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  1. I bought one a few years ago last time they had them on offer but have only ever used Hull Superfast 27g 70mm and Fiocchi TTone 28g 67mm both fibre wad and have only had a few non cycles.
  2. Mc Avoys have them for sale at a special price £295 https://www.mcavoyguns.co.uk/contents/en-uk/d145_Hatsan_Arms_Escort_Shotguns.html
  3. The new regulations in England and Wales for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) over 7.5 tonnes speed limits rise from 40mph to 50mph on single carriageways, and from 50mph to 60mph on dual carriageways. The national speed limits for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes, travelling on a single carriageway increased from 40mph to 50mph. The speed limit for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes, travelling on dual carriageways increased from 50mph to 60mph. The speed limits in Scotland remain the same and European speed limiter requirements also remain unchanged and must be set at 56mph or lower. Speed limits was changed from 6 April 2015. So maybe Scotland is following.
  4. Found this blog http://defender90xs.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/steering-lock-stop-adjustment.html
  5. How about a Sat Nav with audio warning of speeding? Last time I looked to get a Cruise control retro fitted it wasn't cheap £300-£400 so I didn't bother just made sure the next car I got had it already.
  6. Can't see them bringing the death penalty back. My personal view would be to use them for drug trials etc. Let them at least be useful for something.
  7. Page 13 Note 5 https://www.cheshire.police.uk/media/86011/shotgun-form-form-201.pdf Can't copy and paste pdf on phone sorry.
  8. It does list some "relevant" conditions in the notes of said form.
  9. Just looked again at the form "bored at work waiting to be tipped" https://www.cheshire.police.uk/media/86011/shotgun-form-form-201.pdf And in the notes bit Number 7 it says, If you have disclosed a relevant medical condition the police may ask you to obtain a medical report from your GP/specialist. You are expected to meet the cost if a fee is charged for this. If further information is required the police may request and pay for a further report. So it only says may. I would guess the best bet would be phone them and ask first.
  10. Just going through a renewal with Cheshire Firearms and the letter I got said, If you declare a relevant medical condition then you will need to obtain a medical report, please refer to the notes pages of the application form. A letter is enclosed for you to complete with your personal details and you should hand this letter to your GP surgery, when you have received the report please enclose it with your application. PLEASE NOTE YOU ONLY REQUIRE A MEDICAL REPORT IF YOU ARE DECLARING A RELEVANT MEDICAL CONDITION. And it is all in caps like that.
  11. I went under general once as a teenager at a dentist, all I remembered was counting down from 5 then the said go into the waiting room I asked how long it would take to work and then found out already had the tooth whipped out. I hadn't a clue I'd been out although was told that I had sort of come round halfway and bitten the dentist and his screams where heard in the waiting room by all the others. Only side effects was the feeling like walking on foam for the next hour or so and no pain.
  12. £975 to replace Valve rockers has one had snapped, had all of them replaced just in case on a Hyundai Tucson diesel
  13. I got the BlackVue DR650S-2CH its a bit expensive but never had a problem with it or the DR600GW-1CH I had for 3 years before it. I liked them because it has no screen on them so they are less visible from the outside
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