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  1. Strange, watched the half built nest on Sunday and they didnt come near it, no sign of them at it today.
  2. Planes all over the sky, except Ukraine.
  3. Its called wandering off topic, like you havent done it.
  4. Sat in garden today and watched a pair of swallows building a nest in my old outbuilding. Is it not a bit late for this? Freaky hot weather to blame?
  5. Nathan, recommend me a good table saw for D.I.Y. use. Was looking at Dewalt? About £400--£500 budget.
  6. its the same crowd that own Glasgow Angling Centre and Edinburgh Angling Centre.
  7. Loads of beating in that area, and the Scottish borders, do what i did, get off your *** and get out there.
  8. billytheghillie


    Things are looking up for you Scully, you maybe even get the leg over tonight
  9. Yes, these are the times we live in, people hoard loads of stuff thinking it will be worth loads in years to come, when infact it should be going in the skip.
  10. Not being cheeky or nowt, but i am a professional ghillie, and to be honest if he gets £30 for it he is doing well. Todays market is flooded with them and as you say its a 97 model, thats 25 year s old. Technology in rod building has came on leaps and bounds since them. I have a cupboard full of salmon fly rods and i know i wont use half of them again, and will not get much for them, if anything.
  11. billytheghillie


    Scully, were you born on the 13th? Are you a 7th son of a 7th son? Is your middle name Jonah?
  12. maybe hes changing his user name, DudleyShooter1 to DudleyEXshooter 0.
  13. what about one of those tracker things that some companies offer young drivers.
  14. Brownie, can just see its golden belly.
  15. When i saw the title of this post, I thought it was a joke ( Gag ) about David Paul. Sorry i couldnt resist.
  16. What kind of wood is that Nath? And what do you treat it with?
  17. Guy in Burnley who is really clued up on doors, Dave i think his name is, give him a shout
  18. Recently when i have been showering i have used Cussons Imperial Leather soap. but tonight i was taken aback as in the shower was a cake of Pears soap. I held it up to see through its golden amber colour and childhood memories came flooding back. Wonder whats next? Wrights Coal Tar? Lifebuoy? or good old fashioned Carbolic. Happy Days
  19. Feel sorry for the window cleaner.
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