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  1. No need to countersink the holes, change the pins or anything else that drastic.... A simple squirt of WD40 up the inside of the legs every once in a while and the legs pins glide in and out like silk. Just repeat after a few trips when they start to stiffen up again. And Google 'bistro stool cushions' for a neat round little pad to make them more comfortable over long periods.. Two cushions in one outer cover is perfect.... And I'm 18 stone.
  2. Most small folding penknives or pruning knives with short blades will meet the criteria of an 'Every Day Carry' (EDC). Sub 3.0 inches and not lockable. If in doubt, just buy a Swiss Army Knife! ... Endlessly useful and specifically mentioned in the legislation as a example of an acceptable knife. If you act like a tw"t of course all bets are off.... A bunch of keys can be an offensive weapon if you want them to.
  3. Massive fan of both Spiral and The bridge. But you really need to start with series one if you can, due to the characterisation. Particularly with Sprial.
  4. Yup... Stunningly, jaw-droppingly beautiful. Lots of little places to explore with incredible food and wine and culture coming out your ears.
  5. Longchalk

    heads up

    Why am I already worried that this will somehow manage to portray us in a 'tutty' bad light......?
  6. Third Christmas in the last five years that I've spent the entire time stuck indoors (mostly in bed) coughing up half a lung. Doesn't help that I'm immuno-suppressed and work in an office with a bloody closed-loop air-con system. Dropped off the Xmas bottles to all my five farmers the week before Xmas and promised I'd be on the ground, on the job, over the holiday. Should have known better as have not been able to get out once! So frustrating when permissions rely on you keeping your word and providing a service.
  7. Sounds like a good idea! And I have some of that to hand. Never thought about using that...duh.
  8. Thanks Alex. It's not actually mouldy, just stained orange by the water, which comes from reservoirs in the Northampton Ironstone. Mould remover doesn't work. Don't know much about brick acid but it sounds like the nuclear option, cheers.
  9. Minimum fee for lodging a small claims action via the government's website www.moneyclaimonline.com is £75. ....If you really think it's worth it. It's a surprisingly simple process if you follow the instructions, but they do get the chance to defend your claim of course.
  10. Can anyone recommend a good product for cleaning bathroom grout, discoloured by the high iron content in the local water..... Bleach and a toothbrush ain't cutting it.
  11. At my old address I repeatedly lost wing mirrors. I had no option but to park on the street, on a bend where it was a bit narrow, so assumed it was just drivers squeezing by too close. Then one day my neighbour opposite knocks on the door and says he was disturbed by an noise in the early hours (I sleep like the dead) and saw what happened. A pimped-up little hatch drove slowly past, stopped about 50 yards down the street, and the passenger got out. Only a kid. He apparently walked back up the hill to mine, then worked his down again, karate-kicking mirrors off half a dozen cars, seemingly just for the heck of it. My neighbour yelled out the window for them to foxtrot oscar and they scarpered. Copper comes round a day or so later (he looked about 12 but that's beside the point) and said I hoped they came back as I was going to get a good description next time. He was aghast... " Oh dont go out there sir, anything could happen. There could be a few of them and it would only be their word against yours. They could say what they liked, that you had a metal bar or something" So, I' m six foot three, 17 Stone, 40 years old and in the prime of my life, and I'm expected to hide indoors from a bunch of 15 year olds who've shared a White Lightning!.... This country is ******d.
  12. Many thanks to all who have offered advice! It begins to sound as if the maxim 'Go West young man' (49 is still young, right?) might be the one to follow. I shall sit down over the weekend with a small family glass of something and Google up on all your suggestions. Cheers all.
  13. Am visiting some friends in Dublin in May, then planning to head South for a week, just mooching about in search of dramatic landscapes to photograph. Don't really imagine that should be too much of a problem in Ireland, but if anyone has any recommendations for good spots to check out around Cork, Kilarney, or Dingle etc, please fire away! Cheers.
  14. Tweed shooting jacket by County Casuals. Size XL. Worn once. £40 posted.
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