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    Shooting, ( mainly Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Pigeon. )

    River Fishing for Trout....not Stocky Bashing, Fly Tying, Rod Building & Restoration, + Keeping Birds.

    Lure Fishing For Bass & Pollack.

    Making Priests/Walking Sticks/Home Gunsmithing/Damascus Knifes...... & the obvious...BEER.

    Near Future I Intend to get into Leather-Working/Machining Etc

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  1. Cheers Vince + Pinfire....
  2. Not just the Government, the BBC latest Panodrama episode was an eye opener, he showed what lengths they would go to to discredit him. I lost all respect for the Panorama program after that......
  3. Where do you get one..?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the court he was outside broadcasting from they had already been found guilty, they were just appearing for sentencing.? If so, how could he jeopardize a trial.
  5. Try the pound coin, the pin might just be pushing the paper & not piecing it, failing that easy fix & a cheap one. If you go down this route take the pin out & compare it to the one in the link. FIRING PIN
  6. After you've cocked it take the barrel off, place a pound coin over the firing pin hole then pull the trigger, you should feel the pin strike the coin, if not you've a problem.
  7. And the EU isn't corrupt.... PUBLIC INQUIRY CALLED FOR! There is huge, growing support to investigate Olly Robbins, Gavin Barwell and Sedwill who secretly promised the EU to buy off Brexit supporters in Parliament. https://twitter.com/ActionBrexit/status/1137681519282130945
  8. Wouldn't work, & didn't when the only cow that didn't give milk (Thatcher) tried it in the 80's. It was called the "extra tenner", you had to work 2 days one week, 3 days the next week, 8 hrs a day for an extra £10 a week. Out of that you had to make your own way to wherever the jobs were at the time, always bus fare & supply your food workclothes etc, all this always came to more than the extra £10 you were given so you were always out of pocket, excellent incentive, only Tories could think of a scheme like this, akin to their Universal Credit today. Another point, this day & age many don't sign on because of the defunk UC problems, a body count that's not taken into consideration at Westminster, crime pays & it's a lot easier than conforming to the system.
  9. Depends what you fish for, all I've used off the N/E coast is a Shakespeare Ugly Stik 20lb boat rod, never had any problem with the fish I caught. I have to say it's an excellent choice, not what I thought at the time though. If your fishing for Pollack/Bass a decent spinning rod will do, maybe give a Flyrod ago which to me would be a must.
  10. New proposal....interesting reading Steve Baker ERG_Clean Managed Brexit
  11. Totally agree, but will it happen, classic example is Blair & Campbell over war crimes........don't hold your breath While they are on with Boris they can add these two cretins as well. https://twitter.com/i/status/1133718809255272448
  12. Was British Steel Malc, changed over late 60's. Phileas Fogg crisps ceases to exist, filled a hole at the time. Consett was a bit of a boom town with all the redundancy money but that soon died off. Factory estates were the answer according to Thatcher, No-1, Hownsgill etc, some still have the same sign on that they had when the were opened (To let). S****horpe will suffer badly, + the surrounding areas/busnesses, Vinces previous post sums it up well.
  13. Better than the Euro Song Contest then... Singer from Greece sounds in pain....
  14. I'm on the laptop with the head phones on, glad I cannot lip read...lol Watched the Highwaymen the other night, not a bad film, all about hunting Bonnie & Clyde down...
  15. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/368902-knife_sharpening_jig/?tab=comments#comment-3498980 Fill ya boots....I've modified it since then, made small jigs for smaller blades, & a custom one for Opinel, & scissors. if you need any more help etc just PM...
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