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  1. Maybe hijacking this thread, but my thoughts when the national minimum wage went up again recently, but my salary didn't, as my employer pays me above minimum wage it means he thinks my skills are worth that much more, but I did not receive a salary increase equal to the increase in the minimum wage. This feels like a kind of pay cut, what do people think? I'm not going to complain and ask for more money, just looking at it from another angle. *maybe should have made this it's own topic?
  2. BreweryGrunt

    Formula E

    I found formuala e more interesting than formula 1 due to the different rules and the capabilities/limitations of the new technology. The commentators were quite funny too especially the one who got sidetracked when the camera switched to one of the pit crew girls! Also, I liked the way they had people blowing loud whistles when a car was entering the pit lane to alert others they were coming in as the cars are almost silent. A low tech solution to a high tech problem. Will be interesting seeing how formula e progresses, which is weird because I am not a supporter of too much technology in cars as I think drivers should be in control of their vehicles. I contradict myself.
  3. I was told this recently by a work colleague who also volunteers at the Dogs Trust. He says a lot of stray dogs come from Ireland too. I can't understand why they do it. It is the reason I have had my dog from 8 weeks old and I would not rehome a dog as you just don't know the history or how it has been treated. You can't expect a feral dog used to roaming streets to integrate into a house home well. I know others on here have had negative experiences rehoming dogs. However there is no hard and fast rules, my wife's father has rehomed a dog through the Dogs Trust, has had him for several years and he is a superb family dog with a lovely temperament. Daft as a brush though!
  4. Definitely a lot this year. I must admit I'm not keen on all the flying insects around me in summer. The horse flies are the worst for me I haven't seen many yet but they usually make an appearance in huge numbers about now.
  5. Thank you, learn something new every day! First forum I've been a member of.
  6. I can't see that icon on my phone, I'll have a look on my tablet later. Is there also any sort of notification when someone had quoted you like you did Shaun? At the moment I just keep refreshing threads to check
  7. Where does the icon appear?
  8. BreweryGrunt

    hip flask

    I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, I have a nice hip flask that doesn't often get an outing. What do you like to put in your hip flask?
  9. Thank you all for the advice. The links are especially useful thank you gadwall, I was referring to the Collins bird book,it is very good- I hadn't downloaded the app so that will be useful too. I am hoping to join is Rockland Wildfowlers, they are very friendly and welcoming members, I have been doing dog training classes with them for the last two years in the summer and also volunteered to help last year doing the broads clear up day. Rockland broad is a beautiful place. I have posted my application to them and am keen to improve my species identification skills to be ready. I anticipate my first season out to be more of an exercise of learning by sitting and observing wildlife activity and I'm looking forward to it!
  10. Hi all, can anyone suggest a DVD/video to watch which will, along with my book, help me to identify different bird calls and also identify the birds in flight. I don't mean just to sit at home and learn quarry recognition, I think film footage would help me get a starting knowledge to then put into practice on the marshes before I do my quarry recognition test for the club. Thank you.
  11. Would smartwater potentially damage the finish of guns it was used on? Or would it be able to withstand gun cleaning products over time?
  12. I recently moved house. It was only a mile down the road but I moved from Suffolk to Norfolk and had exactly the same excellent service and advice on the phone regarding change of address. I'm very impressed and pleased with the service from both Suffolk and Norfolk firearms licensing.
  13. On the news this weekend there was a piece about the seals on the scroby sands sand bank off of yarmouth, they had aerial footage of the seal colony on the sand bank and according to the expert(?) there are over 4000 of them there at the moment because the sand bank does not get submerged at high tide anymore. With that number of seals on the sand bank I'd be surprised if you don't see any swimming off of yarmouth beach- I grew up in yarmouth and regularly see them. I've never met that guy though!
  14. Thank you for your replies. Was wondering if there was a specialist insurer for injured animals but will most likely do as suggested above.
  15. In July last year my then 2 year old Golden Retriever jumped over a ditch and landed badly which caused him to suffer an FCE and left his left hind leg completely paralysed. He was uninsured as I had stupidly not sorted suitable insurance so we paid for all of his treatment ourselves, including extensive hydrotherapy and ongoing physiotherapy. Thankfully he can now walk again, although with a limp and a kangaroo hop/run. He is happy but has not regained full use of the leg ie he cannot scratch an itch he may have on his left side so I need to scratch it for him! When he had X-rays at the time of the accident the vet also noted 'mild hip dysplasia' in his good hind leg, which would need to be declared to an insurer. I would like to get him insured as best as I can as I would not be able to potentially cover the same expense again should he have another injury. I'd like to have lifetime cover but not sure it's really a viable option any more? Does anyone have advice for insurance companies/policies which may be suitable for my circumstances? Thank you
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