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  1. Food banks.

    The problem with FRB and QE is that "they" get to lend money that is not there but you and I pay them back real money in interest and the loan itself which has actually been worked for and created so they in effect will benefit from lending nothing but air and the icing on the cake for them is that should you find that you can't pay it back the home or whatever they repossess is again very real and has an actual value.
  2. Hurry

    https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/shotguns/beretta/over-under/12-gauge/682-gold-e-171116150420294 I think he's going to get quite a few phone calls.
  3. £450m to Iran

    Exactly, I mean there's talk of hundreds of thousands of children starving to death in Yemen, there's potential for major conflict with Russia and even China and yet this story has somehow made it onto all major news channels in the country for several days on the trot ! Yes Boris is a bit of a bell but could he seriously have dropped such a clanger if there was zero substance to it ?!
  4. £450m to Iran

    It seems a little strange to say the least, firstly let me make it clear to all that I am not a fan of the Islamic government but talk of turning various places into glass (even Saudi Arabia) boils my blood a bit because I just can't get over the callousness of wishing instant vaporisation on any human beings. The situation in Iran is that after the 79 revolution huge and mainly negative changes swept the country, even today millions will happily turn the clock back and live under the Shah but we are where we are and without a shadow of doubt the ruling clergy have turned a better shade of grey and life there is infinitely better now than it was say twenty years ago. Never forget for instance that Iranian women have been allowed to vote for decades, most of them work, some hold extremely important positions, they all drive, the country is absolutely nothing like it is portrayed. In my opinion as wrong as it is to detain anyone, journalist or not, this lady appears to have been an informed and well connected intellectual who forgot the most basic rule of not putting a foot wrong, you just can't do that. I for instance wouldn't travel to Trump country and start hustling the local lads in pool bars ! How's that gonna end ? Iran is treading very carefully currently because it knows Saudi Arabia at the behest of murica and Israel are itching to start something to get them drawn into a proxy conflict; their involvement together with Russia in Syria and helping to destroy Isis haven't gone down too well in certain quarters so noises are invariably being made to try and trap them into a war either via Yemen or more probably Lebanon. The one thing I can promise you is that Iranians are no fools regardless of whether they wear a turban or not, the fact they even held her for a day seems to me to suggest that all is not well with her story. The skeptic in me even thinks she may well have been tripped and set up for all this because Iran certainly doesn't need the negative publicity.
  5. Food banks.

    Correct, it's not the bankers "fault", they're merely the symptom of the rancid disease that is unregulated, top heavy capitalism that places profit above all else. In their shoes we'd do the same as is human nature but the point is that it is ALL governments' responsibility to not allow that to happen, the truth is they at the top are all in on it and they've managed to get the masses to clap and encourage them.
  6. Food banks.

    QE or fractional reserve banking is political language for printing money that does not exist. This is what has allowed murica to wage war on much of the planet and today find itself $22 TRILLION in debt, the cure is to simply print more of it, almost all capitalist nations are in debt to the tune of trillions (not billions) and they all keep pointing at socialist countries, smile and keep printing more in the hope that one day their fortunes will turn around. It won't, these debts are insurmountable hence why we're being led up the path of WW3.
  7. Food banks.

    Fractional reserve banking IS a conspiracy, it just take courage and research to see it, delve deeply enough and you'll see a US president who was assassinated for wanting to end it. It's not just about hunger and poor people, I personally despise the fact we have ex soldiers on the streets as well as ordinary homeless people, what exactly is it that separates us from those under developed nations we mock ?
  8. Food banks.

    No not really, with great respect to everyone including the heartless few, as always the masses have been brainwashed to believe that anyone who is hard up or poor is somehow lazy and deserving of their situation. I don't doubt that there is some abuse of these food banks (da.............where in life isn't there ?), my point is that we shouldn't be overlooking the important point here, why on earth do we as a 1st world nation even have such poverty, who cares if some Essex person in a nice car grabs a box, who cares if some immigrant helps themselves to some out of date veg, the real point is that it's there and those on hard times can at least eat for crying out loud. Anyone who thinks nobody goes hungry in this country hasn't watched food bank documentaries. The moment I saw the title of this thread I knew we'd have to brace ourselves for the usual blame gang crowd who seem happier whinging about people on the lowest rungs of the ladder pinching food to feed themselves than dare stop and think for a moment why we're even having this discussion.
  9. Food banks.

    I haven't the faintest where the nearest one to us is but am glad there are people out there who give their time as well as donate things for the needy. Sooooooooooooo........lemithink there's people worrying about the odd chancer who goes and grabs three quids worth of baked beans and out of date carrots but dare mention the not so needy making a billion quid and then paying .005% in taxes (or none at all) and all is hunkydory coz they earned it and are clever and they employ people and they oil the wheels of industry and they .................. and we are all jealous if we complain.
  10. Food banks.

  11. Bottom Barrel First

    Both barrels produce the same recoil, the bottom less "flip", near impossible to tell the difference when trying to prove the point but fire top barrel first for a few weeks then switch to bottom and trust me you will immediately notice.
  12. Panorama and Tax avoidance

    Oh yes they do, it's like the difference between legal and illegal regime change both meaning war and conflict because might is greater than right, don't need a dictionary to know when words are being used to shaft the ordinary tax payer. If systems are put in place to legally allow the super rich to "avoid" paying their taxes like everyone else then it is evasion, the only point of legality being that it is approved by the government..................which I did say were also corrupt and in on the scam. Words mean nothing, the net effect is what's at stake. Make no mistake people, the day will come when ordinary people will have had enough of all this bull. ps. I am no lefty, righty or centrey.
  13. Panorama and Tax avoidance

    +2............it's called scraping the bottom of the morally indefensible, "legally" corrupt barrel.
  14. Panorama and Tax avoidance

    1) I agree in the main but I believe the wealthy should know enough about the way money is being moved around in order to avoid tax or VAT etc, in truth they DO know but only plead ignorance when it suits them. Nobody has asked Lewis to know the make of tyres fitted to his jet. 2) Scraping the bottom of the barrel. 3) More scraping, nobody has asked them to pay more, merely the SAME as everyone else, nobody wants to tax the rich till they squeal, more emotive language to hide from the real issue. 4) Indeed we should , why on earth not.
  15. Panorama and Tax avoidance

    We have had this tax evasion type discussion before and you and others would have known what my actual thoughts were, cheap point scoring is pretty much the only line of defence left which is a fair compliment I suppose. What you're missing is that the Law is the *** here, that is the whole point, it is governments that allow laws to be manipulated to avoid paying true taxes. NO, in no way is paying 20% tax the same or equivalent to an actor opening a company in an off shore island they couldn't find on the map, then transfer their salaries into an account there, then pay themselves a sum calling it whatever OMG, at what point did we lose our moral compass to the point that anyone can even think these are the same !! If these tax evaders are all so legal and dandy how come they all squirm and run away when confronted ? Why do they all plead ignorance and put the phone down ? Is it unreasonable to expect a person who has placed their funds into a third party account to truly KNOW how the mechanism works ? Why stutter if they're so sure they stand on firm moral and legal ground.