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  1. Diss4111

    Too warm ... ?

    I've been out a few times but yes it is too warm. Lots of birds around already (Teal and Wigeon) so I guess its cold somewhere
  2. Diss4111

    Shooting without sgc

    I am the named holder of a Section 11/6 exemption for a local club. It is there to allow beginners to shoot accompanied by a certificate holder. It certainly wouldn't cover me giving a gun to a non certificate holder to go off unaccompanied.
  3. Diss4111


    It doesn't matter what your licence says, you have to use Non toxic shot by law. Ignorance is no defence
  4. Why would you want to? Steel is not adequate for a sub sonic load. It works due to speed and shot size.
  5. Diss4111

    Steel Brands

    The Gamebore Silver Steel are available anywhere, it is the only fibre wad steel cartridge on the market and should have been mentioned. How will people ask for it if they are not aware it is available?
  6. Diss4111

    Whitefronted Goose?

    I fully agree with the comment about the RSPB. Since they bought a large area of salt marsh as a reserve. All bird numbers have increased and I have not seen as many geese in my life as i have seen this season.
  7. Diss4111

    Pigeon cartridges in autos

    I have a 3 1/2" Beretta Extrema and I fire anything from 21g fibre clay loads to 66g lead loads, I have never had an issue where I have missed or winged a bird because of a bit of gas leakage. The time it takes the shot load to travel 3/4" of an inch is virtually immeasurable and irrelevant
  8. Diss4111

    Steel Brands

    That doesn't matter though, it still wasn't mentioned and to be honest a 32g no.4 is probably the most fired cartridge on the marsh
  9. Diss4111

    Steel Brands

    Its a crying shame that there was no mention of Gamebore's Silver Steel in that article. Shooters and especially wildfowlers should be leading the way regarding the use of fibre wads on the saltings.
  10. There is no issue with this as the gun has been designed to hold 2=1 3.5" cartridges. The same applies for a 2 3/4 or 3" auto and 2" cartridges
  11. Diss4111

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    Or, Stop thinking about it and just shoot fibre wads
  12. Diss4111

    Fibre shot cups

    I'm going to pattern mine on saturday, I'll post the results
  13. Diss4111

    Fibre shot cups

    I shot my 24g loads through a kicks hy flyer Half choke at the weekend and they were devastating on clays. BIG balls of dust
  14. Diss4111

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    I do not believe in patterning as no two cartridges even out of the same box will never give the same pattern. I have shot 1000's of plastic wad cartridges, I then changed to fibre for both enviromental reasons as well as clubs not allowing plastics. I never noticed any difference in my scores, and they are around 75-90% consistently.