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  1. Some incredible stories must admit I'm a bit of a throw awayer or giver awayer to be more precise, often put some very useful items in a box and drive them over to places like Oxfam, wife regularly sorts through older clothes for the same reason. I have a terrible thing to confess in that I once binned my collection of LP's knowing full well that some of them would be worth a few quid in a few years, I just didn't want them ending up in someone else's hands that's all. 😑 I know I know. Not a skip find but when in my late teens our poly was refurbishing a whole building and I ended up taking this massive square solid wood box away complete with a door together with a couple of rectangular window frames, still remember carting them home on the train with friends help; anyway cut one side open and screwed the frames to that side and had them covered in chicken wire, then made a sleeping compartment from off cuts which I screwed to the top of the square box, it made the grandest of ferret hutches and they'd use the chicken wire/frame runs end corner to poop which would all fall on old papers i'd place underneath. I had tons of fun with them.
  2. That's amazing, cool driver skills too I've always been fascinated with engineering and mans inventiveness, can sit there watching hours of "How do they do it" type of programmes. What I find breathtaking is the skill that goes into designing and manufacturing the factory machines that perform so many intricate movements in rapid succession with near zero failure rates.
  3. Or presumably whether they'd applied for a special licence for a given location ?
  4. Hamster

    Home town

    The world is changing, people are moving around, the nature and types of crimes themselves are evolving. I am not denying that there is a "problem" with certain groups of people who happen to be more dominant and over represented in some crimes, I'm just saying so what, why single out Pakistani's being drug dealers but not mention (or have entire threads) about European (I'm not going to break it down into exact ethnicities even though it's perfectly doable ) men who have groomed and raped young boys within the clergy !? Why not have threads about German men travelling to exotic places for underage boy/girl sex, you do know this is a whole industry that's been going on for 40 odd years ? Now, is the notion of singling out ethnicities to point fingers at racist ? No not at all, SO LONG AS YOU DO SO ON AN EQUAL BASIS, would these same people who suddenly notice the Pakistan/drug link also be quite so eager to point out statistical facts that are less favourable to their own ethnic roots ? Did you know for instance that the vast majority of serial killers are white ? The US has some absolutely insane sets of stats to do with annual mass/school shootings, FYI there are almost NONE where I come from. Unfortunately the nature of crime is that it attracts those who are most marginalised and least able to succeed using the ordinary routes, in many ways the cards are stacked against them. Crime is first and foremost committed by criminals, their culture or people are not responsible. The thing is even if Pakistani's are overrepresented in drug crime in that town it doesn't prove anything because in some other town another group might take the "title" locals very much in the running too by definition. OR are we saying it's only reprehensible and worthy of discussion when it's done by "them" ? Now just to throw a curve ball here, if they were to conduct a massive poll and provide statistical ratio's of ethnic groups versus percentage of population versus crime which happened to show that all things being equal, indigenous people were more predisposed to XYZ types of crime against say Yemenis 💬 what would be your reaction ? Would you lambast yourselves and criticise your inferior culture for it ? Nah of course you wouldn't where's the fun in that.
  5. Hamster

    Home town

    Defo not considered the norm in the middle east, I was born there and have never even heard of 12 year olds being forced into marriage, it does go on in some less developed places though admittedly. More than 200,000 children married in the US in the last 15 years is hardly clutching at straws or did you not even bother reading the link ? Whether it's a loophole or otherwise the fact is it happens in the US as well. Thank you.
  6. Hamster

    Home town

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/200000-children-married-us-15-years-child-marriage-child-brides-new-jersey-chris-christie-a7830266.html Almost every category of crime attributed to them lot over there who have inferior values can be found to exist right here in the civilised West. It's just a matter of whether one allows one to penetrate ones subconsciousness more than the other. People have to be incredibly naive to think our drugs problem is a Pakistani/Afghan or Yardy problem, it might press certain buttons but that's about it.
  7. Hamster

