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  1. That’s probably because the car fell outside their target segment. We have all got used to our insurer coming up with uncompetitive renewal quotes which many accept because they just don’t shop around, my point was that LV appear to have decided that retaining customers makes good long term sense.
  2. A claim is a claim whether it was by you or a named driver on that policy I would have thought. Both our cars are insured by LV and despite being in the habit of doing online comparison checks, I’ve been unable to better their like for like renewal prices in the last 2-3 years.
  3. Watched it on fast forward but I couldn’t believe how they load individual tins by hand !
  4. Hamster

    FX new slugs

    Pity at that money I can’t see me shooting them at 30 yard rats but I suppose we are having to pay for the R&D phase.
  5. I think he was being humorous.
  6. I used to spend hours playing with HW35’s, they’re so easy to service but one thing I would advise against is too much polishing inside the cylinder, conventional wisdom seems to be that they need some imperfections inside to perform best. I managed to “tune” mine beautifully to the stage it really was smooth and quiet, the trouble is the power dropped to 9 ft lbs 😝, not that it mattered because with careful stalking I still managed to head shoot plenty of rabbits with it. It’s ages since I opened any springers up but back in the day someone recommended something (I think) called Comma grease which came in a toothpaste type tube, it was surprisingly effective in quietening the spring noise although these days your best bet is simply to order one of many excellent drop in kits which come with everything.
  7. The problem is likely to be mount creep or movement, all recoiling guns need decent mounts but air guns in particular need careful thought when it comes to making sure the scope stays in one place, if I’m not mistaken it should have a provision for using what’s called an arrestor block although in practice good one piece mounts are just as effective.
  8. 70% is excellent for someone who is not really taking it seriously, the jump to 80% is a pretty hard step and won’t come without dedication, application of the fundamentals and shooting once a week, the next jump to 90% is altogether a different animal. I personally think you can do both without over reliance on coaching but agree it is important to be told what the basics are, many can work even that out themselves, in other words it does depend on the individual.
  9. If I were you I’d just call Teague and ask them, they will know the score.
  10. Hamster

    London bridge

    Again and again we see this kind of thing happen with scumbags who are already known to the authorities. This is why we can’t have people like that “ex” Isis pregnant girl back who is stuck in Syria, true rehabilitation seems just such wishful thinking. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but hundreds of ex White Helmet “friendly rebels” have recently been allowed into this country and presumably scattered throughout the UK, the press has always portrayed these as angels who go around saving civilians that big bad Assad has gassed, sadly the truth is they were instrumental in staging these “attacks” themselves, it only takes a handful of these nutters to show their true selves.
  11. Hamster

    FX new slugs

    I want some either way.
  12. His face after the fifth miss in a row would be enough.
  13. Hamster

    The Truth

    If the supply and pricing of medication is sold to the US then the nhs is as good as done, if you doubt that then have a look at the price differentials in basic medicines between America and other countries. It’s back door buy out and there’d be nothing you can do about it despite some of us having paid into it for decades.
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