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  1. Diss4111

    Essex charity clay shoot 28th April

    I'll put a few copies of this up at my local shoots
  2. Diss4111

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Abstract and absurd??? ROFLMFAO, I'm afraid you have the monopoly on that one duckie. I happen to be at work rather than being a layabout student. I have no need to prove myself to you. 30 plus years experience does that for me and i'm the only one that matters. So you are saying that nearly 100 bar escapes around the edges of a tightly fitted fibre wad, you are deluded. You are also working of a data sheet, not actual loads in the field. Not my issue if your chono is inferior and doesn't measure fibre loads. Try it 2.5m from the muzzle like the industry does.
  3. Diss4111

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    It certainly seems that way doesn't it? Maybe they've been listening to your drivel too.
  4. Diss4111

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    The fibre wad deforms at the point of firing and seals too, It is incredibly hard to push a fibre wad through a barrel where as it is easy to push a plastic wad through the seal you speak about is minimal difference with either. The muzzle blast affects either test which is why it is done at 2.5m from the muzzle
  5. Diss4111

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Sorry, Maybe its this post you are accusing me of ignoring? Not the case, just didn't see it true, actual recoil is governed by Newtons laws. However perceived recoil is something else. That is why a 32 gram steel load doing 1400 FPS seems to recoil harder than a 32 gram lead load doing the same speed. Why is this??????? It's because of the wad design and the compression section that the steel wad doesn't have. So nothing to do with the wad itself? I think it has a lot to do with the wad. In the same way B & P cases with the Gordon System have less recoil.
  6. Diss4111

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Why do you hate fibre?
  7. Diss4111

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Why don't you give up, your arguments have more holes than a collander and are based on some theoretical nonsense rather that the real world
  8. Diss4111

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Really? That's not my findings from reloading. Plastic loses energy compressing the piston section. With the exact same load a plastic wad is slower.
  9. Diss4111

    Gamebore super steel

    It would be one hell of a shot too
  10. Diss4111

    Doctor Refuses Medical Report

    Also your medical records are exactly that, records. It's all history. No one (Except maybe Doris Stokes) knows if you will go crazy today, tomorrow or never. You can never expect a GP to say whether you are fit or not to hold firearms, that's the FEO's job.
  11. Diss4111

    John Haynes

    His tombstone will say 'Replacement is the reverse of the removal' I've lost count of how many times I have read that in the manuals
  12. Diss4111

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Firstly a plastic wad will not drop down inside a case, It has to be pushed in and seated properly. Secondly a fibre wad needs less powder to maintain the same speed and pressure as it doesn't have a compression section like most plastic wads. This is why they perceive to recoil a bit harder. The only difference is the 2 part wad needed. And this could be sorted very easily. If or course they really wanted to.
  13. Diss4111

    Gamebore super steel

    Or they died of natural causes, they just happened to be over you when that happened
  14. Diss4111


    Sky isn't compulsory, and you pay for what you want, The beeb takes your money as you have no option and just sends you **** in return
  15. Diss4111


    The licence fee shouldn't exist anymore, every other TV company relies on advertising or subscriptions for its income. The BBC should be the same. Its simple, make decent programs that people want to watch and command decent prices for primetime advertising