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    HillBilly Land.
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    Shooting, ( mainly Rabbit, Fox, Deer, Pigeon. )

    River Fishing for Trout....not Stocky Bashing, Fly Tying, Rod Building & Restoration, + Keeping Birds.

    Lure Fishing For Bass & Pollack.

    Making Priests/Walking Sticks/Home Gunsmithing/Damascus Knifes...... & the obvious...BEER.

    Near Future I Intend to get into Leather-Working/Machining Etc

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  1. Bazooka Joe

    Theresa May's speech today

    I've a better idea, the South join the UK, no need for a border then.
  2. Bazooka Joe

    Double box of trout flies

    A photo would definitely be a benefit, but at 33p for a hand tied fly is a snip.
  3. Bazooka Joe

    The "Find Maddy Fund"

    On the news a few days ago they have applied for a 6mth extension & further funding if I heard right.
  4. Bazooka Joe

    Utah Elk Hunting

    I was so engrossed in your write up I felt I was standing right next to you, even up to your bottle of gin, swore I could taste it ....Nice write up, & well done on the outcome..
  5. Bazooka Joe

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I don't see it as a rant, everything he says about the attitude of the snowflakes is so true.
  6. Bazooka Joe

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Well said that man.......from a little Englander.
  7. Bazooka Joe

    Bullet ID please

    A guess here, something along the lines of the remington accelerator ?
  8. Bazooka Joe

    The Salisbury Poison Gas Incident II

    If the Russians were that innocent they would be all over these individuals tracking them down from their return to Moscow, then handing them over to prove they had nothing to do with it..........but that's guna happen is it....
  9. Bazooka Joe

    Bird ownership

    My feeling as well, they've started a war that they cannot win.
  10. Bazooka Joe

    Fitting magnets in walking stick ferrule

    Yep...better link than mine. I'd use this one........ring 20 x 10 hole 5mm.
  11. Bazooka Joe

    Fitting magnets in walking stick ferrule

    Yep, one would be enough, they are powerful for their size, quick look on the bay these popped up. A recess countersunk in the bottom of your stick & epoxy it in & your go to go. 201605175260
  12. Bazooka Joe

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Couple that with what Barnier has said, looks like a hard Brexit... the only way we are going to break the shackles. BARNIER
  13. Bazooka Joe

    Fitting magnets in walking stick ferrule

    You need Neodymium Magnets, come in an array of different shapes, bay of plenty has a good source.
  14. Bazooka Joe

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    Stagboys statements wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the keeper's actions, he (keeper), & he alone is the only one helping the antis with their agenda. I'm not a great fan of the RSPB, but well done to them for highlighting what happened.
  15. Bazooka Joe

    New old lathe

    If you get it going you'll still be able to use it as a lathe as such, but you won't have any long travel with the gear cog broken, you'll be confined to just the compound slide which is limited. If it's knackered beyond repair bang it on ebay after you've broken it down into spare parts, that way you'll get more for it. As I've said it's scrap value only in that condition, I wouldn't pay any more.