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  1. It can be the same down in Kent, I blame the type of traps they use, ‘Staticmatics’ I believe!
  2. Imitation is a copy and I would agree, but cloning is a sin and can be done without your knowledge!
  3. I am going to ask my psychiatrist! Or this guy!
  4. My apologies to the more pedantic on the forum, more correctly I should have said, “The assemblage of the words is mine but the words themselves are of course in the public domain”, I trust this will clarify the position! When tempered with empathy, hunting instinct’s seed’s innate tenacity plucks at the shooters inner squirrel to marvel at the wild beasts’ genius of audacity and stealth in equal measures. Malkiserow, believe it or not I have just twigged and am not sure if I am either, A, going mad or, B, you are controlling me from afar! But when I logged on I thought that you were taking the ####, I now see the issue and am going to buy a tinfoil hat! Don’t know what else to say.
  5. Well done but, keep a journal, as there may now be a hidden agenda against you!
  6. I had one of those as a boy, the pellets wouldn’t sink in water!
  7. “Yes”, whenever you see STOTTO, the words are mine and the particular words of which you enquire were inspired by your post, thank you.

    rant time

    Founder members of the ‘No one Gives a Toss Club’ are usually inoculated for this very reason in the birth canal prior to exposure to mainstream humanity, others less fortunate must develop immunity from life’s disappointing human contact experiences to avoid permanent damage! It’s the good that you do, not the thanks you receive that makes your world a better place. The thankless have their own world, ‘The Wilderness’ I believe it is called! Regards


    Understanding one’s subject permits constructive logical argument with the likeminded but usually puts you at loggerheads with the irrationally prejudiced, wilfully misinformed! Therefore reducing resolution of irreconcilable differences in attitude to a confrontational, ‘Force of Will’, with a forlorn hope of the support of, “The Rule of Law’!
  10. How to tie common sense in knots and still leave enough rope to hang all logical argument!
  11. While bleeding it dry to the tune of political scrotes! http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2016/02/10/mps-pay-rise-2016-public-sector-cap_n_9199758.html?utm_hp_ref=uk Don’t you just love them?
  12. It’s just a question of finding the right combination!
  13. Ponderation When tempered with some empathy, hunting instinct’s seed’s innate tenacity Plucks at the wildfowlers inner reed, to marvel at the wild geese, genius of audacity! STOTTO Regards
  14. Her profile has been rifled a few times I understand!
  15. In my school days that was what we got up to after school was finished with for the day! School was so dull and unimaginative, without that prospect of unwinding in the woods and fields rummaging around with the dogs I do not think that I would have survived the educational ordeal! The only downside I can see is that for the poor kids, when they eventually leave this inspired school is that every other educational establishment will seem like hell’s own waiting room where time itself stands still!!
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