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  1. Jay_Russell

    2019 Browning A- Bolt 3

    ok from my browning collegues, -standard barrel profile without sights - threaded m14x1 with flush thread protection for moderator - brown laminate plywood stock with satin varnish for durability -infelx recoil pad -scope mounting basis -.243 win, 30-06 spr, .308win, 300wm
  2. Jay_Russell

    Automatic Only License

    i googled it and yeah hes right
  3. Jay_Russell

    Automatic Only License

    is that right? i i have full maunaul car license, but when i did my trailer test in my auto range rover my b&e license came back with a code that says auto only.
  4. Jay_Russell

    2019 Browning A- Bolt 3

    ill find out for you. will reveret back asap
  5. Jay_Russell


    hip flask of sloe gin and pork pie!! - decent one from a butchers not that rubbish from tesco!
  6. Jay_Russell

    Semi Auto Club

    Well after 25 years of shooting, a couple of months i added a semi auto to my armoury. must admit i love it for pest controling and pigeon flighting!! i wish i had got one years ago!! i went for the maxus ulitmate partridge.
  7. do love a bit of insta!! www.instagram.com/jpr.esq
  8. Jay_Russell

    How would you Recover from a dip in form ?.

    Personally when I have a bad day, I just grab a couple of mates and head to a clay ground and shoot 100 easy ones! No pressure just a bit of fun and banter. I seam to do ok again after that
  9. Jay_Russell

    recommendations Winchester cartridges

    Just an update, and having got plenty of different winchester cartridges I find my self using the special fibre 30g for just about everything! They pattern well ( they seam to prefer a tighter choke) soft to shoot and kill very cleanly. Really impressed with them!
  10. Jay_Russell

    recommendations Winchester cartridges

    got a load of parcours coming for sporting clays. and a couple of different carts for roost shooting and pigeon shooting
  11. Jay_Russell

    recommendations Winchester cartridges

    due to certain arrangements I need to choose from the Winchester range but I'm really struggling !
  12. guys I'm not familiar with Winchester range of cartridges, can anyone recommend a cart in there range that's a good sporting clay cart? also recommndations for a cartridge in their range for general pest control - rabbits pigeons etc? cheers ?
  13. Jay_Russell

    New Defender 'spotted'...

    this was discussed on one of the #landrover groups, one chap that commented is part of #landrover. he confirmed it' just mock up shell plonked on top of a new chasis and running gear to test and evaluate
  14. Jay_Russell

    Nuneaton gunman!

    Just seen this on the news. Hope everyone comes out alive.
  15. Jay_Russell

    Tweed suit cost?

    Before my Alan Paine association, I was going to commission butler Stewart to make my tweeds for me. Cost wise for three piece was around £900