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  1. Handlebar off of here has just designed my logo at a very reasonable rate. Russ
  2. I've set my page up from my personal one, you can't have a business account from what I gather just a page.
  3. On his wind pipe if he doesn't see sense
  4. Haha, I like lager and traditional bitter. Depends what mood I'm in, I also like a bottle of red every now and then.
  5. Pop back and show him, and see what he has to say.
  6. I only drink premium lagers in the summer but I know what you mean when lads turn up with cases of carlsberg
  7. No I said over board with ply or hardibacker.
  8. Where Abouts in Lincolnshire are you fenboy?. A good friend imports tiles so I get them at a very good rate which I'm happy to pass onto you if it helps. Russ
  9. They're all at it, atleast they're dealing with it rather than brushing it under the carpet until the dust blows over.
  10. Go to a few dealers and trade them off against one another. I saved 4k on a new kuga a few years back.
  11. You can't beat a nice beer, I like a nice pint of this now and again http://www.warsteiner.com
  12. Floor joists are generally fixed at 600 centres. They are fitted at 400 and 450 centres but mostly at 600. Again I wouldn't directly lay tiles onto chipboard flooring. Then again there's tilers who'll tile onto painted plaster, use porcelain tiles on plastered walls without considering the weight etc..
  13. Been to sheffield children's hospital, while seeing the specialist about the DBA we asked her to refer him to see if there is an underlying problem. which she reluctantly did as she wanted Khan to be 100% behind it.
  14. It's so they can still employ you. As a sub contractor they're supposed to set you on after 12 weeks. I had it last year, to them to do one and they kept using me anyway.
  15. I'd still seal with SBR no matter what they say. Most primers are SBR based and it'll help stop the paint flaking. Not seen the rubber one though.
  16. I went to a job the other day where there was 30m+ of tiles laid directly onto floor boards and they'd cracked along every joint. Unless you're using some sort of decoup Matt I wouldn't consider tiling directly onto floor boards if they were screwed every 20mm because where there's no joists there will still be deflection and the cracks will eventually show.
  17. You'll hardly notice the raise its what i do. https://www.facebook.com/Yourchoicehomeimprovementservices?ref=bookmarks
  18. Hardibacker or ply the floor and then tile onto this using a flexible adhesive, screw the existing floor boards down, if needed lift them and glue to the joists and screw. Screwing should be enough though. Hardibacker 6mm needs to be laid on a tile adhesive using a 10 mm notched trowel and screwed where it's marked no closer than 20mm to the edge and stagger the joints, once laid you tape the joints and fill with adhesive. Ply 9mm wbp is screwed at 100mm centres with the joints staggered aswell like plasterboard on a ceiling. Use flexible adhesive and grout and your tiles will be fine. Russ
  19. How much is that a tin? Epoxy is about £90. I haven't seen what you're considering, what ever you use prime the concrete with SBR first.
  20. So is it acceptable that numbers of police officers lied in their statements?.
  21. Slightly change the subject, out of interest what are you covering the concrete with?
  22. I've always mixed concrete 6:1 when ready mix wast an option. Never had a problem.
  23. Either paint it with an epoxy paint or lay a porcelain tile over the top. Any othe way is useless in my opinion. Paint flakes and anything else absorbs urine and smells.
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