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  1. Marsh Monkey

    White paws

    I would be inclined to believe these markings go back to the St. John's water dog, which was more often than not marked with white on the chest and feet. Both my dark yellow lab bitches have white patches on the chest ( mother and daughter) and the pup has white tips on the toes of two paws, hence her name- tiptoe. White has been more easily hidden in yellow lines as it is not noticed so easy in a light yellow dog, but stands out on a black or dark yellow, these pups were probably culled in past times but now obviously sell for more as they are 'rare'.
  2. Marsh Monkey

    Side by Side Club

    Love my side by sides- william ford 3" 1200 bar magnum, aya no3 magnum and an aya yeoman. Thumbs up to a side by side section
  3. Marsh Monkey

    Side by side and 3 inch steel patterns

    Shot a good range wigeon this morning with a aya number 3 magnum and eley lightning steel 36g 3. Gun is choked 1/4 and 1/2. Just don't like seeing the gun covered in mud but prefer using it to an auto. Have also got a william ford 1200 bar 3". It is tightly choke and have not put steel through it yet, was thinking about gamebore super steel 32 size 4's. Anyone shot them through older tight choke guns?
  4. Marsh Monkey

    Dog lead post.

    Think that may invalidate the guarantee but glad thy held up! Sounds like a good workout though
  5. Marsh Monkey

    3 quality slip leads.

    Thanks red dot, glad you liked them
  6. Marsh Monkey

    3 quality slip leads.

    I make them out of 9mm military utility rope, it's very strong with a slight stretch, handy as a shock absorber if the dog hits the end. I use decorative knot work to attach the stainless steel rings and form the hand loop. They also have a rubber stopper that slides to prevent the slip loop opening. I have used all sorts of materials over the years from spliced nylon to braided para cord. I have found my current design to be the most suitable to date. I'll try and post a picture if I can.
  7. Marsh Monkey

    3 quality slip leads.

    If you like it you can buy another two then
  8. Marsh Monkey

    3 quality slip leads.

    Hi red dot. I make slip leads and if you pm your address I will send you one to see if you like. Scott
  9. Marsh Monkey

    AYA Magnum

    I've got same gun with same chokes. I have used 42g tungsten matrix, and 36g number 3 steel. Not proofed for it but it's a strong gun in good condition so I use it. Used Ely lightning and gamebore mammoth
  10. Marsh Monkey

    Armsan a612

    It will be fine carl, just don't forget to be in early for Wayne in the morning.
  11. Marsh Monkey

    Labrador pups

    Hi dogz25. I'll pm you my number for details
  12. Marsh Monkey

    Labrador pups

    I have six dark yellow/fox red labrador pups for sale. Sire is test wining picking up and wildfowling dog by mediterian blue. He's a large but athletic dog who is excellent on runners and afraid if no cover. Dam is fast and stylish picking up bitch who is also fearless in cover, line bred to greenbriar viper of drakeshead. Bred so I can keep a pup. Price £650 but good homes more important. PM for more details, I'm in swansea South Wales.
  13. Marsh Monkey

    3 inch chambered AYA

    There are a couple on holts sealed bids auction. I've bought off them before and they even delivered the gun to a gun shop near me.
  14. Marsh Monkey

    Any one using fox red labs

    Got my 4yr old dark yellow dog from mark. Probably the best dog I'll ever be owned by!
  15. Marsh Monkey

    What should I do - expensive boots not 100% comfy

    Had this with a pair of aigle's, left boot too tight but size up was like clown shoes. Just kept wearing them walking the dog and they eventually gave a bit. Most comfortable boots ever now. Hello by the way, do a lot of reading if here but hardly ever post. All the best