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  1. BASC statement on Home Office proposals

    Would it be Peter glenser or would it be seen as a conflict of interests and farmed out to another QC?
  2. BASC Training Courses

    Personally I don't think a 1 hour drive is bad at all.
  3. Another example of NO justice

    I think he posted what he wanted, why do you think differently and what did YOU want him to post?
  4. Rear view mirror adhesive pad

    3m adhesive pad.
  5. Another example of NO justice

    Kill the whole bloodline.....no comebacks.
  6. Putting in drains

    You will need to tie into your underground drainage/waste pipe, this will entail putting in a tee piece, so enough acces to cut and place it etc, if you are putting a concrete base in the kennel, it might just be easier to put a drain/drop pipe in a corner to use as a soak away into the soil.
  7. Any advice on an old knife

    Probably a dress bayonet as lacking a fuller/blood groove on the blade.
  8. Any advice on an old knife

    I can't see a picture mate?
  9. I will give you a tenner per barrel.👍
  10. Packing in the Fags.

    It's called getting healthy.
  11. Packing in the Fags.

    The ONLY reason people don't give up is because they don't want to. Lots of excuses are made but it's just lack of willpower, nothing more, nothing less.
  12. So - seems the gas was oxygen starvation

    Hypoxia is reduced supply of O2. Anoxia is the complete lack of O2. only one will kill you.
  13. Slightly rusty.

    Mike is a very good gunsmith and good chap to deal with, his FB page is worth following.
  14. Side by Side Club

    I am in, I use an AYA 2. mike
  15. Drink driving ant&dec

    Yes, great idea. The U.K. Prisons would be full in 2 days, they can hardly cope now. Mind you we could double taxes to pay for new ones/staff etc.