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  1. had mine 3+ years, no rust , no problems with anything, bombproof as far as I'm concerned, friend has same as, again bomb proof, shoot clays in summer, wood pigeons in the rest of the time, had berretta before, and had a problem with not ejecting, very happy with the 525.
  2. have hawksidewinder with high mag, keep it on lowest and it works, use it a lot,
  3. Tikka ctr .308. very accurate gun love it.
  4. barbel

    308 rounds

    hello, is anybody there ???
  5. barbel

    308 rounds

    if the ppu are sp then I am passing Exeter today on route to bude ?
  6. had mine 3+ years no rust no problems, out all weathers, my friend has a 325 had for years, no rust no problems, every time it goes out, its cleaned.
  7. sorted now, got a rockchucker supreme.
  8. hi, decided to venture into reloading, got the basic bits, but need a press, many thanks.
  9. had a new silver pigeon, looked nice,but had problems ejecting, got it sorted in the end, my shooting pall had a 325 when I shot it I thought it felt right, got rid off the berretta and got a 525 sporter glad I did solid as a rock and does what it says on the tin, used a lot no hint of a problem.
  10. swopping tikka t3 lite for a tikka ctr, hence bridge for sale, this is a 14x1 thread in very good condition, £45 including recorded delivery.
  11. we all have bad days, but if david represents the basc, it would put me off getting involved with them, saying that we all have bad days.
  12. if you ever driving up the m40 junction 15, I would have them.
  13. form rifle stocks, by Exeter airport, make them on site, easy to talk too, got a laminate stock for a tikka t3 lite, no problems.
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