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  1. Hi. Looking for gamebore clear pigeon carts 30g or 32g
  2. Hi guys.....as the title suggests my dad can't shoot anymore due to a combination of age and ill health and wants to give me he's 3 shotguns. Just wanted to know the best way to do this and if he or I need to inform the relavent authorities. He's never given a gun away to anyone so isn't sure and I'm fairly new to the sport so any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Harry
  3. wow.....165 as a novice! I think I'm doing something wrong
  4. is he's site "the pigeon shooter"?
  5. Have you used them on freshly drilled fields before or only on fields with standing crop? how can I get hold of Paul Hart cradles? Is he on here or a shop ?
  6. Hi, I'm thinking about getting some cradles in order to do away with some of my half shells. I wanted to hear views on if others have used or are using them regularly and how they find them regards pulling in pigeon. I keep reading/hearing that you can't beat real birds as decoys which is another reason for thinking about the change. Would be great to hear comments or suggestions. Thanks in advance
  7. I've been thinking about investing in some pigeon cradles but before doing so I wanted to know if they're worth it and if they work well. I'm lucky that I can drive to my desired spot so carrying them around is not a problem. Would really appreciate everyone's opinion. Cheers.
  8. +1 now that sounds like a cracking idea!
  9. The Pigeon shooter by John Batley & Will's Pigeon Shooting by WIll Garfit are both really informative and great for someone starting out....well worth taking a look at both.
  10. Hi, the last two outings over wheat stubble I'm finding it very difficult to get the woodies to commit. Not sure if it's just coincidence or if I'm doing something wrong! There was plenty of birds around today and I sat very close to a flightline in the hope I'd be able to get them in close enough for a sensible shot but the vast majority either flew just outside the range to get a shot off or veered away around 60-70 yards away! I started with a flapper and 22 decoys, six of which were dead birds. Any ideas or suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong or decoy patterns which I would be better off trying would be greatly appreciated.
  11. +1 Have a chat with Bakerboy.....top man, he put me right!
  12. If there are birds on the field I assume they're feeding??? When I went on Monday I sat on a smaller rape field that they've been on but after a steady start they disappeared so I decided to call it a day. After packing the gear up I thought I take a drive down to the drilled fields to see if any were about.......the larger of the two had the odd crow and occasional pigeon flying over but the smaller field was half full of pigeons which rose in unison on my arrival as expected! Would they just sit around on it or if they're on it would they be feeding?
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