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  1. Its a totally generic ebay one, i think they are all the same, they all look identical. Made in china, blue and black very small compressor
  2. I have one, probably paid £300 ish a year or so ago. it does exactly as expected, just keep it cool and it is great. Some of the air line components are cheaply made, but easily changed to more substantial ones. It charges the gun cylinder in seconds, under a minute for sure. It charges a small scuba cylinder in about 15 minutes, but i tend to have it run 15 minutes, then give it a rest and do it again. Once it is finished keep the water running for a while to cool it and it should last very well. I had it checked over by a boffin pal and he thinks it is great. It wont charge large scuba cylinders day in day out but is ideal for my occasional use. Its hardly twice the price of some of the hand pumps and so is a no brainer for me
  3. The thickest part of the cylinder is the base and neck, and it was for that reason years ago it was recommended that they stand upright, as a small amount of moisture can cause corrosion at the elevated partial pressures within the cylinder, and so keeping the corrosion as a micro pool in the base did less harm than a line of corrosion along the side of the cylinder, in the thinnest part of it. These days properly filtered and dried air will not be a problem, so store it on its side. Steel cylinders are more prone to this being an issue, alloy ones have a very thick flat base and really dont suffer issues to the same extent. But all of these issues were a problem decades ago, and now really should not be a problem, as long as standard safety practices are adhered to. Fire service, busy scuba centres and the like all store cylinders on their sides these days, and avoiding the cause of corrosion is way more important than the storage angle.


    Try montrose shooting breaks, they are on FB and have a web site. i used to shoot with them when they were based in aberdeenshire as north east shooting breaks and they were really good. i have not shot with them in the montrose area, but i see regular decent bags on fb, and lots of happy customer comments, so must be doing something right. Not sure about pheasants, it looks like mainly ducks and geese, but worth a call
  5. ok, first thing to do is seal the hole, do this with black witch or neoprene queen. put it on a match or cocktail stick and push this covered in either neoprene glue through the hole, inside to out. This will seal the hole / rip right the way through. If the rip is larger than this coat both sides of it and leave for 15 minutes and then push together. This again will seal the hole but it may still leak. Let this cure over night. Then get aquasure or storm sure and heat it up in hot water / coffee temperature. Once heated up add a tiny drip of water and mix it in, both are water curing glues. On the inside of the wader apply to the rip, 1 inch larger in all directions, rub it well in. leave to cure, the water will strengthen and speed the curing. allow to dry, probably 3 hours. repeat twice till you have a shiny and raised area of glue, probably 1/2 a mm thick. This is now the strongest part of your wader and seriously permanent. 30 years of repairing professional scuba suits and 10 years repairing waders to scuba suit standards, i have tried everything and this is by far the best way to repair them. do everything on the inside and externally the repair will be almost invisible. pm me for more advice if you have a problem.


    i have one of the other 7.62's, the 3006, and also have a 243. I use the 243 for fox and roe, and the 3006 for forest reds. The reason is we need a more powerful rifle to stop large reds on forest edges, as the 243 lacks the knock down to stop them as quickly. It kills open hill reds well, but a 30 meter run into the forest may make a large deer almost impossible to recover, as they are so large and heavy dragging is incredibly difficult in dense pine. You cannot drag well on your hands and knees and even the argo with a winch would struggle, so pinned through the shoulders is the best way for us, in the environment we have, to properly stop big forest reds. The 3006 is about as powerful a round as you will get for whacking reds, and they throw 180 gn ammo very nicely. I am sure there are better calibers, and all kinds of things that will be more popular, but the old 3006 works well for me and a couple of stalking pals and does exactly as we want
  7. I agree with all of the above, and would add pocket warmers, i am a great fan, makes me far more comfortable. Most important, be warm, dry and comfortable - but consider a hat, it can get cold

