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  1. But then we could say that about 90% of professional level athletes and sportsmen in soooooo many other sports. Does Eddie Irvine deserve to be the MULTI millionaire that he is, does Villeneuve, do Alesi or Ralf Schumacher, Fisichella, Trulli or even Barrichello ? All TOP level F1 drivers who earned MILLIONS and shagged their way through life's best pickings through very little "talent" compared to the true greats, so what is what I'm saying. Look at the snooker world, the old multiple World Champions wouldn't make the top 100 today but are still worshipped and revered as though they were something special. Deriding someone like Khan is like deriding say someone like Chris Childerhouse in the world of shooting, sure he hasn't won that much compared to many but he belongs to a very special circle of top level sportsmen all the same, in other words he would beat 99% of us (other AAA/AA's) senseless which is what Khan is all about (as his handsome career earnings will show). Someone has to be at the very top, a handful become Greats and dozens below them are fantastic boxers which may or may not attract haters. I lurve reading about his glass jaw when he's clearly managed to avoid being felled by the vast majority of those he's faced and I refuse to believe that the "journeymen" to have faced him were incapable of professional level punching in a ring. For every third comment on Youtube making fun of Khan there's one making valid, statistically backed up counter punch arguments, the exact same goes for Naseem who many couldn't wait till he started losing so they could blast as "fake".
  2. I don't know much about boxing but a google of his stats reveal 33 wins out of 37 fights at least half of which would presumably have been at professional or even world level, doesn't sound too shabby to me and the chin seems to have held up 90% of the time ! I would imagine an awful lot of retirement age fighters cruise through fights they prolly know they'll lose just for the money, I know I would.
  3. I have a kit ready to test, will report back in due course.
  4. The Italians shoot a lot of Trap and the word is the 30" is king there.
  5. I forgot to say, water cannons will fix it, that or electric batons, if all else fails we can call them dirty hippies and laugh.
  6. Compared to the catastrophes coming these protests are a romantic picnic followed by first time sex, enjoy the semi polluted world while it lasts.
  7. Because of the Law of diminishing returns, most experienced shooters reckon 32" is the best compromise because it can deal with long targets better and still cope with the fast and close stuff, some do choose 34" incidentally but not many, some of their less obvious drawbacks include "dry" handling, not only are they a pain to find cases for and/or carry in the boot but they can also feel very unwieldy when loading and holding in the stand, been there done that. There is zero reason for a manufacturer to want to push one barrel length over another, in fact if anything they'd be far happier if we all shot 24" guns because the raw materials would cost them less.
  8. It's completely true, 32" tubes are a fad which started in the late 80's and is sure to fade away any day now, also 19 x 20 of the top 20 in English sporting prefer them(as do most serious clay shooters), a similar number have fallen for the same fad in Fitasc.
  9. Hamster

    foreign aid

    It's even worse than that in truth, those giving them your money also use even more of your own money to spin lies which make you think others hate you.
  10. Hamster

    foreign aid

    👍 Foreign aid is nothing but robbing the country's budget to bribe certain countries to vote/act to your benefit, most of it seems to be in the form of arms sales anyway. One day a few million (maybe thousands) of our descendants will be looking back in anger at the absurdity of it all. Imagine the good those sums could be put to right here.
  11. Getting a new car is expensive period, getting them on PCP, Lease, Contract Hire, etc, is actually very cost effective otherwise millions of people wouldn't be doing it worldwide and the signs are the sector is only going to grow.
  12. A couple of dead ones hung from strings on your property visible mainly from above.
  13. I have owned neither but know enough about both and hunting to say pick the one that is lighter.
  14. Perhaps mainly by people who hadn't shot it. Always difficult to give solid judgement on layouts difficulty level because so much depends on how you happen to perform on the day, when someone straights stand after stand of medium to tough birds they can begin to think the layout must be easy. The only accurate way of telling is to study the figures per stand per layout and of course averages per class once the championship is finished. The winning scores are often confusingly similar in soft V medium V hard layouts, no rhyme or reason, it's just that someone always tends to shoot a mental score regardless. I think the reason this particular championship may have mistakenly been assumed to be shooting softer is that several very good scores were made on the first day, the day was in fact led by a AA score as opposed to the expected AAA guys, through slight playful mischief or simply because the person couldn't bring himself to admit he'd shot outstandingly well, words such as steady were thrown around on social media. In my view both layouts (bar the "entertainment") were spot on for a registered or indeed championship level shoot.
  15. ^^ That's about the best you can do at this stage. ^^ True cylinder is scatter gun at its finest truest meaning (no such thing as funnel or negative choke, not in actual performance anyway), the only way you'll "reliably" kill birds at 40 yards is if you decoy them in to half that distance which is going to be hard on a driven day.
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