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  1. Hi everyone I'm looking for some beating for this up and coming season around the Northumberland area would be gratefull for any help with this cheers Mark
  2. Hi could be interested in a bit of a walk about at that price got a little cocker spaniel very keen to be out cheers
  3. Hi is beating still available as would be very interested cheers mark
  4. Hi anyone shot whitfield over the weekend was hoping for alook up but sadly had to forfit and catch up on sum work
  5. I'm based north east willing to travel to Northumberland durham Yorkshire
  6. hi mate looks like ash die back from a professional opinion I would take it down to slow the spread of the disease as it can be spread through spores in the air and kill other ash trees around the same area
  7. hi I'm interested in your advert i have a steady cocker spaniel I'm willing to do odd jobs and pay subs if any jobs need doing fully insured through b.a.s.c and I'm very trustworthy many thanks
  8. hi im interested in your advertisement just wondering about details and dates of shoots ive also got a steady cocker spaniel are you allowed dogs many thanks
  9. pigeon shooting wanted fully insured through b.a.s.c and very trustworthy and im willing to pay a small fee or willing to do odd jobs I'm a qualified tree surgeon and I'm also trained agricultural engineer would be grateful for any assistance with this matter
  10. hi guys any ideas on contact names and so on
  11. looking for beating on a syndicate in Northumberland if possible got a steady dog and fully insured through b.a.s.c
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