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  1. Seadog1408

    Cabinet for a rifle/moderator

    This is why I enjoy the forum, learn something new every day!!, so best to remove the moderator for storage. that makes choosing a cabinet easier! mike
  2. I am looking to get a cabinet installed which would accommodate a moderated rifle, now I haven't purchased anything yet but my question is what sort of height/ depth cabinet do you guys use for your scoped/moderated rifles? TIA mike
  3. Seadog1408

    Richard Scudamore.

    silly money involved with football, I guess 250 grand is pocket change.
  4. Seadog1408

    pyrographed walking sticks

    Are you paying for the data?
  5. Seadog1408

    Spending money for USA

    Cash for a deposit then bank transfer to their account for the rest, easily done. mike
  6. Seadog1408

    Game bag

    Is it not to cool the game before putting it in the bag
  7. Seadog1408

    Choke Question

    ^^^^^^^^^^ must have been hard to screw them in!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. Seadog1408

    fox red lab mistaken for fox

    So you would be happy shooting at something you haven't identified?
  9. Seadog1408

    fox red lab mistaken for fox

    +1, sounds like a dangerous idiot.
  10. Seadog1408

    Cheap Reloading Powders for .410???

    I use ramshot enforcer for my .410 loads, 2 1/2" 14g/6 shoots nicely. from John at FES.
  11. Seadog1408

    Tiring to bring old Diana back to life

    I have the same gun on the wall as we speak!, I am currently working on a 60's crosman 38c, have had to weld up some of the internals, hard going as it's basically pot metal.
  12. Seadog1408

    Tiring to bring old Diana back to life

    Did you find it with a metal detector?!!
  13. Seadog1408

    I really don’t get it

    That's a great idea, keep us posted, would like to try that!!!
  14. I am sure BASC will be happy to help you once you are a member, as an aside, not sure too many of the members here would have joined Any organisation BEFORE actually obtaining their licence? anyway, best of luck young man. mike
  15. Seadog1408

    Deactivated weapons

    If no luck on here, arundel arms always have loads. mike