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  1. Diss4111

    opt out organ donation

    Not at all, anything of mine that is any use they are welcome to. I donate blood everytime I can
  2. Diss4111

    opt out organ donation

    Happy to take, not about to give.
  3. Diss4111

    opt out organ donation

    Lets hope you never need a transplant, or anyone you care about
  4. Diss4111

    CSB5 24 gram load suitable?

    I have loaded 1000's of 24 gram cartridges with CSB5, I only load fibre wad and my load recipe is 22 grains CSB5 4mm over powder card 21mm evo wad from FES 24 grams lead shot 70mm case and 6 point crimp. Never had one tested but they kill well and are easy on the shoulder.
  5. Diss4111


    https://groceries.asda.com/product/fabric-conditioner-softeners/asda-smart-price-concentrated-fabric-conditioner-42-washes/910000414306 This is what i use, i have two Shotmasters side by side
  6. Diss4111

    Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

    240 drop from last year??? I guess you are doing something right
  7. Diss4111

    Clay shooting Sunday's Essex

    I was there at the last shoot, excellent set up
  8. Diss4111


    Do you use the antifreeze neat? I have always used fabric softener but may try antifreeze
  9. Diss4111

    Hi everyone

    Hi, I’d like to say hi to everyone. I hail from Essex and am a very keen clay and rifle shooter. I also do a bit of game, pigeon and wildfowling