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  1. eventually got round to fitting the sling on my maxus. on one of the estates i shoot over i have hundreds of acres of ancient woodlands to roam and the deeper you go the more wild and breathtaking it becoames. only thing is its an aweful lot of walking hence the sling to make things a bit easier on the arm!
  2. lovely gun !! congratulations
  3. i have the prosport and i really do enjoy using it, it balances nicely with all the options of weights etc to get it just how you like a gun to feel. i also have the b525 sl and i must admit its another fine gun to shoot, it looks better in the flesh than the pics show to be fair. its a heavey gun but really does soak up the recoil - its noticable! as always it comes down to personal preference though so as im sure you will, have a feel and a play. if your anywhere near essex you can have a go with mine at fennes.
  4. thanks ditchman ha yes i have a couple centrepins for my carp stalking, andf your right completey useless for fly fishing! i didnt realise the fly fishing version were not called centrepins too!
  5. theres a new sporter out from browning, the b525 SL with a laminated stock ( love it or hate it) extended chokes etc, adjustable stock. i really like the look of it. priced £2100 i think got one on its way to me this week so ill post some pics and my oppinon on it soon!
  6. as fun as it sounds no, i wont be getting into fly tying aswell, i really dont have enough time for that, mybe in 30 years when i reach retirement!!
  7. thank you, i will check them out
  8. i totally understand what you mean!! funny old men with strange hats and flys !! strangley i didnt see any of those and supprisingly no one seamed to be gear snobbery at all, unlike carp fishing etc!! like you i found it quite addictive especialy teaching oneself how to cast properly so the fly actually lays out flat and not in one big heap. so last night i was trawling through amazon/ebay eytc looking at fly rods and centrepins for sale. no idea what im looking for but its fun!
  9. so after 30 years of angling, i finally got to try a spot of fly fishing, ive always had good banter with the fluff chuckers but never really fancied it myself. but.. i had a small photography job to quote for so thought id head down saturday to look at the location - was a trout fishery. just happens that the other photographer i was meeting is a infrequest trout fisher.. and just happened to have some tackle in his van!! well i just had to have a go didnt i!! well we actualy manged three and i even caught one myself.. think i might have to buy a fly rod now i really enjoyed it! .
  10. just buy it!!! you will be gutted if you go back weeks later and its gone!!
  11. it is sad that the high street we know of is starting to dissapear, but also most of the town centres i visit in essex are utter dumps, full of wronguns druggies and drunks. the car parking is often expensive and hard to get to parked at weekends. id much rather goto a out of town shopping complex with free parking, nice shops and nice people!
  12. running around on tarmac 27 mpg average. if its motorway driving at 70 then i can get 32pmg ( thats through fuel used not trip computer - although mine isnt that far out) when im out shooting, field driving/tracks etc i get around 23-25mpg indicated on trip comp so prob a little less thank that if i brim the tank i can get between 450 -540 miles per tank
  13. i absolutley adore my d3 05 plate. i bought it with 100k on the clock and full service history. ive had it three years and put 50k on it and apart from servicing ive had to replace a wheel bearing and thats it. fitted with goodyear dura tac tyres and its simply incredible. far far better than my hilux and l200 pick up in comfort and ability in the soft stuff. i could replacd it with soething much newer but nah im keeping it ! i think the people who have serious money pit issues in most part have bought one which hasnt been looked after in the past.
  14. Had one for quite a few years and was faultless. Invictor chokes and patterned just fine with them
  15. ok from my browning collegues, -standard barrel profile without sights - threaded m14x1 with flush thread protection for moderator - brown laminate plywood stock with satin varnish for durability -infelx recoil pad -scope mounting basis -.243 win, 30-06 spr, .308win, 300wm
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