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  1. Bit of a mix but mostly eley four long 12gram no6 , one box of emery sub magnums and two boxes of lylevale subs. Sold my .410 a couple of years ago so not really needed!! £40 collected with SGC from clacton Essex
  2. the only i grease i use is tetra and thats just a tiny smear on the choke threads. every things else gets cleaned and lubricated with legia spray
  3. jack pyke do a neoprene cover that i had on mine, i think i used the over under sized cover
  4. winchester do a tracker wad, bright orange thats a good indication of where your shot is going
  5. outside of the shoot season, theres a group of us that shoot fennes most saturdays, you are more than welcome to join us. we are a mix of all levels from very novice to semi pro , and a great bunch with lots of banter. drop me a pm if you would like to join us
  6. we have a few biggish flocks of several hundred on our volunteer beans, now its been drilled and the green/beans are on the surface they have been getting on it. as usual with cold weather pigeon shooting. one bang and they lift with just the odd few coming round. the rest just head of into the horizon. this farm is sudbury suffolk.
  7. i bought a 40 quid led torch, mount and battery/charger from amazon. tbh i thought it would be ****, but its been excellent, easy shooting unto 150 yrds much past that it starts to struggle. its windfire s10 650 lumen.
  8. i really rate mine. i went for the shorter varmint barrel so great for truck use. the ten round mag is very helpfull especialy longer range rabbit shooting where you can a knock off a few rabbits in quick succession- the straight pull bolt makes this even easier. the trigger is a bit agricultural but im used to it. its supremely accurate though and with a stable platform head rabbits shot at 170yds is easy enough. not much more to say really, it does the job well.
  9. Hi guys, has anyone used eurostar as a foot passanger and had their rifle with them? in the process of sorting my european pass now. but has been a simple process with the train?
  10. S.entwhislte are still trading as a whole sale shirt company. - they do all sorts of shooting clothing. asumin **** the same company?
  11. I had a similair issue with them with my BMW . car returned with no working satnav, central locking or radio. but was fine when it went to them. also the paint they put on the rear bumper was flaking ! i refused to take the car back, imediately rang my isurers and told them i was rejecting it. man left with unsigned paperwork and before the end of the day BMW CAME AND COLLECTED IT and fixed it properly.
  12. obviously to late, but you a carrying out comercial work weather you get paid or not. you would need your cpc ticket. you could argue with vosa but i doubt you would convince them as its not persoanl property. if you had hired the truck yourself to move say your furniture to your new house then no cpc would be required. transport manager is my day job.
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