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  1. Seadog1408

    WTB- Hatsan escort choke key

    No longer need one as I purchased a new one and found the bloody thing is made from soft cheese, what a piece of cack.
  2. Seadog1408

    1930s Purdy cartridges

    He is being genuine , there still is stuff floating around with purdy written on it. mike
  3. Seadog1408

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Would you like some salt and vinegar for that extra large chip on your shoulder? you seem to be very "them and us" on this subject and IMO are not coming across at all well. mike
  4. Seadog1408

    Rural Oscars

    That's good, wouldn't have been very fair excluding them. mike
  5. Seadog1408

    Rural Oscars

    Maybe none made the grade this year, or have they always been excluded?
  6. Can you imagine the damage that some eejit could do using a car?!
  7. Seadog1408

    28 in a 20 bore

    User error.
  8. Seadog1408

    BASC membership hits 155,000

    @Lloyd90 are you thinking of leaving BASC? mike
  9. Seadog1408

    WTB- Hatsan escort choke key

    As the title, I am looking for a hatsan choke key to fit an escort 12g. TIA mike
  10. Seadog1408

    Ducks on game cart

    Should be a job for anybody, I always have a priest in my pocket whether on peg, or back gun or walked up. no need to leave them. mike
  11. Seadog1408

    Clay club yearly membership charges,

    That's CHEAP!! £110a year at Southdown members 31p a clay non members 34p a clay.
  12. Seadog1408

    Pheasant shoot

    Unfortunately no, the disgruntled persons posts were removed. I have heard from a member here who recently went there and it was a good day.
  13. Seadog1408

    Will I get a sgc

    You expect to be taken at your word on here, why not extend the courtesy to others?
  14. Seadog1408

    Pheasant shoot

    There is a bit of controversy on the Facebook page " game shooting" about this shoot.
  15. When shooting on peg,. The places I use are 50% deposit usually before end of July then the rest on the day. mike