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  1. Correct, it is a Birmingham action. Non-ejector. If it were an ejector it would be twice the advertised price!
  2. The cold blue s really just for touching up scuffs. It doesnt make for a durable coating itself.
  3. Shooting boooks, £4 each or £10 for all 3 The Rough Shooters Handbook - Guy Smith Pigeon Shooting - John Gray Practical Pigeon Shooting - Peter Hall All in good used condition with dust jackets Postage at cost PM for details
  4. On behalf of a friend, Lurcher dog, (no breeding provenance) entire and approx 4yo, has done a little work but would need bringing on again. Free to a good home. PM for details. Location North York Moors, Friend's son moved away to town and lost interest.
  5. Go on you can have it for FREE if you pay postage............. Just want rid of it.
  6. Brady Bridle leather cartridge belt, Cost about £55. 12 gauge, Good nick, £30 including postage.
  7. Also just found Deer Stalking by Edmund Luxmore, new £5 including postage.
  8. Poached, crack into water which has just been taken off the boil and bring to the boil until cooked the desired amount. Serve on toast with salt and black pepper, or with Hollandaise sauce to make eggs benedict.
  9. Practical Pigeon Shooting by Peter Hall, loads of useful info and pics, £6 Good condition Pigeon Shooting by John Gray, ex library good condition, informative book lots of pictures, £5 Birds Boots and Barrels by Giles Catchpole and Bryn Parry, New and unread £10 Postage at cost
  10. Large piece of PVC lined canvas for making fishing bags / game bags from. Left over from a project. Actually two pieces sewn together as part of the manufacturing process making two usable pieces approx 2' x 4'6" and 18" x 4'. Bit dusty and two slight stains from storage which will probably wash off (not tried). £5 ono to clear. Bargain for someone! Can post.
  11. Hang the same as pheasants, according to taste and coldness of the weather. Woodcock should not be drawn but cooked guts in and everything is edible (the bird empties itself before flight so there is no foul matter in it). The meat is fairly dry so it should have fat bacon over the breast and legs and should be cooked covered with foil for all but the last few minutes of cooking. They are delicious basted with plenty of butter and served on thick crusty toast.
  12. The "dry pie" you refer to is called a raised game pie and is made by making a water crust pastry case inside a metal pork pie ring and filling it with game meat, sausage meet and gelatin, then putting a pastry top on. The pie ring keeps the cylindrical shape when cooking. Look on the net. There will be plenty of recipes for both.
  13. I have seen later Geco hammerless but they all seem to have a pistol grip stock. The Prince of Wales stock on yours looks much finer on a game gun IMO. I thought there would be plenty of hunting in India, or is it the reserve of the Maharajahs?
  14. In that case more likely than not confiscated from Germany at the end of the war by a British or Indian officer with an eye for fine guns. If it is in good condition would over here probably fetch about £500 or more to the right person, possibly more in Germany. The decoration is extremely fine and well executed. Hammer guns were still popular on the continent well after they had been largely supplanted by hammerless in Britain. You need to find a suitable shotgun/rifle sling to complete it. It would probably originally have been fitted with a plain-ish black or dark brown leather sling. Continental guns were usually fitted with slings as the style of shooting is more rough / walked up shooting as opposed to driven game as in the UK.
  15. Most hammer guns have rebounding locks which prevent the hammers contacting the firing pins unless the trigger is pulled. Previous posters have commented on having to let the hammers back in order to open the gun with the lever. This really is not an issue provided it is done in a safe manner (gun pointing away from people into air). People would do well to remember that with a hammerless gun, the action is cocked once the gun is closed! You must not use 2 3/4 cartidges unless it is chambered for them, nitro proofed or not. If your cartridges are too long the ends will protrude into the forcing cones causing high stresses in this area when fired. The result of this may not be visually apparent. If you are unsure what cartridge length it takes, your gunsmith will be able to tell you. Some continental hammerguns will actually take 2 3/4" cartridges as the standard continental size was 70mm, but do not assume this to be so.
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