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  1. Hamster

    Krieghoff...are they worth it?

    Are they worth the asking price (that happens to be 3-4 times that of other guns that are just as well made, provably more reliable with the same if not superior features and which have proved beyond a shadow of doubt will score near if not actual maximum possible at ESP) and be easier to resell and retain a greater % of their cost price ? No of course not. Would I buy one ? Absolutely, if I truly had £10-£15k spare which I couldn't more wisely spend on owning at least half a dozen other awesome guns such as say an FX Impact (now that's engineering before anyone starts on about the katie) I wouldn't hesitate in buying a krieghoff. The trouble with these guns isn't that they're anything other than superb, the trouble is their price tag is a load of old nonsense.
  2. Hamster

    The French yellow vest protests

    Errr, if it was the middle east they'd have been masqueraded as friendly rebels and freedom fighters, shortly followed hours later by a liberating dose of cruise missiles. Incidentally such protests have taken place in the middle east without heavy handed police response. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. J F. Kennedy
  3. Hamster

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    From gardens to immigrants 😂 just to balance things out I went and trebled the size of my garden by buying a patch off an old girl, come to think of it I also contributed fousands to the local economy by having to pay tradesmen to clear the place, turf and plant it and don't forget the fencing, works both ways.
  4. Hamster

    The French yellow vest protests

    If the French desire leaving the EU as well it may hopefully make our Brexit more likely and less (deliberately) troublesome.
  5. Hamster

    The French yellow vest protests

    OK I'm not baiting but really genuinely interested as to why it is that when these kinds of mass protests occur in far flung places we are so willing to accept our governments narrative that it must be because their "regimes" are being run by undemocratic "dictators" but when it happens in Europe we pretend (lie) and say it's just about fuel costs !!? Considering these protests have now been going on for a month at dozens of different French towns isn't anyone a tad suspicious as to why it's receiving so little media coverage ? They've even started to blame Russia , 😂 I know, you literally couldn't make it up. Many of their demands appear to make a fair bit of sense and some of it not a million miles off what I've said recently when it comes to the inevitable straws that will one day break even our reserved British backs. https://friedemannwo.wordpress.com/2018/12/09/manifesto-the-demands-of-the-yellow-vests/
  6. Hamster

    bsa airsporter s.

    I had a BSA Airsporter back in the mid 70's and would buy another in a heartbeat. They're far from being perfect though because few if any were truly accurate but then what can you expect when the design is asking the pellet to "jump" from the rotating breech into the barrel ! Mine wasn't particularly smooth to cock and twanged like they all do and a 50p size group was about the best you could expect but then everyone thought you had the best gun going . I used to nick mine from the headmasters study at weekends and would wait and wait till everyone had deserted the upstairs dormitories and pop at sparrows on the schools back lawn 🤣, you've no idea what being proper scared with a racing heartbeat feels like till you hit one. 😂 The problem wasn't just the design but the engineering tolerances and materials available back then plus of course the pellets of the era which by today's standards were pretty much rubbish. The AirArms Khamsin proved you could execute the design somewhat better but even that could never live with the accuracy available from a good break barrel never mind a 77 ! I have never owned a 77 nor been a fan as such because having handled a mates early offering I found it much too front heavy (almost as bad as the BSF s54) but was astonished at how effortlessly accurate it was, keep thinking about getting a modern tuned one for my collection.
  7. Hamster

    fine for too much ammo

    I meant more so for centre fire rounds but logic says you couldn't go round buying 1000-1500 full bore rounds three or four times a week without raising suspicion. I'm pretty sure I read in Sporting Gun about some chap quite a while ago having his rimfire certificate withdrawn because they felt uncomfortable with the numbers of bullets he was buying and getting through. Lethality over longer range is my guess.
  8. Hamster

    fine for too much ammo

    I can see the logic, without some kind of restriction there'd be no reason to record the sale on ones certificate which means the criminally minded could travel the country buying ammo from different sources and selling them on to the underworld. My .22 rimfire cert used to allow the purchase of 1000 and the holding of 1500 at any one time but I believe it's now revised to simply reflect how many you can keep at a time.
  9. Hamster

    Moorhen - pest control

    I watch them all , love learning from people who do the business and push boundaries.
  10. Hamster

