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  1. oh dear! lesson learnt there! i keep my bolts with my ammo, its unlikely ill ever forget bolts and ammo ... i hope!!
  2. i fitted a hausken mod to .243 last week. feels very light on my rifle and very impressive sound moderation!
  3. 5 weeks ago i applied for my FAC. first time grant asking for 17hmr and .243 i had my feo interview 8 days later and recieved my ticket through this morning. the land was already cleared so i guess that helped, also had plenty of provable hunting experience in europe and uk with estate rifles so iguess that helped too, just never bothered to apply in the past becuase of such a long delay! so remakable turn around from Essex, well done.
  4. i emailed them a few times yesterday and all worked fine for me
  5. from memory when we did a joint exercise with the usm i was rather interested in the .50cal sniper rifle they were showing off with, i seam to recall in the briefing the max range of the .50cal was something like 7000yds - efftective range was 2000yds
  6. also done im pretty sure he wont like my answers either
  7. thanks for the help guys, defo given me some options
  8. this is my chioce in europe
  9. looking for suggestions for sensible priced mods for the above. browning t bolt hmr browning grade 5 xbolt pro .243 really want over barrel type. ive read so many reviews i still cant decide whats biased and whats not, so im turning to you guys for suggestions. i dont want to spend a fortune!
  10. i was recently in slovenia with browning, and they bought a long a b525 shaddow in 16bore. what a delightful handling gun. id defo have one for the gameseason.
  11. i cant help with availibilty but i ive been wearing alan paine tweed for a few years and csant fault it.. my prefered range is the colnbrrok
  12. https://www.birdguides.com/news/wild-justice-launches-new-legal-challenge/ here
  13. I see wildjustice has now written a letter challanging the GL26 - and in part - for protection of pheasents and game from crows. and for the killing of jays magpies etc they are contesting for the protection of song birds is not justifiable. indirectly no doubt an attack of what they see as a sport for the elitist/toffs.
  14. thats very touching and would bring a tear to many man. i have my first wcs hes 18 months old and drives me to distraction most days! im trying to train him self and its steep learning curve with him. he comes everywhere with me - to work - to the shops etc. i cant bear to think about what ill do when he goes in years to come. thoughts are with you mate
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