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  1. as in the song... boom,...boom...boom, ..let me hear you say wayo...... and other unrepeatable words.
  2. if feltwad dont know then no one does, he pointed me in the right direction a few years back, aint looked back since (unless the game keeper chaseing me ).he..he. good honest advice, take note of what he says (and others) and you wont go wrong...good luck, it will all make sense in the end.
  3. they expand prob cause of pressure in a 3" cart, hence you getting no probs with the 2nhalf, if u want to go hush hush quiet try 2" subs, less pressure and super quiet with a mod, or even a 9mm shotgun with a mod. hope this helps a little..dave
  4. im selling these if any body wants to make me an offer ! ( no wee-wee extractors please) one in steel and one in aluminium with drippers and i got a couple spare drippers lieing about somewhere.
  5. hi all, every year on boxing day, we have a get together at "millride shooting ground" in essington near wolverhampton, this year is no different but... we are taking along a big black powder BLUNDERBUSS. !! if anyone has never shot one before why not come along and have a try, im sure you will be impressed at the sheer noise and smoke cloud from this old beast, (not to mention a fair old clout to the shoulder so not for the weaker person) there will be a small charge per shot (£1 minimum) donation, its for the peter parkes memorial fund and all moneys raised will go to the british heart foundation, ( peter parkes was a long time member at millride and is sadly missed by all who knew him) if your lucky enough to hit a clay, you may have a second shot free of charge, though a lot of people often refuse, (dunno why?) the fun starts at around 10.30am on BOXING DAY so come along , have a good clay session, a big breakfast then try your skill with a "REAL GUN" !..SEE YOU THERE. MERRY CHRISTMAS and regards all.....Dave.
  6. i have very dry cabinets too, still had odd rust spots as winter approaches and the cold sets into the house, leave your guns out of cabinet for a couple hours to equalize to room temp before cleaning, a cold gun in a warm room, then a sock placed over it (silicone treated or not) soon attracts moisture hence rust may set in,.try turning your sock inside out, spray it lightly all over with a good silicone spray then return right side in. hope this makes sense,
  7. another bargain i aiint gunna be buying !! thanks to a speedy turn around time by my police force, still waitng....waiting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,waiting.
  8. clayboster


    kingo 15, see my post ........."rain kills stock" think you may go off owning a browning.
  9. try "chambers".... www.gunspares.co.uk/ .... does airgun spares and shotgun spares, especialy webley and scott
  10. clayboster


    ha..ha.. the browning clowns play once again. sell it !
  11. just buy a blunderbuss, u can put anything in it then.
  12. my black powder home loads do this all the time, dosent affect shooting quality, but no good for a second reload.
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