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    Around 60% of your annual budget is spent on your military "defence". Imagine what those trillions could do for your infrastructure, healthcare, addressing poverty, homeless, education................
  2. Hamster


    This is how I see it as someone who is actually from that continent and has met both Iraqi and Iranian Kurds in person. Iranian Kurds are mostly proud of being IRANIAN Kurds and against breaking up a part of Iran (there already exists a non autonomous Kurdistan within Iran), Iraqi Kurds have already been handed the oil rich part of Iraq via the murican illegal invasion and peculiarly enough many that I bump into here in the UK not only speak Persian but are very supportive of Iran (to the point that if someones not looking they'll even pretend to be from Iran ) ! Turkish Kurds seem to have a much less amiable relationship with their country of birth and conflicts are much less rare than elsewhere, I know very little about Syrian Kurds other than the fact they fell for murican lies and fought the legitimate sovereign government of their own country in yet another Western proxy war fought mainly for oil, land and assets, they are now paying the price for treachery. The tragedy is the fact innocents will be killed in the process either by Turkey or the remnant terrorists supported by the West. As an aside Isis was founded, funded and unleashed onto the world by the Sawdi's and their "allies" (you join the dots) they were defeated by Russia, Syria and Iran in that order, murica claiming a part in their demise is an unfunny joke. They and the West in general watched and hoped they (Isis and other assorted heart eating terrorists) would overrun the Syrian government but when it became clear Russia and Iran had other ideas (AND could make it stick) they changed their tune and tried to save some face. FWIW I think Kurds being an ethnic group of people claiming or wanting to steal chunks from several existing countries to make their own one is a bit like Pakistani or Indians here wanting to make their own country in a couple of hundred years ! My answer then would be to soddd off as it is now to the Kurds. The reason murica and its allies are so keen to hand Kurds their own country is very simple, they will then arm them to the teeth and use them as yet another satellite "country" from which they'll meddle, launch wars and conflicts in the region.
  3. Hamster

    HW95 fettling

    That's insane variation, something very very wrong somewhere I'm afraid. FWIW dieseling alone won't cause that kind of spread, prob best send it to a custom tuner and be guaranteed of quick results.
  4. Hamster

    HW95 fettling

    Maybe you're just expecting too much smoothness from a mid level spring gun, I hadn't touched mine for months then had to grab and re-zero it as I'd nicked the Nikko Stirling scope off it to put on my rimmie, 10 shots later it was singing at 15 yards (with a cheap Walther) off to the farmers barn whose daughter had asked me to clear the ferals from the main yards barn. Managed to drop 7 with the 18g JSB's (which I'd selected to try and avoid over penetration into the metal roof etc,) - what amazes me about this gun time after time is how easy it is to cock, how accurate it is and how quiet and relatively smooth it is for an untuned gun ! The main problem by far was the scope which had a real job picking out the birds at such close range in the rather low light levels. On an aside, the inside of this long barn is absolutely stunning with massive wooden pillars and roof struts, you could almost just clear the rubbish away and turn it into four houses in a week, I'm certain that's exactly what's going to happen when the old boy goes. 😥
  5. Yes that's exactly what I'm saying, there's self defence and there's self defence, absolute clear and present danger of one's and one's dearest lives are clearly an exception so if I woke up in my house and discovered a thief rummaging through my belongings downstairs I would arm myself with whatever carefully (and casually) stored implement was to hand and shout like a cornered mo fo tiger, if said druggie hadn't by then pooed his pants and scarpered and actually made for us through the stairs.........he'd be met with unbelievable ferocity of violence. If however, (as would be the case in 99.9% of real life cases) he slipped on his creation and ran away through the night I don't believe I have the right to be armed and to shoot him in the back or the side. It is but for the grace of the god (I don't believe in) that I live in a country that bars me from even owning hot tools designed for taking life. I thank god I was born in a country that values all human life and I thank god I live in a country that is not so paranoid and "flawed" as to think such catastrophic violence should be the norm.
  6. Of course not, I'm saying he is a victim of his paranoid sick society which predisposed him to act in a way that almost no other country on the planet has predisposed its people to do - including those countries that constitute the """"diversity""" crowd. I'd say that's a fair comment but so many people shot at the traffic lights by the powlice despite doing everything right, is that flawed policing or institutionalised violence of a sick society ? How's that the fault of ""diversity"" ? Sorry I accept you didn't ask. 😏 😴 Here we go, pass the buck onto..........gonna keep quiet in case admin quickly ban me for derailing even though it is clearly you who started it. The product of a sick, inhumane, unfriendly culture I'm afraid. Everywhere else on the planet has proportionality and reasonable response. Unfortunately it is statements and beliefs like that that have taken the lives of thousands of innocents because hey lets face it what's the first thang the "hero" is gonna tell the judge ? I was fearing for my life your honour. You can say that again .
  7. 👍 That's about the size of it, what a tragic waste of several lives and what a sick society.
  8. 👍 👏 👍
  9. Very interesting first post, as mentioned already the best thing to do is await the release of an official statement from the organisers of the event.
  10. Received with thanks.
  11. I can only imagine they skinned and boiled them till the bones and flesh melted into one, I've eaten hundreds skewered over a fire, you end up eating the whole thing and the taste is as good as most cuts of beef.
  12. Givenchy Gentleman (the original) for day wear, Dior Au Savage for evening work.
  13. Just sent money via Paypal .
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