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  1. I have the 455 16 inch .17hmr with the t/hole stock very accurate, have the 455 .22 rf soft touch stock, very light no problems, ideal if you do a lot of walking about, had it about a year no obvious marks, again very accurate, no inclination to get rid off either, trust them, they do what I want .
  2. thank you ,interesting to speak to a like minded person, pleased to meet you, and the best of luck.
  3. hi, have you seen the vortex pst gen 11 , im just down the road if you want to have a look.
  4. barbel

    17 hmr

    my mate has a weihrauch I have a cz 455, nothing in them when it comes to accuracy, his takes 4 shot magazine, mine takes 5 and 10 shot magazine, will not be swapping mine, shot a lot with it.
  5. ogdens, good quality.got 2.
  6. eley 12 guage no6 30 grm plastic, 70mm 2 3/4 inch, pigeon select, 50 pounds a box of 250, 750 in total, cash on collection.by junction 15 m40.
  7. barbel

    Das Boot

    thought the same,better than the original, good watch.
  8. hi, old pigeonpopper, got off ebay, silicon soft universal fit gun butt extension recoil for shotgun pad shoulder, 11.98 inc p&p, fits 455 synthetic, and t/hole perfectly for me. outdoor-store45,hope that helps.
  9. had same problem with same pard, bought a rubber slip over sleeve,about 12 pounds of ebay, blackwoods do one aswell.i can take off the 17hmr and fit on the 22, both 455, fits well.
  10. friends got a old citori, I have the 525 sporter, not much in them, both will last me out , will not get rid off reliable, well proven, feels good.
  11. I gave up in the end, after finding it difficult to speak to anyone, felt what happens if their is a problem with the two I ordered, shame really.really tried quite a few times .
  12. thanks for that, think I will go with the timer,confirmed what I thought.
  13. hi, going to buy a flapper, are the ff6 ok, and would you get remote control or timed, decisions, decisions, many thanks.
  14. I have been shooting gamebore super steel 32g 4 shot for about 2 yrs , sceptical at first but really got on with them, when roost shooting, the trees are tall but fetched them down and really forgot about being steel, worked well, now im running down on them bought a1000 fiocchi wetland steel 32 in 4 shot, tried them this sunday and noticed they seem to make more of a crack when fired didn't do to well but the jury is out on these , time will tell, anybody else used them, they cost 260 per thousand, and I use b525 sporter 1/2 and 1/4 seems to work for me.
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