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  1. Three medical examiners so far, two different opinions on C.O. D. But, it's America and a high profile case so to be expected.
  2. Mcwets, yes, the fingers do wear out after a year or so but they are good thin gloves.
  3. I use razors for stalking, fantastic lenses on them.
  4. I made this a few years back out of stainless, fires shot pretty well, I will get around to a bronze one in due course. IMG_2624.MOV
  5. Tim brook-Taylor, Peter bonetti and Stirling moss , all in a day!!
  6. Exactly, as per my earlier post, just buy the label online and drop off at the post office, have posted a few pistols recently, all under 12 quid inc the box with no problems.
  7. Again, for the hard of thinking. https://www.parcelforce.com/help-and-advice/sending/prohibitions-and-restrictions
  8. Just parcel it up, measure size of box and weight, go onto parcelforce48 website ( legal carriers of air rifles/pistols), purchase a postal ticket online and put it onto the box, then just take it to the post office for drop off. Saves officious post office workers who don't know the law getting in a flap.
  9. I reload for .410 2 1/2" cases for a Winchester lever, very straightforward to de with either a press or hand tools, if you go to the FES website there are pages of load data and components etc. http://www.####.co.uk
  10. Or just say, unlike them you would rather have an ugly gun but a pretty wife.!! I managed a 15 1/2" LOP on my silver pigeon with a thick rubber recoil pad .
  11. I see Bob doesn't understand the word "irony" either. a sad loss.
  12. If they didn't have Fannie's,you would throw stones at them!
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