    Moorhen - pest control

    I'm lucky enough to have had permission on a big acreage country house which incorporates a sideline business of free range as well as indoor eggs plus a few specialist birds for the table, even managed to weather a change of ownership and for 25+ years have been lucky enough to enjoy some of the best pigeon flighting and rabbit shooting to be had. The land has a very steep rise towards the woods at the far end meaning its possible to decide how high you want your shooting to be. The owners have always been happy for me to shoot anything and over the years I have had magpies, squirrels, pigeon, crows, rabbits, duck, partridge, pheasant and even fox but oddly enough never even seen a rat ! A couple of weeks back I texted them to say I was on a larder mission (they always enjoy a few pigeon or the odd duck) and was told to shoot the coots and moorhen which were now at pest numbers and causing financial damage by eating the bird feed. Now up to then I had never even considered shooting one of these species but having arrived at the property it became obvious there were quite a few on the main pond but as I later found out these were nothing compared to the dozens that were freely pecking away among the free range chicken. The far bank is exactly 92 yards from the fence and it soon became obvious that easy shots were not going to be the order of the day, I managed to head/neck shoot one dead with 4 mildot holdover but most of the rest of the eight killed that day came from the chicken run. Another text from the owner this week asking me to go back resulted in another four killed (plus a few sundries for the table of course) 😋 . I found that the best course of action was to use his raised office platform which overlooks the main problem area and make the odd quiet visit to the main pond in between. The distance to the near side of the small pond is about 35 yards with the nearest coop at 75 yards or so meaning the birds at the far end are pretty much free to do as they please especially as other properties close by all seem to have huge garden ponds and vegetation where they can quickly run and disappear into. All fairly boring read so far except for two memorable shots, the first being another 92 yard kill at the exact same spot as last week but having to aim for the body as the bird wasn't willing to stand still on the water. The next which is by some considerable margin my longest kill came when I noticed two birds walking away from the pond heading towards the woods, I lined up to take a sighter shot by holding at least 2 feet above and saw the pellet strike below the bird so made the mental adjustment and killed it instantly with the next shot, it should be possible to see the entry hole just below the should blade on the bird closest to the rifle. I didn't have my range finder with me but the best guesstimation I can make using known distances of the reeds/single tree on the right and the wooden poles at the far end I would say it would have been between 130-150 yards. I don't recommend this kind of range with FAC air guns but this was a pest shooting request and I was fairly confident that I would be able to spot the pellet strike and had I wounded it there would have been as much chance of putting several more shots down or running to despatch it as there would have been of the others that I killed at half that range but which were often standing right next to dense cover and which I did in fact lose on one or two occasions. ps. the picture of the pond shows the left hand side and the angle towards the long bird, the lengthways to the reeds at the far end is quite a bit to the right.
  11. 😁 I'm not even joking, I gave the fridge/freezer to the car wash boys too.
  12. Although in principal £300 sounds cheap enough, in practice the seller would be lucky to get that. Last year I advertised our old Howdens kitchen which included a tall fridge/freezer and 6 burner range cooker for £350 and some guy rang and said he'd have it only to turn out to be a massive loser, subsequent price drops on Gumtree and ebay made zero difference to takers and I even had it advertised for FREE for several days until the fitters arrived and were kind enough to take them all away prior to fitting the new units. I have also found advertising other items of furniture to be a total waste of time, exquisite/expensive round pine table with proper hard wood chairs that had lasted 15+ years without showing signs of fatigue, five year old leather settee and armchair that looked new because they'd had next to no use, nothing seems to sell regardless of how ludicrously low the asking price. In the end we gave (for £70) the whole lot to a work colleague of my wife who had just bought a new house and she keeps sending us pics of how lovely her place looks. I have even physically driven to the local car wash to give them a lift to my house in order for them to take away two push bikes for free !
  13. Hamster

    Winchester Grand European

    Just for the sake of interest I've just had a quick look at all the Winchesters up for sale on Guntrader and they range from very cheap to around £1200 for presumably minters. There are in fact one or two at the higher end of the price scale which are choked 1/4 - 1/4 and 1/4 - 1/2 and several that are choked 3/4 - Full which are well below the £1k mark. What exactly are we talking about when we assume its value will be affected ? I still maintain that short of making it Cyl and 1/4 the resale will simply be dependant on the right fellow walking up, 1/2 - 3/4 won't make a jot of difference, I personally would pick that over tight/tight any day.
  14. Hamster

    Rise in young children swearing

    I'm not precious about it, certainly not with adults anyway because some of the most articulate and intelligent people I know speak a bit common like. There are no substitutes for one or three fairly foul words that comes to mind, love them meself and use them when appropriate. I don't like hearing young kids swear though.
  15. Hamster

    Winchester Grand European

    It won't hurt its value at all but at roughly £500 it's money down the drain, especially if you like tightish chokes and shoot Trap, I'd get it eased out to 1/2 & 3/4 or 5/8th and be done. That's not insanely tight for any game worth raising a gun to, will demolish Trap targets to Olympic standards and is just about the choke combo for Sporting. It'll cost you about a oner and make no difference to its appeal.