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  1. My speciality is Sporting and for that discipline at least it's perfectly possible to accurately answer this question using logic and mathematical probabilities. Based on factual experience we know that targets are frequently broken to smithereens using 8's at the kind of ranges many would have you believe you need 6.5's !! We know also that world and domestic championships have been won using that shot size and logic says these events would have featured a few eye watering targets. We also know that to date nobody has stepped forward to a) demonstrate that they can tell 7.5's from 8's in a blind test and b) break a target with 7.5's and fail to break it with 8's (again in a blind test). Therefore logic says 8's are a damn good compromise. In certain situations 7.5's and even 7's would be the wiser choice. Now for the mathematical/statistical part : 28g of English 8's typically contain 48-50 extra pellets compared to 7.5's, per shot fired is bad (good) enough until you realise that over the course of a full round you would have thrown almost an extra 5000 pellets towards your targets. If you always centre your shots at all ranges (impossible) then you won't enjoy the benefits but others will.
  2. It really does depend on target type and presentation, it's no secret for instance that compared to Std size clays Mini's shatter very easily as do Midi's, a thin, brittle battue presented such that it shows face in the sweet spot can be consistently (not 100% obviously) broken at 80 yards because a single pellet will not only break it but give the impression of a decent break, a std edge on at the same range will prove very hard to connect with (if one is depending on reliable mathematical probability of hits) never mind the fact a single strike from a 7.5 won't have the required power to reliably cause breaks. The same std clay presented showing underface will break easily enough at 75 yards. The problem here is that if you watch several people shoot these kinds of targets occasionally a target will break into hundreds of pieces (because 2 or even 3 pellets will have hit it) which gives the impression that the shooter has properly "found" it, the same shooter will have made identically successful shots which cause mere poor breaks, people mistakenly deduce that "finding" it is just a matter of more practice when in reality you have arrived at the max remit of the combination (choke/pellet size/velocity/pellet quality). Whenever we see these kinds of distance shooting displays the shooter tends to change shells from ordinary clay loads to heavy 5.5 pigeon or game loads, this is done to maintain density whilst making sure that a single strike still has enough energy to cause a break. I personally think any presentation beyond approximately 70 yards is beginning to test luck as well as skill so should be avoided.
  3. Yes there is one on FB, I skipped through a few minutes but decided to savour it for the day I get solitary confinement in a Sawdi jail. In case anyone can't be bothered to find the video it's mainly people stepping up and predictably missing a target presented well beyond the remit of a clay gun/load.
  4. Not at all, how many are new, what length are they, what colour, what type of lining, etc,. would be the absolute minimum you'd want to know.
  5. There are several reasons why someone on a shooting forum may either not be fully aware of the latest changes or need reassurance from their community. Pigeon or decoying in general may simply not be their usual field sport, they may have done a little in the past and decided to have a fresh go or perhaps a farmer has asked them to, such a person wouldn't necessarily have clicked on every topic of discussion on the subject. In short the events would have been of varying degrees of importance to different people. I vaguely know tail docking is illegal but until the day I need to chop one off there's little point memorising the fine detail or learn the loopholes. They may have read the new licence but felt they couldn't fully comprehend certain points, they may have even heard contradictory advice from different shooters (when has that ever happened !). Worst case scenario is they're just too lazy to do the research themselves so they ask a straightforward question, even then it's not right to mock, if you know the answer then give it, I bet plenty reading this particular thread would have been interested in the answer .
  6. Hamster

    Expensive cat.

    That is a bargain if it came with full pedigree papers, prices for most breeds start around £650 !
  7. I bet you she wouldn't be too happy, she spent a lifetime desperately trying to squeeze every ounce of sexiness out of what just wasn't there to begin with including making a cringeworthy book filled with her naked body and instead of growing old semi gracefully she has spent her 40's 50's and 60's trying to look like a girl.
  8. It's a no from me. Anyone who's met me knows what a fine specimen I am which has meant I could always pick and choose, some of her features in isolation were (last orders) OK but the moment she opens her mouth it would end any possibility of passion.
  9. 👍 2 safe shots with what gun if I may ask ? Shot gun blast in a built up area at any time of the day/night is going to cause all kinds of panic, silenced .22, do you have Open status on your licence ? I personally think even that is a dubious explanation should a neighbour raise the alarm with police.
  10. It's one those things you just have to see and not say anything but plain bad manners.
  11. 👍 👍 You're not going to shoot as many as if you could set up on the actual field but it's surprising what some well placed decoys can do in turning enough birds your way to have a good day.
  12. The only way you can hide these kinds of pictures is to not take them in the first place, imagine if we all made a conscious effort to only show these pics to one another in very closed secretive meetings ! Eventually some anti would get hold of them and use the fact we are secretive about it as a sign we are ashamed of it !
  13. Hamster

    The War

    I'd have to disagree with a few things there, the US dropped more bombs on Korea than it did during its WW2 involvement, these weren't mud huts but houses and cities which were totally levelled. By participation length alone the Vietnam war took at least 4 times as long as the US's WW2 stint and although the casualty figures are much less on the US side the outcome of losing it make it as real as other wars. I fully agree that you can't really call Iraq, Afghanistan or the likes of Libya "wars", Syria too isn't a "war" since the US doesn't even have a UN mandate to be there, dropping bombs from a distance where your "enemy" is incapable of responding is essentially target practice and product development (for which the tax payer gets to pay handsomely). Anyone who knows me well will tell you my one basic trait and purpose is to be anti WAR, everything I do or say, the snide remarks I make, the many threads I participate in here and on social media where I know I will be outnumbered by verbal foes, it's all because I TRULY BELIEVE in the sanctity of the words NEVER AGAIN, but I also know beyond reasonable doubt that these words have a hollow ring to them when uttered by the msm, a cursory look at events all around the world since WW2 will quickly reveal that war is good business so when these words get used what they really mean is never again in Europe if we can help it but anywhere else is fair game if there is money involved. ======================================================================================================================================= Our biggest "enemy" was our true saviour from the Nazi's, it's a crying shame that Hollywood and msm teaches us such false history, if you were to study military and civilian losses from WW2 for instance you will be shocked to know that even India's numbers dwarf those of many of the main participants including the US/UK, China lost 20,000,000, Soviet Union some 24,000,000 the latter are now considered enemies !
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