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  1. No social distancing then
  2. hafod

    Ginge and whinge

    No not really lol didn't know all those years of skiing trips , world travel , big events, pop concerts , international rugby matches etc etc never knew it would make you feel so unhappy and ****** off You learn something new every day now
  3. Whats everyone,s thoughts on the harry and Megan carnival never thought that the nation's favourite grandson as my mum called him would go from hero to zero in 12 months Its unbelievable I really think they should just be quite now and just get on with there lives and let sleeping dogs lie whatever happened to the oath of allegiance he made to his grandmother when he passed out of sandhurst
  4. hafod


    Anyone here brewing with the grainfather brewing system
  5. The Possibilities are endless now you have that nice little milling machine now and your away
  6. hafod


    Same here but just bought a bradley smoker but couldn't find a trout for love or money in our local Morrison's over the weekend ended up buying some mackerel instead lol
  7. So out of interest guys how many of you have had a go and made some and tried it yet Sweet violets bubblegum cinnamon toffee caramel hazlenut and candy floss that's the flavours I've tried all of them are good but the toffee caramel is my favourite so far
  8. Sweet violets bubblegum cinnamon toffee caramel hazlenut and candy floss that's the flavours I've tried all of them are good but the toffee caramel is my favourite so far i cut mine down to 30 % abv i use an alcometer you cant use a standard wine or beer hydrometer to cut your proof acholol ok
  9. It's drinkable as you make it but I found its better after 24 hours the flovours really come together and if you don't down the lot a couple of weeks is better still its fantastic ive got a 1/4 of bottle left I done before Christmas i,m in the process of polishing it off now tonight very nice on the rocks
  10. If your budget allows it and your not doing anything heavy or cutting big stuff how about the sthil ms 140 battery powered 10 inch chainsaw I bought one just before Christmas and its a fantastic piece of kit I use mine more than my Petrol saws now they are light no noise no pulling a pull cord no fumes brilliant and they cut a hell of a lot faster than my Petrol saws I always dismissed them as toys but I was very wrong admittely they have there limititions but for firewood they are ideal I have 40 years experience using saws in my line of work they have been a revelation
  11. I don't know about that but I found 125 ml in 500 ml of vodka I found was right for my palete well just have fun experimenting
  12. Lol theres a surprise like watering down the beer years ago like some used to do But seriously folks Just a word of warning to everyone though high proof alcholol in plastic bottles is not recommend and there's a reason why glass bottles are used high proof alcohlol can leach out and disolve the nasties in plastic and hold it in suspension so be careful
  13. I did my own rhubarb and ginger that was rather nice but took too long I didn't like the wait lol 😳😳😳
  14. My advise sell it and buy yourself a good coarse medium and fine diamond hone set i have a complete lansky 6 stone set in the case in the shed i paid a lot of money for the thing at the time when i bought it I wasn't a fan I could never get that ,"razor edge" on a blade as the advertising claimed it could the magic bullet in sharpening systems it was not in my humble opinion anyway i know how to use a sharpening stone but i just couldnt get on with the lansky system a good set of diamond hones are the way and if your sharpening knives for butchery then a good diamond grit sharpening steel is essential
  15. Lol permission to speak sir. I have a cunning plan
  16. Personally I'd try it first without adding the vanilla pod because it's very tasty as it is I find shake the bottle or jar up once you have made it and let it stand for 24 hours to let the flavours mingle trust me you,'ll enjoy it
  17. Yeah have a butcher's I think they stock 5 or 6 different syrups off the top of my head but not all of them are in stock all at once I think it's a £ 1.00 a bottle theres toffee caramel , hazel nut , bubblegum , candy floss , parma violets ( the toffee caramel and the hazelnut are my personal favourites ) But i cant remember the other flavour but be careful you can over do it you can make it sickly sweet but when you get it right its very good well put it this way its been a big hit with everyone who has tried it so far turns a run of the mill vodka or neutral into something special
  18. I know this thread is over 6 years old but did you know that in home bargins you can buy 250 ml bottles of toffee carmel syrup by a firm called splendid syrups there are other flavours available as well 125 ml in 500 ml of vodka or a neutral produces someting akin to the nectar of the gods bloody lovely and very very drinkable I found with a bit of trial and error that 125 ml in 500 ml of vodka was perfect for my taste buds but be careful it can be cloyingly over sweet if you go overboard with the syrup
  19. 👍👍👍 Thumbs up for the tongmaster burger and sausage seasonings and butchers sundries are both very very good in my experience
  20. in my case its the other way round i find that with the lyvale ribbed 410 cases if I reload with fibre wads they will chamber in my Mossberg 500 hushpower and fire but they just won't eject no signs of pressure etc the mossy just does not like em smooth wall cases no problems The wads are just that little bit oversized and they expand the case ever so slightly when loading if I use plastic wads i dont have a problem so I just use them now
  21. Yeah i read that somewhere as well erztaz coffee or something it was called thats why german women went mad for amercian GI,s apparently for the coffee the fags and the nylons Like that old wartime saying one yank and there down lol
  22. By all accounts according to a book I have by Keith erlandson on home smoking the best wood for smoking fish is alder if you can get it
  23. Jonty all that looks fantastic what smoker are you running there i,ve just bought a six rack bradley and the cold smoke attachment i,ve got feed up with my primitive set up now looking fowards to making life a bit eaiser hopefully lol
  24. I'm gonna try the Scott Rae project recipe off YouTube when I've got my chefs hat on one day that one looks like the dogs bxxxxxks
  25. is anyone here using a bradley smoker for home smoking there own meat and game etc Only I've pulled the trigger on the six rack version so has anyone had success on pressing their own pucks only I have access to a wide range of the usual woods used for smoking apple , cherry , alder , birch , oak ,ash , beech etc so I was going to experiment with different binders and see if It was possible to press my own similar to the bradley bisquettes only its a shame to waste the base product plus I'm a tight **** as well lol
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