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  1. Can’t stand this new layout

    User error.
  2. Disgusting

    Some of the guns on my syndicate don't take them, so I take lots and breast them out for my freezer. Oh, and for friends who are a bit squeamish but want to try pheasant. if I didn't eat what I shoot, I wouldn't bother shooting game.
  3. Photobucket??

    Nobody I know uses them anymore after they wanted an annual fee for hosting photos, imgur and postimage are much better .......and free. mike
  4. Celotex is hard to get hold of at the moment due to the fire at their factory.
  5. Heads up (Lidl

  6. 20b junior stock o/u cheap

    Hi if you give me an email address I will send some pics, it's a SPZME mike
  7. Ugh. Dog walkers

    One was shot locally earlier in the year, chasing pregnant ewes, owners/police and farmer tried to catch it, but couldn't, so farmer shot it..........no comeback at all on the farmer as it was worrying livestock.
  8. Menck bushing tool needed.

    Just to put a pin in this, I made a tool from a pair of circlip pliers, cut the 1mm ends off and ground the main legs down to a couple of 2mm pins, bit of WD40 and it opened easily. mike
  9. Yet another national amnesty

    Saw on the BBC this morning, a webley tempest is a dangerous illegal firearm. Bunch of muppets.
  10. Hi

    if you give me an email address I will send some pics, it's a SPZME



    1. Rust removal

      Yes, 12v in water isn't much of a problem.
    2. Rust removal

    3. 20b junior stock o/u cheap

      I have a 20bore yildiz up here in Brighton that my wife used to use before going to a lightweight 12 bore . It has a LOP of around 13.5 inches, my wife is 5'2" and it fitted her well. You are more than welcome to try it for size if you are up this way. mike
    4. 20b junior stock o/u cheap

      Where are you?
    5. Practical Shotgun

      Oooh, secret squirrel!