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  1. barbel

    ff6 flapper

    thanks for that, think I will go with the timer,confirmed what I thought.
  2. barbel

    ff6 flapper

    anybody got one ?
  3. barbel

    ff6 flapper

    hi, going to buy a flapper, are the ff6 ok, and would you get remote control or timed, decisions, decisions, many thanks.
  4. barbel

    12g Steel Shot

    I have been shooting gamebore super steel 32g 4 shot for about 2 yrs , sceptical at first but really got on with them, when roost shooting, the trees are tall but fetched them down and really forgot about being steel, worked well, now im running down on them bought a1000 fiocchi wetland steel 32 in 4 shot, tried them this sunday and noticed they seem to make more of a crack when fired didn't do to well but the jury is out on these , time will tell, anybody else used them, they cost 260 per thousand, and I use b525 sporter 1/2 and 1/4 seems to work for me.
  5. barbel


    I have two from new, 22, 17hmr, both have same bolts, never had a problem, take it back, tried all sorts of ammo on the market to find the best results, never had a problem.
  6. barbel

    A1 tall camo bucket seats

    had one for xmas, make sure the base is flat, otherwise you have a rocking chair, like it compared to standing, I wonder as it gets colder if the plastic will become brittle, the seat has a plastic pull loop to take the lid off, could see if you don't use it and pull on the padded seat could cause a problem, at the moment glad I have it.saves my back.
  7. barbel

    Sit or stand

    I thought it was just me, always prefer to stand but my back kills me as the day goes on, got a swivel seat bucket, soo much better, roost shooting will stand.
  8. barbel

    Ballistic Turrets

    deputy dog, I was in the same position, I have a t3 lite, .308, got a gen 2 vortex viper, leica 1600b range finder, use the range finder tells the clicks, dial it in does what it says, a lot of land I have a shrewd idea but nice to check, and nice to see it work.
  9. barbel

    How far

    before I pull that trigger, back stop,back stop, back stop, not interested in shooting anything until I have a backstop, don't care what it is, I want too sleep at night, not worth the risk.
  10. barbel

    Help choosing which cz 22lr

    I have the 455 synthetic .22 accurate cannot fault it, have the 455 t/hole 17 hmr soo accurate one issue heavy, but I can put up with that, so accurate , both had trigger springs done.
  11. barbel

    17 hmr

    I have both, horses for courses, like both but the hmr still ricochet, out the two I would take the hmr out so accurate, rarely ever get a runner, as said very accurate.
  12. barbel

    pard nv007 add on night vision

    I got one , works well for me no extra if , distance I need up to 100m , works well, no problems would recommend it, blackwoods where I got it from all good, do not use recording or anything else on it but as said it does what it says, impressed how clear it is.hope that helps a bit.
  13. barbel

    Cabinet for a rifle/moderator

    never leave a mod on, what I have done is made a shelf just under the ammo box the depth to allow for mods etc.
  14. barbel

    Silver pigeon 1 sporter

    I had a 687 silver pigeon, new, liked it, my friend had a browning 425 other than felt heavier I started to think it felt better, my silver pigeon developed a timing problem when ejecting, in the end they swapped it for a browning 525 sporter, im so glad I did because I feel I wont be getting rid off it, in other words take your time before spending your money, just take your time.
  15. barbel

    Scopes - what makes one better ?

    nikko diamond 30mm tube 2.5 x 10 was recommended by someone who has a vast amount of experience , bought one and no regrets put on a 308 no probs.