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  1. My missus caught this on her phone today,
  2. Black 86mm new cheddite cases, £35 per 100 Inc delivery
  3. It's a bit far from most places to be honest 😂
  4. Hello, I haven't got any idea on pp price,I'd imagine it won't be cheap tho as it's a fairly heavy lump. I'm based in barrow in Furness, Cumbria
  5. Smiler23

    Vhit 3n38

    Just under 4lb. £150. Pick up
  6. For sale , full working order £150 +p&p
  7. Managed to get few different bits of data so far, IV not patterned any yet but my mate has, and for first attempt it's very impressive, through a 1/4 choke in Aya 3" he got 96% at 50 yards, that was with a 36gram load, which is probably more than we want to use, going to try a 28gram one next,
  8. Same as price above, the product is alot cheaper from them, it's the delivery that bumps price up
  9. I got 20kg last week, straight from China , I was given the number by a member off here... I wish the UK could make transactions and deliver as efficiently as they did.. ordered Monday morning was in my kitchen by Thursday afternoon
  10. I use 2, a 3" magnum with 3/4 chokes and a 2 3/4" with 1/2 &full choke.. both get plenty of steel through them up to #b... Get lovely patterns with them
  11. Mgreeny off this site is selling one .. £200
  12. Mgreeny off here is selling an Aya no3
  13. Please do not rely upon Google maps, this has proved unreliable to myself and another member of this site, we tried it when lost in fog on marsh, luckily for us there was no flooding tide so we were never in any danger... But Google maps had us 1/2 mile out into the main run of the estuary from the location we were actually at
  14. This season I'm ridiculously busy with work on run up to season to go out for a look to see what's about, but I'm lucky enough to have a good friend whose kept me in the loop with what's going on
  15. Clay game will almost certainly mess up your order if you get delivery from them.... There service is pathetic
  16. The data I have have is off the clay game data disc...IV 3 kilos of the stuff, wanting to load up fox loads for myself and some of the old boys at the fox club..
  17. Hia folks, I'm looking at making some shells up with this data... 3" case (12bore), cx2000, 42grn csbo, lbc48, 50grm lead, RTO frang disc... Pressure is 817, speed 1309... Now I'd like to slow this down a bit as speed seems high for a lead load..and I'm guessing fairly punchy.. could I safely reduce powder to achieve this?
  18. IV put plenty (1000,s)of steel now through a 2 3/4" in Aya yeoman.. half and full.. no damage what so ever..chokes are still the same... IV used up to steel #bb in it..
  19. Yes it's old data,it was sent to me by pictures from old clay game manual,so not sure of era. Would you recommend a drop in powder ?👍
  20. Thanks for replies lads, so ya think Cx2000,37.0grn ao ,nitro card,fibre wad ,1 5/8oz lead be ok then?
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