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  1. Seadog1408


    Interesting ramblings but no factual evidence of anything really. mike
  2. Seadog1408

    Is no news good news with SGC application?

    Plenty of grounds near you tom, Ower Spitfire Chalk pits. and there is a great little straw bailer every month at pilford shooting ground near Saint leonards. mike
  3. Seadog1408

    12mm holographic shotgun sight

    Not sure on locating a 12mm one but is there not enough material on the clamp to shave off 1mm either side of it? Just a thought. mike
  4. Seadog1408


    Let day = tips syndicate = no tips. mike
  5. Seadog1408

    Bob Parratt

    Mmmm, these should have 3 pockets, must be a ringer, send it back for a replacement, all my BP goods have been excellent quality. mike
  6. Seadog1408

    Emergency First Aid +F Training

    I meant days, but it seems to be a 1 day course. Seems very short if you are going to study any of those subjects in depth and not just a cursory look. mike
  7. Seadog1408

    Emergency First Aid +F Training

    How long is the course? mike
  8. It certainly is, thank you for posting mark. mike
  9. Seadog1408

    Air rifle stirrup pump wanted

    Might just need the seals changing?, most o-rings/seals will degrade without lubrication and use. mike
  10. Seadog1408

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    Whatever males you sleep well at night, but don't fool yourself.
  11. Seadog1408

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    Yep, just doff your cap sheep.
  12. Seadog1408

    Strange PCP glitch

    If you have filled to 200 instead of 232 it obviously is NOT overfill. As with ANY gas charging/decanting it's always best to be done slowly. mike
  13. Seadog1408

    Gun watch

    Mmmm, not sure on that, it's showing fine on my iPad?
  14. I have just started reloading for the .410 and am finding it a very relaxing thing to do. I would like to try with the magtech brass cases but it seems they need a large pistol primer, which needs a firearms cert to purchase? Are there other cases available that will take a primer purchasable on a SGC or am I piddling in the wind? mike
  15. Seadog1408

    Nice one East Sussex

    Probably Nick that you dealt with. I had a rushed house move due to having to fly back to work a week early, he popped round the next morning , checked the cabinet, took my licence and the new addressed one was on my mat 2 days later!?