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  1. Hi, Just wondering who loads Steel shot in a 16 bore. Contemplating getting one but would like the option to use steel in in.
  2. I’m going further still and turning to steel for everything.
  3. I’m in the unfortunte postion of needing to replace some traps. I say unfortunate because of the current sitution with being left in limbo about the future of bodygrips and Fenns However I’ve noticed that Canada has certified a number of bodygrip type traps as AIHITS compliant. Surely this is the answer to a more economical AIHITS compliant trap
  4. I’ve just picked myself up the 693 and I’m pleased to say the finnish is much better than its been in the past few years. Much more like the original 687 which is a lovely gun.
  5. Just remember black gold aren’t true English sizes. The 6 is an English 5 and the 5 is a tad smaller than an English 4
  6. Browning have temporarily stopped making the Maxus. Just until they catch up with their orders. There isn’t a huge choice of models available in the UK or Belgium at the moment sadly.
  7. I wouldn’t be too drawn into the better than factory thing. Personally I fail to see how much “deader” the last few birds I’ve had could have been. I do/can reload but frankly see little point now. Unless its just for the sake of it. Choke is the secret with steel. Not eternally bigger pellets or super fast speed. .720 terror or failing that Brierly IM or LF will transform any 10.
  8. Dave field tests for Gamebore. Not seen the film you mentioned but I have seen him using supersteel 3’s
  9. Ive deffinately encoutered it with Browning invector plus barrels.
  10. It looks operational when you drive past. Perhaps they buy it on some of their buget loads but Im just guessing.
  11. Its not a prohibited weapon by nature of its intended purpose for which was made however anything can be an offensive weapon if intended or adapted. In short, I wouldnt keep it in the car when your not shooting but other than that your worrying too much
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