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  1. Unfortunately I’ve neither owned nor sold any 4x4 Mercs but like most have been unimpressed with reports of expensive bills for big miles. I bet there will be some gems amongst these, all my own lease/contract hire Beemers have been handed back pitch ready.
  2. In the trade I’ve sold premium 4x4’s such as the Cayenne, X5, Touareg, etc, with 100k plus miles, the Porsche surprised me with its poor general health, the X5 seemed to have shaken its switchgear loose to order, the one that really impressed me with its tautness were in fact the Q7’s, they just seem to wear the miles well, as for off road drivability obviously there is a huge amount to do with the tyres. You can’t expect much from low profiles meant for road use.
  3. Don’t know if this is allowed but you need to make room in your freezers people, once these are “discovered” there’ll be a waiting list on them.
  4. I sold a fac air rifle to someone who had to travel a long ways to get here, we took the precaution of him calling his feo and asking whether it was ok to be told that so long as I was ok with it there was no issue, my own feo said the same so we went ahead and did the deal and sent off the paperwork etc,. As Scully says why not.
  5. In the 80’s trained labs fetched upwards of £4K, things have changed but I bet a well trained one from famous lines wouldn’t be far off pro rata.
  6. I picked mine up before the lockdown.
  7. Rugers are rubbish out of the box hence why there’s a multi million dollar industry around replacement parts starting with the trigger. Some of the nicest, most accurate semi automatics owe their inception (but nowt else) to the Ruger. You can’t really expect a semi to ever be as good as a really good bolt action.
  8. Hamster


    I already have a .22 fac Wildcat that’s the nuts but could really do with a power adjustable .25 because I have at least two dairy farms where even .30 ft lbs is too much inside cow sheds and two of them regularly need ferals shot with lower power levels. All that plus you get the delish 55 ft lbs to play with on long distance magpies and crows, preferably with the new fangled slugs. All the videos I’ve so far watched on the new sidelever Brococks suggest they’re superbly accurate.
  9. Hamster


    I wish I knew exactly ! To date no one has come up with a price but I’m guessing around £1100.
  10. Hamster


    What appeals with their latest offering is the three power settings and the collapsible stock making hunting/carrying easier, plus of course the sidelever loading. If I’m not mistaken prices are a good £500 below that of FX too.
  11. Hamster


    I have asked two Kent based gun-shops and been told they refuse to deal with them ! Seems odd if one is prepared to stump up front.
  12. Hamster


    Does anyone know the best place to order a new Brocock .25 fac Commander sidelever ? There’s a new cancelled order bolt action on GunTrader but I want the sidelever and up to now have had no luck.
  13. If I have legal permission to be there I wouldn’t bother calling.
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