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  1. If game made a little audible screech every time it was struck with just 1 pellet at 60+ yards this business of "high" birds would have never taken off to begin with.
  2. Hamster

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    The BBC just referred to the Saudi government as "regime", what's going on ?
  3. It was actually me, because he said : at 40 + yds didnt drop to blackgold.no5 But get them within 35 and they were toast. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but technically it can be interpreted as 5 yards.
  4. It's not my 34g, 😂 what speed are these loads ? You're not seriously telling us 5-10 yards meant they went from toast to their feathers acting like armour ?
  5. Hamster

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    The new prince has hurried through a new design spec for the country's flag to prove his modernity and progressive intentions.
  6. Surely you can't compare a moderated 20b (presumably using "sensible" velocities) with 34g+ loads of 5's fired through a 12 gauge ? I think 55 yards is within a whole lot of peoples and loads capabilities, 70 yards is too risky because wounding becomes inevitable.
  7. Hamster

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    I see you're partaking of deliberate and wanton denial again, Isis was created (admittedly not 100% intentionally) and funded by the Saudi's, murica and Israel all ably aided by countries such as Turkey, Iran together with Russia and Syria bombed them into near oblivion, Idlib which is their last stronghold was about to be incinerated when Turkey directed by the US negotiated a stay of execution for them for now. Almost every single extremist Islamist group on the planet is Sunni, Iran is 97% Shia. It was also fighting and losing men against the Taliban years before the US decided to stop funding but fighting them instead, estimates of Iranians killed fighting Isis/Al Nusra/Al qaedea etc, inside Syria in the past few years run between 2-3000 men. The main country arming and supporting corrupt regimes such as Saudi Arabia is the US. 😏 🙂 Being ignorant of real facts don't change them.
  8. Hamster

    Webley Vulcan

    http://www.airgunbuyer.com/details.asp?cat=Accessories&SubCat=Silencers Accessories&Product=538 Webley's own pro system came out in the 80's and was universally acknowledged as one of the better ones on the market, having owned one back then I fully agree.
  9. 😂 👎 Hardly a relevant example ! Have you ever been stung by falling pellets ? That's prolly worse than what 44 fps would feel like.
  10. Many are wounded, some are killed with vital areas being hit and many more are killed by gravity, throw in the reality that we can't judge range accurately staring at the sky and you have your answer. I've said this before, if you fire at "high" birds with a magazine of rimfire ammo loaded with 131 bullets 😏 you will pull a few down.
  11. This is what 5.5 shot size will do at 55 yards, it's reasonable to assume no. 4 shot will arrive with much more energy at that distance, it will very possibly do as much damage at 70 yards : Penetration is not the problem but density.
  12. Exactly, hence why I said can(s), you'd have to have at least a dozen and place them one on top of the other and fire several shots to make sure enough have lucked into the centre of a can or two to see what kind of damage they do. I have always maintained that beyond 60 (and most definitely 70 yards), kills are random and dependant on luck as much as skill. A few years ago I placed an opened out 250 shell cardboard at 90 yards and fired several 7.5 clay loads at it, despite allowing a bit of holdover I could find barely any dents never mind holes.
  13. I did, 100 REAL yard birds are flukes, 70 yard pigeon for the likes of him are a doable thing with the right ammo and density. To be fair he has written an article where he states 70-75 yards as max range for pheasants. I have also had spats with well known clay shooters on FB who reckon they kill 90 yard pheasants, at least he admitted he uses 50g no.3 shells 😐 . It would be nice if anyone with access to no. 4 shot and a few empty coke cans could be bothered to fire at them from 70 yards and report back, regardless of ft lbs I reckon they'd go through both sides. We know no.5 shot will break clays at 100 yards or more.
  14. Hamster

    Interesting..Kashoggi !

    I'm convinced it was the Saudi's. The real mysteries surround why the BBC and other media would be instructed to suddenly show such selective outrage when logic says the Americans at any rate should try and hush this up rather than make it such huge news. See, things aren't always quite so easily explained.
  15. Everything else on this thread aside, we've had this discussion before regarding the theoretical (read arbitrary assumption) of ft lbs needed to kill fur and feather 😏 I believe it's something like 3 ft lbs for a head shot rabbit and some 3 pellets carrying approx 1 ft lbs of energy each for pheasants. 👎 It's all whimsical nonsense because writing something down because it sounds plausible to you or because you felt like it sounds good is not the same as scientifically carrying out tests which would have to be species specific for a start. FWIW I have sadly seen dozens of head shot wood pigeon in a state of undead sometimes an hour after the event.