    Royal Mail

    I run a small business, posting 2-300 packages a month. I have tried most couriers and have come back to the post office. Firstly they are the cheapest. They deliver 6 days a week and offer more compensation then say fedex for a standard package, which fedex would charge double the delivery for. They collect from my home daily and i get a problem probably every second month, in most cases when the customer commits fraud when the posty signs for the package and the customer claims it was never delivered. Their emails and discussion is almost the same every time, they know i know they have the package and there is nothing i can do. the post office flag it as possible fraud against their address, and in time these things catch up with them. Bottom line i think is the post office move more packages and letters then any of the other couriers, probably more than the rest put together, and they get a huge percentage right, it is annoying when some are delayed, it happens, but look on you tube about couriers lobbing packages over fences or steeling other packages, and they become so much better, or at least that is my experience with them.
  9. Easy bits are assessed on Google earth, the ones that are probably ok, why not if just confirming what they believe to be true? More difficult bits are done via site visit, or that is what happened for me some 10 years ago. They were concerned about 243 on a 500 acre bit of land because of a road and path. To be fair they were correct, as both are very well used. I pointed out that they are so well used the deer were rarely seen in these areas and if we planned to shoot them in other areas, it would be from a high seat backing onto the roads and paths if necessary in these areas, and after that, basically after confirming we had assessed the problems and come up with suitable solutions were totally happy. Now with an open ticket i shoot there with a 3006, no problem. I can understand their concerns, i read some really worrying questions on forums and Facebook about this, and in most cases it is common sense. That said most cops have no idea about firearms, but if you explain, as in show you do understand them there is rarely a problem.
  10. DIVERD


    I post hundreds of repaired waders, and hundreds of bottles of water repellent every month. For years i used fedex, but ditched them when they lost 3 very expensive packages and were a disaster to refund me under the insurance, even when i had numerous emails and calls apologizing for the driver dumping the packages some place. In one case i am sure the customer has the package,and pretended they did not as it was signed by the driver, pure theft, and cock all i could do about it! When i checked up they had signed for 54 packages in two months and i refused to pay for these and dumped them that day. I moved to the royal mail, and they have been very good. They collect from me daily, deliver on saturdays, have decent insurance, and good tracking.I have had one stolen, again, signed for by the posty, i know the customer has the waders and can do nothing about it, he says he has not got them, but the behaviour and emails are almost exactly the same as the other theft / fraud. Neither wader has a warranty anywhere in the world now, so it will appear at some point. every one is now marked so the problem will reduce in time. If posting one or two packages hermes or any of the others are fine but are low cost. The royal mail is very good when sending 1000 plus packages a year
  11. will do, i would put on a couple of pictures - if i could work out how to!
  12. I have had an HW 100 for years, never leaked, super accurate, never a problem. i dont let it empty fully, and though i am no expert on rifles, I was on scuba kit for many years, and the worst thing you can do to a pressurised system is totally empty it. The o ring seals move and twist and this may be the cause of the leaks, but i am no expert on rifle systems. I honestly never knew anyone had problems with the HW 100, when i bought it everyone raved about it. Mine is used for clearing feral pigeons in and about barns, and is used head shots all the way. I go months without using it (more of a centre fire kind of chap ) then use if hard for a few weeks, and it never looses zero, and keeps pressure for months at a time. In my experience it is certainly not an inherently bad rifle.
  13. She was a rescue pup, hand reared. Her mum was possibly a breeding dog, and we recently traced her dad in Aberdeen. She was bought as a family pet, but took so much interest in the deer i took home that we thought we should try her on some artificial trails, and she did very well. A local dog trainer has helped and she is really getting the idea. I have heard of a couple of folks using them over the years, and they have a good nose on them. The only problem we have currently is she is super excited, and just needs to chill a little, she is still a pup really. During the stags we could not take her out, as stags are just too expensive to scare off with a daft dog. We had a decent season and did not need to track any stags. Our plan is to take a decent number of hinds and does, and then take her out, so if she messes up it wont be a disaster. I shoot with a pal, as our ground is remote, and really high and rough. She will sit with me, when i am not shooting but wont sit with my pal when i shoot. She will sit for a few minutes and race up to me, or thrash about on the lead. Early days, she is a big pup still, but will soon chill, and we will work her more into the new year. These super hard frosts are also not ideal, she will sit and shiver - kind of like me. We dont know of any working history in her family, so probably none, but she will work out fine.
  14. I am on my 2nd one. She is still a youngster, but will be my deer tracking dog. She is getting used to the hill now, and is ready to start tracking fallen deer soon, possibly in the new year. She is a family pet first, but is keen and knows what deer are, and has a good nose on her, so she will be fine i am sure
  15. I have an 8 gun brattonsound and an 8 gun unbranded one, and there is no noticeable difference in them, the both work exactly the same and are both totally sound. If starting again i would just buy a couple of unbranded ones and save a couple of hundred easily!
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