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  1. Car advice wanted

    A - maybe one with AWD.
  2. Car insurance

    Always do comparison checks once I receive the reminder, the only things you have to do is make sure the excess figures are similar and tick the extra's you need such as legal insurance and courtesy car. Oddly enough this time round I managed to stay with LV with both our cars, their reminder was £530 but they came top of comparison sites and ended up paying £405 for same cover, when I called them they couldn't price match their own price so had to ring the number on the cheaper quote ! Only problem encountered was I couldn't alter business use option on the net so had to speak to someone first.
  3. **** ******* Facebook bad news?

    Yes I do follow him on FB, don't agree with everything he says but with shooting matters more often than not he's on the money. If these reports about an impending "investigative piece" (demonising) on game shooting are true then brace yourselves, just as I had warned. If they manage to uncover actual footage of incinerators burning creatures then those who said things such as "it's a business so what" will need to start sharpening their debating skills.
  4. There's a good reason why GD doesn't use 7's for his pigeon shooting, he prefers to use 34g of 5's because he needs something he can rely on to kill birds out to 60-70 yards which is not the domain of 7's - nobody including myself pretended otherwise.
  5. Archie Coates recommended 7's for pigeon and he'd killed a few.
  6. You're quite correct in that 1oz is more or less 28g but it will poleax pigeon and partridge size quarry at 50 yards through a bit of choke, pheasants may well need bigger shot at those sort of ranges.
  7. Winchester

    The old compression formed cases are no longer available, stuff called Winchester today will be different but as much as I loved the old (clay ones in particular) and wish they'd make a come back, I wouldn't want to tell them apart in a blind test.
  8. It is true that on a certain video the narrator appears to be gloating/exaggerating about the ranges some of the birds were being shot but in fairness to GD in general he appears to put 70 yards as a workable max for pigeon which we know he tends to shoot with 34g 5's. I know I wouldn't raise my gun to a bird over 60 yards over decoys because experience has taught me patterns fail and so does the shots ability to cause instant kills. The article and quotes are about pheasants though which are a much bigger bird requiring multiple hits to effect an actual kill as opposed to causing the bird to scramble down out of the sky due to injury (which I believe is what actually happens and awful lot). Incidentally he is not the record holder for the longest clay, it's some other lucky chap, give me enough time and shells and I'll beat that record by a yard.
  9. This is what GD has to say on the subject : I have seen a lot of high birds shot (and shot at) and, in my opinion, with the modern guns and cartridges available, a true 60-yard pheasant is consistently killable up to that height if you possess the necessary skill. Any higher and you are relying on luck and we need to question seriously whether luck should play any part when it comes to the humane dispatch of a living quarry. So often you see teams that work each other up to try to shoot birds that many more experienced shots would never address because they’re simply out of range. A fluke shot might kill the odd 70-yard hen but remember it’s a fluke – it’s not an example of what can be achieved consistently. So if someone tells you they knock em dead consistently at 90-100 yards, they is dreaming, and if you're not knocking em dead consistently then the only other logical explanation is that you're interpreting random lucky strikes as skill. http://www.thefield.co.uk/shooting/shoot-pheasants-like-george-digweed-37727
  10. Semi auto .22

    Absolutely, but it's still nice to have the rapid availability of the second shot plus I bet it's just plain fun to shoot that type of gun. I owned a bolt action .22 for years and hardly used it more than 3-4 times a year despite it being super accurate because it was boring, now own a semi auto Remington and use it much more.
  11. Semi auto .22

    It's adjustable power level, doesn't look the perfect article yet but good potential once they sort out the "permanently cocked" bit and a few more pellets become available. The fact it doesn't need a lever to be cycled/loaded would be great for hunting.
  12. Semi auto .22

    This is an interesting rifle :
  13. What Would Be The Maximum Range

    I should add that my figures earlier are my best guestimate for a true edge on going away, pretty much anything else such as crossing, quartering and angled looping you can just about double those numbers particularly when showing some face.
  14. What Would Be The Maximum Range

    You can't put an exact number on this but I would say under 35 yards you will never miss it due to sparseness of pattern nor the inability of 2.2mm shot to affect a break, beyond 45 yards I would say you will miss (fail to break) the odd one due to both factors, 40 yards is about where you're starting to push your luck.
  15. The answer as with almost everything in life is somewhere in the middle.