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    HillBilly Land.
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    Shooting, ( mainly Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Pigeon. )

    River Fishing for Trout....not Stocky Bashing, Fly Tying, Rod Building & Restoration, + Keeping Birds.

    Lure Fishing For Bass & Pollack.

    Making Priests/Walking Sticks/Home Gunsmithing/Damascus Knifes...... & the obvious...BEER.

    Near Future I Intend to get into Leather-Working/Machining Etc

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  1. Bazooka Joe

    Ms Abbott in the news again

    It wouldn't have surprised me one bit if she stood at the shank & got a lag...
  2. Bazooka Joe

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    The scrap from Thwaites Brewery would be paid for by cheque at the scrapyard, they are easily found or have I got it wrong.
  3. Bazooka Joe

    Led up the garden path....

    Totally agree, so many spokes in the wheel disrupting the process, & if we do have a hard brexit they will be looking for others to blame.
  4. Bazooka Joe

    Led up the garden path....

    Nope, all listed are by re-moaners which was supposed to happen immediately after the vote June '16.
  5. Bazooka Joe

    Led up the garden path....

    Mine around the time a market stall holder in Northumberland was prosecuted for selling bananas by the Pound & not in Kilos...
  6. Bazooka Joe

    Led up the garden path....

    On that note, how could anyone believe the doom & gloom below... Project Fear Cretin Osbournes Emergency budget recession £4k per household Scotland to leave the UK............possible now with the SNP spitting the dummy out. Back of the queue Planes grounded economic meltdown after ref the city ceasing to exist large scale unemployment bank of england-technical recession WW3.
  7. Bazooka Joe

    Tool idea for gutters / truffins.

    Longer ladder so your looking down into the gutter then blast it with a decent water hose...
  8. Bazooka Joe

    Boxing - Tyson Fury Vs Someone-or-other

    It should be, I watched the weigh in on the box, Tyson looks way out of shape to me, if Seferi can go the distance Tyson might just run out of steam.
  9. Bazooka Joe

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    A documentary by BBC Panorama about HMP Northumberland confirms that. I'm amazed at the Police Interceptors program in Durham, phone the police you cannot get them to come out, yet they manage to get half a dozen cars to attend on the program...smoke & mirrors.
  10. Bazooka Joe

    Mosquito Repellent.

    Holiday in Loch Lomond a couple of years ago the only repellant that worked is in the link below. https://www.lifesystems.co.uk/products/insect-repellents/expedition-100-plus-spray SSS has never worked for me even years ago before they've changed it, if they did. Must work for some though, caravaning at Kielder 10 + yrs ago the site sold loads of SSS.
  11. Bazooka Joe

    Tommy Robinson

    Agree, they've shot themselves in the foot I think, this is just going to swell his supporters...476k & rising sharply.
  12. Bazooka Joe

    Releasing foxes?

    Was it this forum a while ago that a member was shooting foxes that had been castrated.?
  13. Bazooka Joe

    Perma blue

    I've the same on my 75, perma blue won't touch it. Yet I blued my Mod-2 with it about 10yr ago & it's still a cracking finish.
  14. Bazooka Joe

    Medical records to be free from May 25th

    That's it in one...
  15. Bazooka Joe

    Rubber roof on my garage.