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  1. pond digger 007

    Wellies - Dunlop or Aigle?

    Why would you think of changing when you’ve just had 10yrs out of your Chameaus? I currently have a pair, and they have outlasted my previous Aigles. The Aigles were comfy mind.
  2. pond digger 007

    Halfords advanced 200pc socket set

    Is there a Sherman-Klove dealer in the UK?
  3. pond digger 007


    Get well soon: good luck.
  4. pond digger 007

    best welly boots

    Couldn't make em last; found they gave up after 6months.
  5. pond digger 007

    best welly boots

    I don't like that big rubber logo thing; I'd feel a right twit in those. Sorry.
  6. pond digger 007

    Esse ironheart wood burning cooker

    I'll bear that in mind, thanks.
  7. pond digger 007

    Esse ironheart wood burning cooker

    Anyone got one, and if so, what do yo think to it?
  8. pond digger 007

    Steel shot query

    Oh, and yes, I've bought a steel proofed Armasan for my shooting: steel certainly kills, and I can enjoy my shooting with a clean conscience.
  9. pond digger 007

    Steel shot query

    Well I'm thinking of banning lead shot on my land. It just doesn't make sense to me to be broadcasting lead over land that's growing food. I am also concerned that wild birds will pick it up in mistake for grit, though I've no proof this happens, other than with waterfowl.
  10. pond digger 007

    22 semi autos

    Don't worry, the opening poster could still be alive.
  11. pond digger 007

    .308 for lamping foxes

    Is a .308 whisper still legal for deer?
  12. pond digger 007

    New private parking fine rules ??

    I don't understand why people think they have a right, to free use of other people's property. Furthermore, I don't see why a property owner, shouldn't be allowed to make a reasonable charge for any inconvenience caused. If there is no sanction available, then people will take advantage, and without thought, divest the property owner of his rights. That said, there does need to be clear signage: those property owners that deliberately set out to deceive and take advantage of the unwary, are fraudsters, in my view.
  13. pond digger 007

    Multi Tool

    So anyway, what is the best multi tool ? Is a Leatherman worth the price?
  14. pond digger 007

    Multi Tool

    I was told at a young age, that a farmer should always have in his pocket- a piece of baler band, a sixpence and a pen knife.
  15. pond digger 007

    Multi Tool

    I suspect the use of a knife against an animal, in self defence, or the defence of your child, would see that one off. Again though, tongue firmly in cheek.