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  1. Beretta can also supply longer screws in case you want to use more than one spacer. Mine has two spacers taking it out to approx 16". Took minutes to fit.
  2. You can definitely use a security safe, they're explicitly mentioned in the firearms security guide. IIRC there's a video of Dave Carrie commenting on his. Not sure my floors would take one... and not sure the wife would be keen on having something that size around the house!
  3. The Swiss airports intrigue me. You go through security and then, airside, you find the Victorinox shop! Knives on display, seemingly for sale.
  4. You can take the kids to the range, but it’s entirely at the operator’s discretion as to whether they’ll let you. ‘My eldest has been going on and off from the age of 6 to the one I use most regularly, he may not be the best shot in the world but his safety is 100% (it’d put some “more experienced” shooters to shame) so he’s always made welcome. A few other youngsters are sometimes around and it’s great to see them getting into the sport.
  5. That’s the combination I use for clays. Usually tighter chokes for game, quarry/range determines how tight, but still tend to choke both barrels the same.
  6. Looks like a fabulous trip. Out of curiosity, did you take your own gun(s) or have them supplied by the agent/estate?
  7. I have one above the skirting board, mounted on a block of wood (made from cut down railway sleeper) so that it’s flush to the wall but no gap underneath either. Ideally through-bolt to floor with long decking screws, but even if you just bolted to the wooden block you’d add about 20kgs to the overall weight that someone would need to carry if someone managed to get it off the wall and tried to nick off with it.
  8. I unexpectedly ended up in Malmo too on Saturday morning as well, having had to take a break from something we were doing just down the road. The one day I could have got away with the wife seeing me buy another gun is the day I don’t have my ticket with me... 😪 Bought from them in the past and they’re great to deal with.
  9. SxS

    Grounds for divorce?

    Rumour has it that a guy at work got into quite a pickle when he discovered the woman he met on holiday had a wotsit!
  10. SxS

    Splitting Axe

    Agree. A felling axe needs to be sharp to go across the grain (you’re cutting!) but a splitting axe is used along the grain and instead of needing to be sharp needs the head to have a broad spread to open up the wood. Think knife vs wedge. I’d probably knock out any chips from the leading edge with a grinder, but that shouldn’t happen if you’re using a block (which you want to do anyway for safety). Had also heard about the husqvana/witterlings, but went GB as my father in law is swift to “borrow” anything with Husqvana written on it!
  11. SxS

    Splitting Axe

    If you’re happy to make an investment in something traditional/craftsman made then look at Gransfor Bruks. Really enjoy using mine, but the wife still thinks I was nuts to spend that much on an axe... even though one of my kids will inherit it! The fiskars are meant to be great axes though.
  12. Pretty sure my left handed brattonsound doesn’t have holes in the top!
  13. I was considering that when I came close to needing to cancel a day last season. Closest person turned out to be away, so I turned up hoping to make it though... only to discover that the shoot had accidentally overbooked! Main things I look for when booking is confirmed are: 1) Clear directions/confirmation of meet up point if first time there that season. 2) Time of meeting. The above assuming that I already know about breakfast, whether we’re likely to shoot through, if there might be duck, and whether it’s own cars or gun bus. Have never been asked to sign anything...
  14. If you want the Brattonsound, have a shop around and then go to safe.co.uk with the lowest price you can find. They offer “double the difference” as a discount if you find it cheaper elsewhere . In my case it was more than enough discount to get the cabinet made left hand hinged from the factory. No connection with them other than as a customer.
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