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  1. Turmoil

    garlands rifle shoot dates

    is it this sunday ...
  2. Turmoil

    Jungle fowl or Ornamental pheasant

    Thanks all for the replies... Will try and catch it he seems quite tame.. If i can will get him a girlfriend and knock them out at a tenner each...
  3. Hi Can anyone tell me what this is... it's been hanging about on the farm for the last few days... Don't know where it's come from and should i try and catch it...
  4. Turmoil

    garlands rifle shoot dates

    Date for the next one Rob please...
  5. Turmoil

    Any Ferreters

    Your welcome Mice... And thanks for the beer's just had one very nice...
  6. Turmoil

    Air Rifle/Rimfire Range

    Still waiting for a reply to my pm sent in jan... Was interested But not so sure now...
  7. Turmoil

    Any Ferreters

    Worth big money now... Will pm you...
  8. Turmoil

    Any Ferreters

    Mice are they Deben locators... Got a mk1 locator and collars here...
  9. Turmoil

    Worst movie you have ever watched.

    The Human Centipede... What a load of .... Have a look on imdb if you don't know what its about...
  10. Turmoil

    Used fox snare

    I did think the same... We will see if he/she reply's...
  11. Turmoil


    Go and see your doctor mate... My other half had the same problem...Feeling depressed and down...I didn't help lost my job no money coming in ect.. They sorted her out and she has just got her shotgun ticket renewed ... Good Luck...
  12. Turmoil

    Bill Maynard

    Rip Bill...
  13. Turmoil

    Used fox snare

    What sort of project is it for... And how many do you want...
  14. Turmoil


    Would agree with the last three comments avoid in house... The estate agent for my last house tried to get me to use some firm 70 miles away... No thank you and in the end we saved nearly £700 on the price they quoted...
  15. Turmoil

    Auto renewals.

    Just had Adrian Flux Insurance trying to charge me £30 to change my address on the policy... No increase in the price of the policy just an admin fee !!!...New house less than 100 yards away and been with them for a few years... Told them to cancel the policy!!! Please hold the line............... And now as a gesture of goodwill we will waive the admin fee... Well isn't that nice of them !!!!