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  1. Divorce looking likely

    Like I always say, if they didn't have Fannie's, we would throw stones at them!!!
  2. Gun watch account activation?

    Yep, all good thank you Teal, much appreciated. mike
  3. Gun watch account activation?

    Thank you very much Steve. mike
  4. Gun watch account activation?

    Question for some of the long standing members, is it one of the mods on here that manages the gun watch accounts? I have been waiting a few days for my account to be activated, and if it will quicken the process by pm'ing someone on here please let me know who. mike
  5. county court

    Did you send them registered post?, having a receipt for postage would help. mike
  6. Thank you Fiskars/Gerber....

    I had no problem with Whitby, my Leatherman of 13 years offshore use, no receipt, and a broken blade was swapped for a new model with no complaints at all. mike
  7. Moving House Gun Cupboard Project Ideas

    ^^^^^^ thank you jay.^^^^^^^^ mike
  8. Moving House Gun Cupboard Project Ideas

    Have you got a link for the ones with thicker steel on the doors, I can only find ones with equal thickness? thanks mike
  9. Moving House Gun Cupboard Project Ideas

    Although not an expert, I think the whole cabinet is made from 2mm steel (not sure gauge size) same with the door, although of course it is pressed and welded with locks inside. There is a lot of weight difference between 2 and 4 mm sheet especially when using fixings to brick walls.
  10. Moving House Gun Cupboard Project Ideas

    4mm steel sheets?!!!!! Tad over the top I think.
  11. BASC free lottery tickets?

    Much ado about nothing.
  12. Sporting tattoo's

    Very true.
  13. He he he, can just see it being kept in his cabinet next to the guns!!!😄
  14. Cocker or Springer

    Cocker will do the job, have been shooting over spaniels most of the season and the cocker spaniel is just as capable as the springer. mike