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  1. I don't have the first clue about all those hydrophonics set-ups, but I have red that they are very good for growing chilli's. A couple of years ago I made my own homemade self-watering plants using a wick into a 3 litre well underneath. It was amazing how much the plants drunk at the height of summer.
  2. ![cdata[> Nice set-up. Those plants look like they are going to be nice & compact with hopefully loads of fruit!!! ![cdata[>![cdata[>
  3. I'm not using it for any agenda. I was bringing to light the horrible comments made & how wrong it was. I'm sure most of us on here have kids & can appreciate how wrong the comments are. My condolences to the friends & family of the little girl!!!
  4. Sorry if this has already been covered, but I couldn't find it anywhere. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3524219/Sick-hunt-saboteurs-troll-family-girl-9-kicked-death-horse-hunting.html The antis involved in these comments should be ashamed of themselves and should be punished. Please let the parents grieve for their little girl rather than putting across your agenda. As a parent of a little boy these comments really made me mad!!!
  5. My boy is only 18 months old so thankfully he is filling my time now. Might get out at some corvids on a seeded field on Saturday but need to get permission first.
  6. Good work al. Hope you are keeping well!!!
  7. I will always put out decoys for both. Main reason is because we have a bigger population of corvids here in Ireland.
  8. Unfortunately I'm still between houses at the moment so won't be growing chilli's this year. Good luck everyone, look forward to seeing the pics.
  9. This is a video of some clips from the end of January on the last week of the game season here in Ireland. Only getting a chance to put it together now. Had a few days on the woodcock & managed to bag a few birds. Some birds are difficult to make out, but some good dog work. Please like, comment & share the video: Please subscribe to my channel for some vermin action over the summer: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCdXL__oYvbmKo0Ccm-vWRfw
  10. ollie

    Centrefire mod

    I PM you, did you get it?
  11. ollie

    Centrefire mod

    I'm in the north in county antrim, but cheers for commenting.
  12. ollie

    Centrefire mod

    Could you send me a couple of pics lad & the make of the mod? The thread on one of the guns is 1/2 UNF, dunno about the other.
  13. ollie

    Centrefire mod

    I have a couple of buddies who have recently picked up there centrefire rifles. They are after a mod each, anybody selling one?
  14. We had real bother with foxes this year. Every year we take about 30 or so off the shoot between lamping & snaring, this season we have almost 30 to this stage, but we kept finding kills so there was a couple of elusive ones. Can only pray the weather improves next season
  15. Thanks for watching. Thanks mate, they are always hard earned but I wouldn't have it any other way.
  16. Not great Dave, think I had a personally tally of 18-20, which is poor. But there was no hard weather to push them outa the forestries.
  17. Weather has been terrible all year, but we had a good return on the birds despite some problem foxes. The cover is just a carpet of briars & bracken so we really need a couple of November frosts to kill it, but we had mild weather. Won't be on the pigeons until July, but I have one more rough shooting video to edit & hopefully get out on the crows during silage season. Thanks for watching as always!!
  18. This is the last video from our pheasant syndicate for 2015/16 season. The video was over the last 2 Saturday's of the season, not many birds about but we did manage to get our total returns up to almost 50%. I'm sure the dogs are glad to get a rest for s few months until the summer time. It's been a tough season with the weather very mild early on so the cover was very thick and almost every day ruined with wind & rain. http://youtu.be/J343WERDPG0 Anyway, I hope you all had a nice season and thanks for watching as always, please like, share & comment on the video. Follow the link & subscribe to my channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXL... Cheers, Ollie
  19. This has been one of my worst years for woodcock but I know others in Northern Ireland have been getting good numbers. I am based on the coast looking across to Scotland so I think a lot of the birds moved further inland with the mild weather. I shot 3 yesterday and I flushed 2 doubles, but only got a shot at 1 bird each time as the other birds never presented themselves. I am out again tomorrow & on the syndicate on Saturday, so hopefully bag a few more before the season ends.
  20. I love woodcock, do it similar to royboy above. They need to be a blush pink to be tasty and make sure you rest them after taking out of the oven. Finally, don't forget about the most tasty part...the legs!!! They are so sweet and a little whiter than the breast meat.
  21. Great video. My boy is only 18 months but I can't wait to start taking him out with me.
  22. Brilliant as always Ryan 👍👍👍
  23. We are back out on the pheasant syndicate again. The footage is from 2 days; first few clips are from Saturday 9th January with a howling wind & freezing rain coming off the irish sea both the shooting & recording was a bit of a disaster. Second day the weather was much better with a bit of overnight snow & frost it was a lovely day to be out shooting. Ended up with a bag of 9 pheasants. Please like, comment & share the video. If you would like to subscribe for more videos please follow this link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXL__oYvbmKo0Ccm-vWRfw Thanks for watching, Ollie
  24. Nice post as always & great pics. Good to see you are getting out & bagging some birds. Why don't you try & decoy those pigeons?
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