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  1. I’m in quite a fortunate position so have paid everything due for booked days. Others have been really clobbered and not sure if they’ll be able to pay. Hoping there will still be shooting but it’s more important that the keeper, his family, and others reliant on the shoot make it through this... I hope that all will be understanding if difficult decisions need to be taken about number of birds, days, or even the whole season getting impacted.
  2. Metal key cabinet is perfect for this. Screwed to the wall it stops relay theft and provides a convenient way to know where I left the keys. It is obviously never used by MrsSxS who still manages to lose her keys on at least a daily basis... Edit: obviously not so good if you want an out and about solution!
  3. Holmes Chapel is DTL only, no sporting (which is a shame) and MH isn't the easiest to get to. There's Cloudside too, but their website suggests they don't have a full sporting layout, just compak. Mid Cheshire is a bit of a no mans land for sporting clays so surprised to hear Owls Hoot may be looking at Chester (where there's already Sealand and Fauxdegla in easy range). Running a clay ground can't be easy. People want large, good, well maintained layouts, regularly changing presentation, and limited queuing (all of which costs) but at low prices... usually end up going to Worsley
  4. Depends on the gun... I use 32 5s for pheasant (so not as many rounds as pigeon) through my 486 with no issues. .Same here! Generally use Comp X for clays and Imperial Game for pigeon/partridge. Sometimes treat myself to some Three Crowns (paper), especially if I'm taking out an older gun for the day. The 21g Comp X in particular are very SxS friendly.
  5. Last time I was in, shop local to me had a single barrelled damascus 16g that from memory was also a slide action. Can't remember the maker but it certainly classed as unusual! Wasn't cheap though. A reasonable number of hammer guns (even those with damascus) are nitro proof. If you don't shoot them often then well worth going for one with rebounding locks.
  6. People selling by the truck load shouldn't be affected: Sales of wet wood in small units (less than 2m cube) will be phased out from February 2021. Wet wood in volumes greater than 2m cube will also have to be sold with advice on how to dry it before burning (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51581817) Not clear whether they really mean a 2 metre cube (4 cubic metres) or 2 cubic metres or but anyone using wood as a key part of their heating will probably have space for either (so I think it's more a case of stopping the small nets of logs that are often so wet as to be almost impos
  7. Beretta can also supply longer screws in case you want to use more than one spacer. Mine has two spacers taking it out to approx 16". Took minutes to fit.
  8. You can definitely use a security safe, they're explicitly mentioned in the firearms security guide. IIRC there's a video of Dave Carrie commenting on his. Not sure my floors would take one... and not sure the wife would be keen on having something that size around the house!
  9. The Swiss airports intrigue me. You go through security and then, airside, you find the Victorinox shop! Knives on display, seemingly for sale.
  10. You can take the kids to the range, but it’s entirely at the operator’s discretion as to whether they’ll let you. ‘My eldest has been going on and off from the age of 6 to the one I use most regularly, he may not be the best shot in the world but his safety is 100% (it’d put some “more experienced” shooters to shame) so he’s always made welcome. A few other youngsters are sometimes around and it’s great to see them getting into the sport.
  11. That’s the combination I use for clays. Usually tighter chokes for game, quarry/range determines how tight, but still tend to choke both barrels the same.
  12. Looks like a fabulous trip. Out of curiosity, did you take your own gun(s) or have them supplied by the agent/estate?
  13. I have one above the skirting board, mounted on a block of wood (made from cut down railway sleeper) so that it’s flush to the wall but no gap underneath either. Ideally through-bolt to floor with long decking screws, but even if you just bolted to the wooden block you’d add about 20kgs to the overall weight that someone would need to carry if someone managed to get it off the wall and tried to nick off with it.
  14. I unexpectedly ended up in Malmo too on Saturday morning as well, having had to take a break from something we were doing just down the road. The one day I could have got away with the wife seeing me buy another gun is the day I don’t have my ticket with me... 😪 Bought from them in the past and they’re great to deal with.
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