the wet weather causing part of the crop to rot.

It was a slog to get to my hide position. When I got there the usually dry ditch had water in it. Luckily I had wellies on, Barney did not.

After two minutes I had two down then a wait before the next one appeared. For a change I was shooting well and I had some long crossers which surprised me.

The thought of a long slog back to the car prompted me to pack up after an hour and a half even though pigeons were still coming in.

The combination of my kit and twenty seven pigeons has finished me off for the day.






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You are entering the stage of life where your mind can do it but the body is not always in agreement , I am not lazy by any means but it is that much more enjoyable if you can drive to your set up place , or at least very near to it , lugging all your gear over sodden ground and then the thought of carrying nearly 30 Pigeons back plus all your gear is no longer as tempting as it was when the body was a bit more mobile , this is the time of the year for those looking for perms as a lot of the retirees who shoot all the year round seem to be absent when it turn cold and with the threat of rain on these dull days , and who can blame them :lol:

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