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  1. Just leave it at your parents, and keep the cabinet keys with you.
  2. I was out after fallow last night, didn't see any but watched a squirrel quite clearly at 85m with an axiom xm30, very good fine detail. If you are local to Sussex you are welcome to try mine.
  3. I thought everyone had a gun room for this?
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/15007471704
  5. A dirk was worn on the belt, a sgian dubh (hidden knife) was worn in the sock.
  6. At least your pints up there are cheap....ish, bloody £5.40 for an IPA here!!!!
  7. I have a double chest ring and bandolier for my dispatch pistols, I carry two because it's better to overgun than undergun. the FEO did advise carrying a badge to say I was licensed to conceal carry, however I replied "BADGES?!!, I DONT NEED NO STINKING BADGES!!!!!!! ( apologies to Eli wallach)
  8. Think I will pop up for a browse, you never know what you need until you see it on the table needing a new home!!!!
  9. So the shotgun wasn't even unloaded or even in a slip, bloody fools.
  10. I read it as "ran out of cartridges" boggy.
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