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  1. Diss4111

    Battery for lamping

    Gents, I'm after a bit of advice. I need to replace the battery i use for a lightforce 170 lamp. Its an older lamp with Halogen bulb (100w) I have been using a 12v 7ah battery but as it needs to be replaced I thought i'd see what everyone else uses?
  2. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    I'm amazed by both of those charts, I would not fire a lead 7 or 8 shot at a bird, let alone steel. The minimum I go to for steel is 5's and that is not very often. 4's are the norm and 1's for geese at any range. I am working on a 28 gram steel 4 load for flight pond shooting. I would normally use 32 gram 4's for this but am trying to stop using plastic altogether
  3. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    The cups were split 4 ways 3/4 of the length. The 4's and 1's are very effective. The paper on the 4's is 24" wide so there is far more than the 50% of shot in a 30" circle. As is the 1's. The 1's have been devastating on geese this season. Outperforming the Gamebore Mammoth 3.5" BB's that I would normally use. I would expect the 7 to be a better pattern, there's a lot more shot in them and in my opinion lighter loads pattern better than heavy ones. I am going to slit the shot cups full length on my next ones but the next tests will be for speed when my chrono arrives.
  4. Diss4111


    I have a set from Decathlon and i like them. They were £34.99 and I can't fault them.
  5. No measurable difference. i would think theoretically there may be a very slight difference but if anyone could ever show it I doubt.
  6. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    Hi Carsten, I don't have any speed figures yet as I don't have a chrono. The gun is a Beratta Extrema with a 28" barrel and a Kicks Hy Flyer Mod choke. The pattern boards are a metre square and were 35 yards away. The loads were; Fiocchi 615 primer, 32 grains SSB+150 powder, 4mm over powder card, 38mm fibre shot cup 32 grams of shot, 70mm case with RTO. The board I used was 9mm MDf and the shot ripped through it at 35 yards so they have plenty of poke The 24 gram load is 70mm case, Fiocchi 615 primer, 22 grains CSB5 4mm over powder card, 34mm shot cup with 3mm 20 bore card inside 24 grams of shot 6 point crimp closure
  7. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    This is the same load but 32 grams of steel 1's And this is 22 grains CSB5 with 24 grams of Steel 7's
  8. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    They give very even patterns, the picture below is 32grains of SSB+150 and 32 grams of steel 4's
  9. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    Yes, I load 1's and 4's for fowling and 7's for clays
  10. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    I have e mailed gamebore to see when these cartridges are likely to be available in the UK, their reply was that these cartridges are loaded outside of CIP regulations and cannot be sold in the UK. Looks like the sooner we are out of Europe the better
  11. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    That's all I use mine in, I have a Beretta Extrema and have had no issues.
  12. Diss4111

    Kids and Guns.

    Never a truer word spoken
  13. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    You can get this in a 70mm case but you need to do a roll turnover. If you want to crimp then you need a 76mm case.
  14. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    I use a 4mm over powder card under the shotcup as a gas seal. Its what Gamebore do in their Silver Steel. I patterned some at the weekend and they were very even. I have used these exclusively this season and have a full freezer so its clear they work. Load data wise I use the same as you would for a plastic wad. My 32 gram steel load has 32 grains of SSB+150 under it
  15. Diss4111

    Fiber shotcups 3"& 31/2"

    I have been using these all this season. I load 24 grams in a 2 3/4" case and 32 grams in a 3" case. You can get 32 grams in a 2 3/4" case but you need to use a roll turnover.