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  1. Gun has been reduced to £550 cheers kenny
  2. Hi mate how much are you looking to pay for one I have a one here cheers kenny Hi mods can you delete please didn’t realise member had got one
  3. That wouldn’t be those two very large interesting sites in the white blouse would it👍🤔🤭
  4. Been to the show today Got back to Durham about 8-30pm had a good day really got some good bargains cheers 🍻 Kenny
  5. I would mate but got my hands full at home pigeons have found our rape trouble is you get a couple and you have to wait for an hour for them to show again the joys of pigeon shooting cheers Kenny
  6. Yep four of us heading down Friday from County Durham 4am set off cheers 🍻 Kenny
  7. Thanks lads I don’t know when it was sewn or at what stage it is at I will pass on the comments about the pigeons eating it I don’t think he has any rape in this year maybe that’s why they are hitting it many thanks Kenny
  8. Hi I’ve just had a farmer pal of mine on the phone saying he has pigeons dropping in his green linseed plants has anyone had any experience of pigeons eating linseed plants we’ve never grew any so I have not had any problems if anybody has shot or has had pigeons eating linseed could you let me know so I could pass it on to him cheers 🍻 Kenny
  9. A merry Xmas and a happy new year to all pw members and their families 👍🎅🏻🥳 have a good one
  10. Hi is this still available I have pmd you cheers 🍻 Kenny
  11. Hi hodge Seaham boot sale sun and Monday you will pick some up cheap cheers ? Kenny
  12. Been today we were there about 8.10am from Durham got in no bother I thought it was better than last year cheers Kenny
  13. Went on Saturday enjoyed it a long walk from E1 car park to venue we were first three at the doors a bit cramped walking around food and tea a bit of a rip of tea £2.40 pie and mash £9.00 but overall thought it was worth the journey down from Durham cheers ? Kenny
  14. Hi thanks for reply been on they only have one not for my gun I must have been on 20+ sites no joy I can get one from fabarm direct but I thought someone might have one here many thanks for reply cheers ?? Kenny
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