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  1. I had to pay fifty pounds to my doctors in south Glamorgan or no licence
  2. on my way to the gamefair at six thirty this morning on M4.an accident happened stuck for two hours before they turned us around as the motoway was closed. maybe next year
  3. Whent out last night in the pouring rain,it was worth it as my mate shot five foxes
  4. Thanks for all the kind thoughts
  5. My shotgun certificate is up for renewal;I have got prostate cancer, do I have to declare this on my medical declaration form.Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  6. no ground game to be shot on our shoot.then there no mitakes at all
  7. Mine are called kizzy; shadow;purdy; bramble;badger;breeze.because I like the names
  8. we went for a lot of years,but the last few years it as gone down hill.wont go again.
  9. had nothing for weeks,had five cubs in the last week 374
  10. First one of the year last night;bloody cold TOTAL36
  11. I have teauge mobil chokes 3/8 and 5/8 plus case and key; only used once any good.
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