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  1. Air Rifle Law?

  2. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Let me slow down the rotation of the planet a bit so you can hop on board, look, when you made the puerile statement : "what do you intend to do with all this information and the revelations you’re so intent to inform us we are all ignorant of, and whom do you intend to tell? Are YOU going to contact the media or the relevant authorities, or do you not have the courage of your convictions either? " there can be no meaningful answer because I had already stated I didn't know and had no information, only thoughts and deductions based on events past and present. In other words to be in possession of "information and revelations" I'd have to be someone else, someone who knows, an operator either on Putin's side or the side of his many enemies secret agents. In that scenario, which your average intelligence couldn't quite stretch to, YES I absolutely would be worried of becoming a target.
  3. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Did that lot sound right in your head as you were typing it ? Erase the average intelligence pretensions from your delusions draw if so. Your head works in a different way to mine (and many others here) that much is established, to keep going on and on with this childish turn of phrase of yours is embarrassing. The world (not yours, yours is perfect with just Russian gangsters) is full of gangsters, all governments do bad things, many have mass murder on their hands, just grow up and accept that at least.
  4. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Correct. Still, one of the averagely intelligent brigade is still bound to reply HOUSE and giggle his pants wet.
  5. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    It's fake news . Or alternative fact.
  6. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Even if I had evidence of sufficient magnitude to implicate entities other than Russia I wouldn't dare disclose them. Your statement is infantile in any case because this is clearly one of those matters where nobody but a very tiny group of people would know the absolute 110% truth, how on earth would I know ? I am participating in a thread discussing probabilities, not certainties.
  7. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    !! My comment "terrorists hiding in plain sight" was referring to the "friendly" rebels, white helmets and the many other Islamist inspired factions that the West considers as (allies) and with 95% probability arms one way or the other, these scum are responsible for using civilians as human shields preventing them from leaving for safer grounds meaning the casualty figures in liberating these towns from anti government forces runs into the thousands, I struggle to understand what causes you such smirk. Simply not true and it shows yet again that you seek and find what you need to see in these kinds of debates. I haven't refuted the possibility (after all anything is possible), only disputed the probability which are vastly different things. Yes of course it is possible that Russia/Putin ordered this but I personally find other alternative explanations just as plausible. People keep saying Putin has form on this well so have many other governments, the notion that he miscalculated the fracas resulting from use of chemicals on British soil is ludicrous, why ? Because he also has form on being super intelligent by wrong footing his enemies time and again, it is just as plausible to suggest his enemies have much to gain from the current situation, do you really think he and his close circle would have missed this eventuality ?
  8. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Terrorists hiding in plain sight and sheeple preferring to turn a blind eye because as mentioned earlier they just cannot bring themselves to accept they're being lied to. There is a huge amount of evidence on the net that proves our daily news is poisoned 95% untruths.
  9. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    When you say we, do you include Saudi Arabia in that ? Where do you suppose the arms (much of it very sophisticated) for terrorists that the West/US likes comes from ?
  10. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    It wouldn't and I don't believe the UK is courting war with Russia but it IS being sleep walked (by outside forces) into something potentially very dark. Logic says it won't be nuclear but too many Nato countries it seems are being manipulated against Russia.
  11. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Go on, bore us silly with a long list of your life achievements, making prefect on PigeonWatch better not be the highlight.
  12. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Struggling to see what unproveable allegation it is that I'm supposed to have made, as for beyond the reach of the law talk about melodramatic.
  13. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    I'd be inclined to agree with that, it is certainly close to being one of the best but losers who start getting personal with insults shall always be rewarded in kind, that's one of my missions in life.
  14. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    What stops you from giving it a whirl ? Have you browsed the net recently ? I mean outside your own comfort zone of cattle like regurgitation of state sponsored propaganda ? Social media is where independent information is available, not all of it true by any means but enough there to give you a better grasp of matters global. The term is woke, you prefer fast asleep, no problemo.
  15. The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    Are you getting yours from the main stream media ? They don't lie do they. Classic response of the scaredy pants who'd rather wallow in comforting lies than entertain even the possibility that his is a deluded fake world. Social media is full of substantiated real world articles with articulately argued assertions and deductions and multiple angles, it also contains plenty of photographic evidence, nobody is forcing anyone to stick to a given narrative (unlike the established news networks), it is left up to you to make your own judgements and conclusions. I'll try and watch these when I have some time.