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  1. Mine have been opinion but it hasn’t stopped the mods, let’s face it there are two rules and the next thing you know is if you don’t like the forum...................
  2. It’s fairly obvious which “race” this is baiting which I was under the impression went against forum rules, I have had posts removed previously so how come none of the mods have deemed fit to remove this ?
  3. Hamster

    Gout again.

    Same here, it takes a lot of self honesty to realise that ones diet is responsible.
  4. Brilliant shooting sir.
  5. Rocket or no Rocket you’ll not see those back to back semi finals again in our life times. I too was amazed to see Ronnie pull back from seemingly definite defeats.
  6. JR puppies start at around £800 and popular colours are three or four times that, even Kennel Club registered breeders are on the bandwagon with one offering me Norfolk terrier at two grand (unregistered) ! My exact thoughts.
  7. It was actually when he missed an award being given to Schumacher, still, he has since looked the fool when he’s had to take mid to low level driving seats which for a world champion must sting a bit.
  8. I hope he wins, that way they’ll add another twenty miles to the wall which he was going to build and get Mexico to pay for. 😂
  9. That doesn’t actually exist ? How can you be so sure, I’m afraid I find it easier to believe the tens of thousands of black peoples accounts of what actually exists than the 99% white people’s versions of what they think exists on a forum !
  10. Until you acknowledge there is a problem you will not solve it. Denial is the easiest thing.
  11. Back in the day I drove a black 1.8 Astra GTE with the word CHEETAH plastered across both doors on either side ! Never once got stopped which I’m afraid is due to positive discrimination. My kind are seen as studious hard workers ! I believe there definitely is a problem with black people in cars and the police are simply going to have to adjust.
  12. During lockdown (months ago) I emailed two rfd’s with questions about a couple of 303 Beretta’s they had up for sale, I still haven’t heard back. As for decent pictures or any at all, don’t even go there, it’s like they have no wish to shift their stock.
  13. H & N pointed were about the only ones that could be relied on to hunt with up to about 35 yards but even they used to give routine fliers.
  14. A mate and I used to shoot out of the back of an abandoned transit size van, only needed a small net in front. Being shielded from wind and rain was bliss.
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