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decoying without a hide

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Does anyone here ever decoy with no hide just a good background and full cammo (gloves, face vail ETC), its just that i've been out a few times latley and as we have been setting up or packing away pigeons have nearly always flown well within range, we've seen them coming and just frozen into the background and we were'nt wearing vails or gloves so i cant see any reason why not, but then i am a raw novice :rolleyes:


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It would certainly work, probably better on young , less wary birds.


I always wear full camo and whenever I leave the hide to do the tidying up bit I always take

the gun with me as I have shot many pigeons whilst standing in the middle of the field and not always in the pattern.

It actually happened last Friday. I'd dropped a high right to left but I didn't think it was a clean kill so I went out to check.

It took a bit of finding as it had traveled quite a way from the hide. On the way back with bird in one hand and gun in the other I saw one coming in directly in front of me. I dropped the dead bird, stood still and waited for it to come into range. It joined the other shot birds in my pattern about a minute later!






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For the past 2 months we have not bothered using a hide and we have been getting some great numbers.


We wear camo trousers, shirt and hat and this works well, we normally have our sleeves rolled up as well and the birds still come in.

As said already aslong as you keep still until the birds are in range and you dont move too fast when you do shoot the birds should ignore you. :rolleyes:

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I dont bother with a hide or decoys, as when I go out, I generally only have a couple of hours. What I normally do is find a hedgrow, or edge of wood or somewhere like that underneath a flightline, I tuck myself into the edge and wait completely still. Providing you wait long enough before raising your gun as the birds over, the bird will pass what I call the point of no return, and even tho it see's you and tries to take evasive action, it's too late and you have it.

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I walk or go by m/bike to my shoots so less is best.

Very rare I take a net.

There is good bushes or hedgerows to hide in so even If I went by car I don't think I'd bother.

I do have three different nets & agree they are great to hide movement.

I've learn't a flask of coffee drunk without a net is better, done in slow motion still looking for birds comeing in.

If any come just let them drop in the pattern, put the cup down, get ready then take a going away shot or three.

If your a fidget or hyper active take a net.

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i find better than bulding a hide is to get in the ditch if you can, if there is a tree sover growing ditch get in under the tree, best hide and its free, sometimes when in the ditch i put a bit of netting in front of me but thas it

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