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    HillBilly Land.
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    Shooting, ( mainly Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Pigeon. )

    River Fishing for Trout....not Stocky Bashing, Fly Tying, Rod Building & Restoration, + Keeping Birds.

    Lure Fishing For Bass & Pollack.

    Making Priests/Walking Sticks/Home Gunsmithing/Damascus Knifes...... & the obvious...BEER.

    Near Future I Intend to get into Leather-Working/Machining Etc

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  1. Yes agree, just re-read my post, apologies that was what I meant to say..
  2. And hopefully the 27 won't agree on an extension, roll on the 29th.
  3. Listening to Andrew Marr this morning talking to Hammond about a supposed promise of money for the DUP, Hammond wouldn't give a straight answer. Time will tell, see what happens in a few days if they've changed their stance on which way they vote.
  4. Talk now about May going, & the 14 abstainers keeping their job, you couldn't make it up..
  5. You don't want a centrepin reel Jay....birdnest here we come with that one. Don't dismiss flytying either, nothing like catching a fish on one that you have tied...
  6. They got rid of Captain Hook, took a while but Dismay succeeded in the end, is there a difference between the two, same ideologies, Javis just needs to stick to it.
  7. Excellent....couple of extra beers down the neck Friday then...
  8. Water Clear Casting Resin I've used this in the past, down side is you have to buy a lot more than you'll use. Plenty for other projects though..
  9. Yep totally agree........the night of the long knives has yet to come.
  10. Have a listen to the alarm call of the little owl.? https://www.british-birdsongs.uk/little-owl/?type1569
  11. Little Owl..? https://www.owlpages.com/owls/species.php?s=2270
  12. He had a face like a slapped **** when he said that, it's getting down to the wire now. Just hope Dismay has the balls to stick it out, I'd rather have a deal in our favour, if not WTO Brexit it is for me.
  13. Not meant to leak either!!!!!!!!!
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