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  1. Probably because the fat ******** eat too much.
  2. Typical remainder trash. You are a lovely person too.
  3. Bepanthen cream is the stuff to stick on it afterwards. It will stop it scabbing and keep it clean and help it to heal. I have a full sleeve and was good on that. Got my first tattoo at 19, my most recent one at 52. Will get another when I see something I like.
  4. Agreed, I also have a new hushpower 410 - I won't be putting any of these through it.
  5. Thanks guys, I really like this old .410 - didn't need it to be knackered.
  6. Yes. It says Magnum on the side and when I bought it around 8 years ago, it said on the description of the gun 3" chamber.
  7. Shot my .410 today for first time in ages. Cartridge came out like this?
  8. You're not coming down south anytime soon??
  9. I use .410 with mod. Very quiet. If you are local to me I will come and do it for you. Dm in West Sussex.
  10. I was once asked to dispatch a sick chicken because the owners didn't have the heart. I shot it with my 410 shotgun, it was really flat afterwards, mind you I was only six inches away.
  11. If they dont sell let me know.
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