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  1. Key fob

    Option4 in preston will do it while you wait cheap and a good lad..
  2. Binoculars for Christmas

    +1 for the Vortex... + Unlimited, unconditional lifetime warranty...
  3. Plusnet

    Been with them for a good few years... Very fast and don't throttle your connection if your into torrent's ect..
  4. garlands rifle shoot dates

    Sadly not able to make it this time... But will be down for the next one...
  5. Fordson super major restoration

    Have a look on i-bidder... Clarke and Simpson have some Ransomes plough's up for auction... Don't know if there any good..But you might get one cheap!!
  6. Had a word with my farmer mate... Didn't know about this new sighting... But he did say up until about 30 years ago ?? there was a good number at winmarleigh... Will see him again this week and pick his brains some more...
  7. Thanks just had a quick look and there seems to be a few sightings in the area... Interesting news will have a word with my farmer mate who has lived and worked in the area for 75 years...(keen country man) See if he knows anything about reds in the area...
  8. That's interesting news about the Cockerham sighting... Is it a one off or are there a few ?? can you add any more to this... I shoot near Garstang and in all the woods on the farm i have never seen a grey...and if i did it would get some lead...
  9. garlands rifle shoot dates

    Another great day cheers rob... Hope the gusset recovers !!!
  10. garlands rifle shoot dates

    Me and the other half will be down again Rob See you sunday...
  11. 17 HMR Ammo issue

    I shot over 150 remington's on sunday all ok and checked a few cases no splits... Just checked some federal and winchester and in both boxes each had 1 with a split on the neck...
  12. cz452 .17hmr mag deal

    Just bought 2 Thanks for that...
  13. garlands rifle shoot dates

    Well what a cracking day out that was... Even the other half had a good time thanks to phill and his 308... Thanks Rob and little Dave See ya soon...
  14. A400 xtrema max 5

    Don't no where you are... But i was in malmo guns today and im sure they had one in... I have the A400 xtreme great gun and has never let me down...
  15. new Browser suggestions.

    Glad i could help Will now go and check my pm's for the shooting invites