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  1. opticron 10x42 bga water proof use most days had a long time, never felt the need to change, more you pay generally better the glass, weight is a factor when stalking as well, most people I know have the 40 - 42 due to weight etc.
  2. barbel

    face masks

    how nice, refreshing to read this.
  3. Hi, I have 1x 3/4 , 1x full, do not think they have been used ? all so a spare key and trigger lock.
  4. barbel

    Tikka t3 pic raik

    Got my tikka from Hogan and sons , grove farm, ettington, very helpful, might be worth a ring.
  5. Farmers have lost a lot of osr due to the eu, around my way have not seen one decent field of it, they are redrilling due to the failure of it.
  6. barrel up or down as long in a safe manner, not chambered, never rely on a safety catch, be safe.
  7. 33 ppu 150 gr .308w sp £20, 16 sako super hammerhead, .308w 150 gr £20, face to face only. junction 15 m40, warwick.
  8. HI, also interested, where are you ?
  9. had mine 3+ years, no rust , no problems with anything, bombproof as far as I'm concerned, friend has same as, again bomb proof, shoot clays in summer, wood pigeons in the rest of the time, had berretta before, and had a problem with not ejecting, very happy with the 525.
  10. have hawksidewinder with high mag, keep it on lowest and it works, use it a lot,
  11. Tikka ctr .308. very accurate gun love it.
  12. barbel

    308 rounds

    hello, is anybody there ???
  13. barbel

    308 rounds

    if the ppu are sp then I am passing Exeter today on route to bude ?
  14. had mine 3+ years no rust no problems, out all weathers, my friend has a 325 had for years, no rust no problems, every time it goes out, its cleaned.
  15. sorted now, got a rockchucker supreme.
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