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  1. Jammy sod! (can't believe I just called a bloke who just had a stroke a 'jammy sod' - sigh)
  2. I have smashed the 'soft tissue' in both shoulders, Had 3 discs chopped in my spine (lost 2.5"), Left knee is permanenlyt dislocated, had an inch of cartilage removed from my right knee a few years back after I ripped it and various other things that slow me down. Not a wi**y waggling contest by any means: I just wish I'd had warnings I could heed. Enjoy your time and don't take too many prisoners. Life and health are short lived luxuries.
  3. Isn't that how all Arabians look. (get me! I can tell the difference between a Welsh Cob and an Arabian stallion)
  4. I reckon we could do with a 'pictures taken while we're waiting for the quary to appear', topic. We have a fair few wildlife lensmen and a few landscape snappers.
  5. Scary stuff indeed. It seems like you just had a warning - albeit a very serious one. Nice to see you writing it up and not us posting on here wondering where you've gone.
  6. If you're running a Mac of any description without AV, make sure you have lots of backups! Or you could invest in BitCoins now.
  7. Apparently red wine doesn't help
  8. Also suffered for years with restless legs at night and would wake at silly o'clock in the morning with cramps. Cramps hard enough that the muscles still ache into the following night.
  9. Magnesium! ;0) and a bit of soap - maybe ,,, Surprised no one has suggested going for a walk - around some farms.
  10. YUp! Get down to Asda and get some magnesium from the vitamins isle. might take a day or two, but it sorts it completely. [edit] it also helps kids with 'growing pains'
  11. Unless you have a moderator on the barrel, you will still get the bang. There isn't much difference (sound wise) between standard speed and subsonic, from an unmoderated gun.
  12. Yup, sent and received. Panic for the first one and almost wet myself for the other. If sent in error, fair enough, but if intentional, not.
  13. Alpha Mule


    Oof, horrible news. And in case you are dropping in occasionally: Thoughts are with you and yours as I'm sure so many others on here are too.
  14. Bought one this morning and cleaned 19 cases (could easily double that and probably triple), Held one back as a reference. Very plreased with it. Oh and the insides are lovely and clean too. I used 50/50 water and vinegar with a wee dribble of lemon fairy. My DIY tumbler just went in the bin. (Just to balance out my glee, I dropped the shiney case and dented the mouth - sigh)
  15. An example of worse: "Darling, we've been together since I was 15 and you're the only man I've been with. I'm curious to see what other poeple do. Would you mind if I ask another bloke to join us, just to see what it's like?" Puts a puff of a spliff into context. Harsh, but I've been in a situation that's not that far off it - and that's a marriage wrecker.
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