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    Shooting, ( mainly Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Pigeon. )

    River Fishing for Trout....not Stocky Bashing, Fly Tying, Rod Building & Restoration, + Keeping Birds.

    Lure Fishing For Bass & Pollack.

    Making Priests/Walking Sticks/Home Gunsmithing/Damascus Knifes...... & the obvious...BEER.

    Near Future I Intend to get into Leather-Working/Machining Etc

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  1. Certainly flies in the face of all the threads not so long ago where BASC were defending the use of lead shot. Being on ****book since Wednesday..............silence is deafening DavidBasc.
  2. Yep have to agree, I think he was robbed, he done well to get up & carry on. The recent program on him has made me change my stance, he seems to have changed his life round, & openly admit his faults, which I admire him for. One thing is for sure, Wilder will be boxing a different fight on the night. Fury, going by his last fight was to light, lost to much weight training, so IMO will have to gain some to be on par with Wilder.
  3. No blow torch here fatchap, that would be the last thought in my mind to make these. I'm intrigued, have you a link.?
  4. Yep..blast from the past, 10yr ago, doesn't time fly.... Old Half Crown fitted inside, 1963 this one.
  5. You might have to wait a couple of weeks though. Cheap a s chips, more options available if your not into plastic. FLY REEL
  6. Must have had plenty rain, just had this through, any member down this way verify it.?
  7. Any update for this, still got the same issue..
  8. Twitter lit up with this yesterday, he was even replying to the posts as the day went on. Now the RSPCA is involved, he deserves everything he gets IMO. Regardless whether it goes hand in hand with the hunt supporter or not, the common denominator is "Fox" and that's all that Joe Public will see. https://twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1210110735189233665?s=19
  9. Has the exodus started.. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1220232/Brussels-chaos-Spain-Poland-EU-Brexit-Spaxit-Vox-ECJ-latest-news
  10. I've still got the same gun, paid £60 for it 40yr ago, still going strong....your picture brings back many memories..
  11. They've had there choice, Gove on Sophie Ridge this morning was asked if Scotland would get another vote, a straight NO was the answer. The Scottish people are not stupid, I doubt they would vote to leave.
  12. 619 Out with Grasshopper the other night, fox in excellent condition, plenty food about for them atm.
  13. You hear this from wee Crankie all the time. Scotland voted as part of the UNION, period, not as a nation. Second quote above highlights it.
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