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  1. had a new silver pigeon, looked nice,but had problems ejecting, got it sorted in the end, my shooting pall had a 325 when I shot it I thought it felt right, got rid off the berretta and got a 525 sporter glad I did solid as a rock and does what it says on the tin, used a lot no hint of a problem.
  2. swopping tikka t3 lite for a tikka ctr, hence bridge for sale, this is a 14x1 thread in very good condition, £45 including recorded delivery.
  3. we all have bad days, but if david represents the basc, it would put me off getting involved with them, saying that we all have bad days.
  4. if you ever driving up the m40 junction 15, I would have them.
  5. form rifle stocks, by Exeter airport, make them on site, easy to talk too, got a laminate stock for a tikka t3 lite, no problems.
  6. just watch banging your rifle scope when getting them out, I feel like a brain surgeon when getting one out , 4 scoped rifles and shotgun, in a 5 gun cabinet.
  7. I have the 455 16 inch .17hmr with the t/hole stock very accurate, have the 455 .22 rf soft touch stock, very light no problems, ideal if you do a lot of walking about, had it about a year no obvious marks, again very accurate, no inclination to get rid off either, trust them, they do what I want .
  8. thank you ,interesting to speak to a like minded person, pleased to meet you, and the best of luck.
  9. hi, have you seen the vortex pst gen 11 , im just down the road if you want to have a look.
  10. barbel

    17 hmr

    my mate has a weihrauch I have a cz 455, nothing in them when it comes to accuracy, his takes 4 shot magazine, mine takes 5 and 10 shot magazine, will not be swapping mine, shot a lot with it.
  11. ogdens, good quality.got 2.
  12. eley 12 guage no6 30 grm plastic, 70mm 2 3/4 inch, pigeon select, 50 pounds a box of 250, 750 in total, cash on collection.by junction 15 m40.
  13. barbel

    Das Boot

    thought the same,better than the original, good watch.
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