    Home town

    We watched a programme a few nights back which was about girls, sugar daddies and huge sums of "maintenance" being exchanged for sex, not difficult to believe and for the most part the girls seemed to be participating of their own free will, my own immediate thoughts weren't to apportion blame but wonder where we were heading as societies when our younger generation and students were having to sell themselves to pay their exorbitant rents. Anyway during the film we were shown how one of the girls in America had been tricked into sleeping with a chap called Agha Khan (I think) who'd perfected the means of pretending to pay them via PayPal, Agha Khan kept calling girls and Agha Khan had multiple victims, Agha Khan was difficult to track down and when they spoke to Agha Khan on the phone he sounded native 😯 and Agha Khan denied the charges, they never actually showed us Agha Khan but Agha Khan was indicative of a growing problem anyway. Now personally speaking I'd be reluctant to steal a kiss from most of these girls and a pack of wild horses wouldn't get me to actually perform with one but IF I was in the market for an expensive night in with a Sienna Miller lookalike, the chances of me introducing myself as Steve Zoli are pretty damn high. Do I disbelieve the article, of course not, do I believe that Pakistani men are TRULY overrepresented in the entire drug world infrastructure, again of course not, it may well be that the real money is being made by people whose racial demographics would make perfect sense although not the perfect story but which remain largely unseen. It's the nature of things that some are only too willing to concentrate on stories that depict people they dislike as the bad guys whilst turning a complete blind eye to bad things done by bad natives, what I mean by that is that nobody here is ever going to post about a subject where the majority of wrongdoers are natives. Many's the times I've waited with bated breath for "obviously" tasty events being discussed here when the perpetrators weren't foreign but of course it almost never happens and when it does the racial context is (rightly) NEVER mentioned.
  8. No way will Honda be able to wriggle out of it, complete system failure on a 5 year old car famed for its reliability ? I've had three Honda's over the years and things like AC or folding mirrors just don't break with them, the minimum you should accept is 50% contribution which at main dealer prices for parts and labour will still be a rip off.
  9. Hamster

    Jo Brand

    Hamster thinks all women are facially beautiful but beyond that I'm afraid he's got rather "lean" requirements, strictly champagne glass cup cakes for a start. Just to give you an idea, always thought Sam Fox was a bit on the chubby side.
  10. Hamster

    Jo Brand

    Said without the least hint of irony.
  11. Hamster


    One of my dairy farmers once applied for a special licence as they were fouling the cows feed, doubt it's worth it in your case.
  12. Hamster

    Jo Brand

    . Very true, of course you know very well she didn't physically mean it but then why let facts get in the way of a good story.
  13. Hamster

    F1 question

    Vettel made a clear and visible mistake and went off the track, he further compounded it by NOT staying off the racing line as he's supposed to do, it is not for the stewards to impose the penalty in such a way as to affect the outcome, they simply awarded the minimum 5 second penalty as they saw fit. To have done nothing would have been unfair. There was 20 laps left to run and anything could have happened, races have been won on the final lap on several occasions, Hamilton won his first Championship on the closing seconds of the final race !
  14. Hamster

    Jo Brand

    Actually like most people I found Ali G hilarious to begin with, together with mates we'd go around imitating his accent and phrases and fall about laughing, I did read criticism of his work from a few black people on TV but at the time dismissed it as oversensitive. Alas I have always prided myself on being able to change my mind when confronted with enough evidence that all it not as it seems; I began to realise that a lot of his work was centred around making fun of blacks, browns and gay people, he seemed very comfortable in creating and portraying characters that mocked middle eastern and ehem, Libyan leaders, had he right then at the height of his popularity also made characters who made cutting remarks about American and Israeli injustices (albeit in fun and humour) I'd have believed he was impartial. I am of course aware of his new ludicrously unfunny, overacted and unwatchable Israeli character but as I said this needed to have happened 20 years ago not now that the world is palpably changing . Comedy is always going to remain dark in places. Now THAT"S what you call CHEAP particularly since my opening sentence on my first post went : I don't follow her or anyone else for that matter, I find her comedy funny.
  15. Hamster

    Jo Brand

    Yes good point but then based on that logic there would be practically no comedy left, anyone remember Ali G bigging up drugs and knives ? Perhaps he ought to have visited one of our hospitals morgues where the bodies of drug users lay or the emergency room where knife crime victims were being sewn back up. People still found him funny though curiously enough, some argue he bordered on racism incidentally as he portrayed blacks as stupid gangsters.
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