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  1. YEP that would be 2014 i cant open his pic up though
  2. yeah of course, but it says to dispose of gun first before i apply for the vairation. i cant go to weeks with out my rifle.
  3. just seen this latest relaese from basc..
  4. just about to one one myself. got to drop one one gun off at the shop and collect a new one. i asked them if i could do this and what form to fill in. told use the standed variation form , but they didnt answer if i can drop n swap at the shop.
  5. my late 05 2.7 tdv6 discovery 3 is the same tax price.. madness!
  6. thats a vote from me too
  7. as far as im aware all rifles need to go through the drop test in maufacturing to limit the chances of this happening. of course an altered trigger etc will effect this. as others have said extremely unlikely though but anything is possible
  8. ha! yes you do need to pace your self or it can get expensive. but even as a group of 5 or 6 ive never managed to rack up a cost of more than 30 quid each which isnt bad for a mornings shooting. and your welcome, maybe see you soon
  9. OH ITS YOU TOM !! i like your instagram. www.instagram.com/jpr.esq
  10. Bit of a mix but mostly eley four long 12gram no6 , one box of emery sub magnums and two boxes of lylevale subs. Sold my .410 a couple of years ago so not really needed!! £40 collected with SGC from clacton Essex
  11. the only i grease i use is tetra and thats just a tiny smear on the choke threads. every things else gets cleaned and lubricated with legia spray
  12. jack pyke do a neoprene cover that i had on mine, i think i used the over under sized cover
  13. winchester do a tracker wad, bright orange thats a good indication of where your shot is going
  14. outside of the shoot season, theres a group of us that shoot fennes most saturdays, you are more than welcome to join us. we are a mix of all levels from very novice to semi pro , and a great bunch with lots of banter. drop me a pm if you would like to join us
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