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  1. Hamster

    Poor shots and guilt

    Not averse to a bit of conspiracy theorising meself but only where some evidence can be found, people just postulating that the OP has come here to tease out a bit of dirt on the shooting community's callousness 😐 seems a bit of a long shot. Anyways what the antis missed in long, detailed multiple tales of woundings they surely gained in seeing how quickly we squabble amongst ourselves over nout.
  2. Hamster

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    I'm considering that. I looked on Guntrader and the AirRangers are a grand or more new so can't imagine struggling to get my money back. The only thing is I sold a BSA Super10 to get a AA S510 because I wanted the sidelever and then sold that because I found it too cumbersome especially with the silencer added, in contrast I have found the Wildcat so easy to carry around it has meant I use it much more that I ever did the others. The AirRanger didn't seem as heavy or long as the S510 but it also didn't feel as though I could throw it around and carry it one handed like you can the FX.
  3. Hamster

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    My local RFD has today advised me that having spoken directly to FX the cost to convert the existing rifle would be £520 which includes a new barrel, shroud, magazine and various other parts 😐 this is right at the upper limit of being worthwhile especially as he also offered me first dibs on a px FAC .25 Daystate AirRanger for £500 (complete with a scope), even hinted it may come for less than that ! Don't know what to do as I really like the configuration and weight of the Wildcat and the fact that it has a sidelever loading system as opposed to the Daystate which has a bolt and is of course heavier overall, the length seems OK without a silencer but likely to be a good few inches more than the Wildcat once a half decent one is fitted. Has anyone got any experience of the FAC AirRanger, what are they like accuracy wise ?
  4. Hamster

    world cup

    I'm no expert by any stretch but after the previous games convincing performances and the early goal against Croatia which was world class, as the game wore on it seemed there was no killer instinct. To my untrained eye it appeared that individual's skills in the opposing team while in possession were superior to that of England, which begs the question why pay them so much.
  5. Hamster

    halfords car service rip off

    Did you know it had two filters, does the quote say (filters) or did you at least ask if the price included both filters ?
  6. Hamster

    Range finder advice

    Sounds like buck fever.
  7. Hamster

    Novochick strikes again!

    The police and other service don't know it's not Novichock, you don't get different colour mouth frothing with nerve agents, they're not being cared for by the NHS are they ? They get carted off to some military compound under constant observation, that's why Russian embassy staff weren't allowed access. The "news" that is released is controlled and pre-agreed with a dozen other European allies. There are hundreds of documentaries available that prove beyond a single molecule of doubt that the official version of 911 is fake news. There are dozens of demolition experts on record who say it is not possible for those buildings to freefall due to plane damage/fire (and most certainly not in that manner or timeframe.....without explosives), there are millions if not billions of people who know Building 7 was pulled (therefore had to be pre-rigged with explosives), there are living American Generals on record who say the Pentagon was hit by a missile not a plane (no footage oddly enough), there are hundreds of films and documentaries with witnesses who prove a huge amount of what we were told about these tragedies were lies. And yet almost the entire US and British army as well as police force believe (or at least have gone along with it)..................pulling off a Skirpal stunt is child's play in comparison.
  8. Hamster

    Novochick strikes again!

    I do wish there was a "military" grade roll eye 😴 smilie ! So you're not familiar with the duck expression ?
  9. Hamster

    Novochick strikes again!

    I don't have to believe the actual inventors or makers of Novichok to know it's pretty lethal stuff, why else would they bother making a nerve agent ? It's a biological satanic potion designed to kill. Our government used the term "military" to make sure we knew it wasn't the regglerr over the counter stuff ☠️ but a propper dangerous version , they then go on to tell us that 4 people who have come into contact with this not only didn't vaporise on contact but literally took hours before they even showed signs that something wasn't right, the policeman who treated them also made a full recovery almost within hours, nobody nowhere inside the restaurant or the very many people who have been to places these victims have visited have shown signs of having died either ! Oh but some cat and a couple of hamsters died but they incinerated them before the accused nation or independent organisations could check them, oh and wet wipes are sufficient after care...............you see none of it sounds plausible. If it walks like a duck......................
  10. Hamster

    Novochick strikes again!

    There are no chemical weapons experts on this thread but when I get told something is military grade I expect it to work. This substance was clearly not Novichok because it has so far only maimed, it's creators reckon it will kill and that it's irreversible. Yulia Skirpal looked positively radiant a few weeks after its application hence the many memes depicting it as a rejuvenating cream. I like memes. I much prefer to sort a conflict or argument out with funny memes than sticks or worse. People who don't like memes get offended by either the other sides argument or potentially the truth. Most memes try to use humour to cast doubt on dubious and distorted versions of either history or current affairs, they often get the attention of those who would otherwise be disinterested or indifferent to a subject. As Putin has said if he wanted to kill those people he would have done, if he wanted to injure them he'd have used a banana skin through the letter box. Most of the time it's impossible to KNOW the actual truth so we're left with having to draw conclusions based on the presented evidence, its plausibility and such factors as motive. Softly accusing people who question the many obvious lies (on a whole spectrum of subjects) as conspiracy theorists is itself a theory. I never enter a debate on subjects where I have no useful contribution but will often stay in the background and learn, examples include stuff like martial arts or long range big bore and thoroughly enjoy the experience. My point to those who aren't interested is no probs, stay out.
  11. Hamster

    Novochick strikes again!

  12. Hamster

    Novochick strikes again!

  13. Hamster

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    Well according to Youtube it's doable but as Ultrastu says there are a few new parts needed and the regulator would have to at the very least be re-caliberated. I'm prolly capable of most of it bar the regulator but would much rather send it to FX or better still someone like John Bowkett ?! Can't imagine the change of licence calibre to be too hard but as far as I'm aware the Wildcat unlike the Impact is not designed to have barrel interchangeability.
  14. Hamster

    Novochick strikes again!

    Yeah alright.
  15. Hamster

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    There's only one sub 12 version on Guntrader at the moment for £825 so at best I can only see about £500 being offered in px (for a less easily sold FAC) which would leave circa £700 on top so if the conversion can be done for under £500 it should be worth it. It's not really something I want to do for the rats as they're relatively close range but wanting to extend the useable range for corvids and even doves to 80+ yards. The .25 are said to be much more capable then both in accuracy as well as knock down power. I took my Remington Yellow Jacket rimfire out last week and after a bit of practice was making small chalk pieces either dance around or shatter at ranges between 80 - 110+ yards, what a gem of a gun that is 😊 unreal accuracy for a semi auto, killed a few crows too with the longest at 96 yards.