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  1. Just check it doesn’t react with steel ! I’ve this nagging feeling that I read somewhere that it did, but equally, I might have dreamt it.
  2. I had a JP waterproof jacket that wasn’t! It’s not the only one I’ve heard of either. Once bitten........
  3. Yes, it’s rose hip. I’m not aware of anything that they could be mistaken for.
  4. My torch is a Torch Factory EVO 38. I’m not sure about the led, but it’s a square one: It is bright enough. It really is very poor at zooming though. My night master had (I’ve lost it) a single scatter ring which was irritating enough, but could have been fixed with a lens hood; not sure it would sort this one though. Thanks P.S. It’s a white led.
  5. Is there anything as good for less money? I do have a cheaper torch that gives good light, but there is too much scatter when it’s zoomed.
  6. Why would you think of changing when you’ve just had 10yrs out of your Chameaus? I currently have a pair, and they have outlasted my previous Aigles. The Aigles were comfy mind.
  7. Couldn't make em last; found they gave up after 6months.
  8. I don't like that big rubber logo thing; I'd feel a right twit in those. Sorry.
  9. Anyone got one, and if so, what do yo think to it?
  10. Oh, and yes, I've bought a steel proofed Armasan for my shooting: steel certainly kills, and I can enjoy my shooting with a clean conscience.
  11. Well I'm thinking of banning lead shot on my land. It just doesn't make sense to me to be broadcasting lead over land that's growing food. I am also concerned that wild birds will pick it up in mistake for grit, though I've no proof this happens, other than with waterfowl.
  12. Don't worry, the opening poster could still be alive.
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