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An 8 Week Obediance Course

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Please note the pics of the handsome young buck are now quite outdated :unsure:





Although those pics are around 3 years old I must say that i am every bit as good looking :unsure: :angry::oops:


Well maybe alittle .........mmmmm....."softer"....... around the edges :unsure:



Dont make me get the pictures of you and Killer out :lol::lol::lol:



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I like to start My pups at 8 weeks.



Thanks mate :yes: Will start the lab as soon as she's home next week then :yes: How far do you reckommend going with training ? What counts as "too far" ?

Some say dont do too much too soon or you'll ruin the dog, what is too much ? Where do the basics stop ?


Sorry to bug you mate :) when the pup comes I only fear I will be worse :yes: lol

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great training advice there mate, do you always start it in that order with the sit command being the first then heel then recall and so on, and do you stick to one command only until the pup has mastered it, ( around 8 weeks or thereabouts ) then go to the next command,,, thanks.

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NTTF - Many thanks for all the advice posted so far. One further point though;


When do you recommend introducing the whistle, how do you incorporate it within this 8 week programme, and what combination of pips do you recommend for the various commands?




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