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  1. Please explain if Scotland is so rice with resources and assets why they want to go back into the EU . Is it because they believe they will get net gain from them or will they be a net contributor like the UK was
  2. I know several Scots who live in England who do not want the union to split, but they have had to move south for a better income. They don’t see that good a future to indept
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    Ebay - changes

    It seems that you will still be able to pay with PayPal but from end of May they will only allow you to be paid into your bank account. Not sure I want eBay direct to have my bank details as in the past they have not proven very secure
  4. Sealand Skeet vest new and unopened, size medium. £28 posted
  5. I brought 500 21g gamebore evo to try on clays and they are brilliant and will now use for most of my clay shooting. Much less recoil in my Beretta and kill at surprising range. Just stick a few 28g in pocket for really long clays
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    Johnny three would be £20 each but collection only as have no packaging
  7. Stimo22


    Johnny The on on the very right is 45 1/2 inch to top is hazel with boxwood crook. 3rd in is 45 ince to bee and twisted blackthorn. 6th in is 41 1/2 inch blackthorn
  8. Stimo22


    Various sticks, many are blackthorn or hazel. See picture, these are collection only from Newport Pagnell just off junction 14 M1. Will not post as difficult to wrap. Most £25 but some £
  9. Working fine on my phone
  10. Had a walk round the woods on Saturday with some mates knocking some drays out total of 5 total 992
  11. A mate brought a slab of Gamebore 21g clay cartridges, I shot a round with them and did better that normal so had them off him. There is next to no recoil from my light Beretta 686s and they hit clays at most ranges we shoot
  12. That’s a good offer for any one near you, best of luck
  13. Barry Appears to be 1953. 76591-77169
  14. The cost of steel shot is in the manufacture, it cannot be melted and poured like lead
  15. They are selling the Jocker 32g with paper wad at £349 per thousand which is quite a lot cheaper that the Gamebore silver steel which is over 500 per thousand. Will give some a try this coming duck season
  16. New old stock 12 Bore jag £4 posted
  17. New old stock 2o bore mop £4 posted
  18. New old stock 16 Bore cleaning brush and nylon Jag £6 posted
  19. My idea for a stick that could be used as both rubber end or hard end is as in the photos. I found a broken shooting stick so used the end as a ferrule and then turned up an attachment and fitted a rubber end. Also the round flat bit has a magnet from a speaker on it so can use to pick up cartridges as required, so can use anywhere. Have had several requests for some more
  20. Price reduction to £35 posted, these are £60 from shop
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