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  1. Or just say, unlike them you would rather have an ugly gun but a pretty wife.!! I managed a 15 1/2" LOP on my silver pigeon with a thick rubber recoil pad .
  2. Seadog1408

    *** THINK

    I see Bob doesn't understand the word "irony" either. a sad loss.
  3. Seadog1408


    If they didn't have Fannie's,you would throw stones at them!
  4. Any conditions will be written on your FAC.
  5. If you want to use the magtec brass cases, they require a pistol primer which needs a FAC to purchase, however you can ream out the cases to accept standard shotgun primers, I have done this with the .410 cases with no problems whatsoever.
  6. Never heard of homer as a brand, citizen did do a homer model back in the 60's but I can't remember them having the crown at 4.30, only at 3. please put pics up when you get it. mike
  7. Just buy safety glasses, less than a tenner.
  8. Just use the shingle in the holes , tamp down, then blocks on top.
  9. Just leave it at your parents, and keep the cabinet keys with you.
  10. I was out after fallow last night, didn't see any but watched a squirrel quite clearly at 85m with an axiom xm30, very good fine detail. If you are local to Sussex you are welcome to try mine.
  11. I thought everyone had a gun room for this?
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/15007471704
  13. A dirk was worn on the belt, a sgian dubh (hidden knife) was worn in the sock.
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