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  1. Rookandrabbit

    New HW100BP Bullpup

    Hello I bought a bullpup thinking it was all singing and dancing but having lived with it soon realised prone shooting was very difficult as the butt will not reach my shoulder pocket and fitting a bipod is problematic as it has a reduced forend grip when fitted but standing sitting or in a hide excellent performance and easy to use. But if you are to use one from a vehicle then bullpup or carbine would be ideal.I may get shot down but the compatto is a compromise between a bullpup and a full size conventional air rifle. But each to their own happy shooting.
  2. Rookandrabbit

    CZ 457 Royal.

    Looked at this as not sure what it was but didn’t Brno have a full stocked model a bit like a .22lr mini Mannlicher many years ago? Also had to look at the Boyds AT ONE stock again didn’t know what it was,seems it would be adaptable to any body size and shape but some of the colours are a bit garish still each to their own happy shooting .
  3. Rookandrabbit

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    Excellent idea Pez91
  4. Rookandrabbit

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    Hello Pez91 I have seen your other post on tuning the HW80 rifle you speak of not knowing it’s power output after your altering its internals I would get this checked on its power output to make sure it’s still below 12 foot pounds and legal before I went to apply for a firearms certificate or a shotgun certificate. Your previous cautions for burglary, possession of an offensive weapon and possession of drugs will need to be disclosed on application but if the air rifle is over the limit......well then if your air rifle is over 12 foot pounds then being rejected for a licence would be the least of your worries.... just a thought.
  5. Rookandrabbit


    Yes I agree it is the vulnerable who get scammed but also some people are greedy and willingly give their details out to scammers in the hope of getting an inheritance/ tax rebate / lottery win ...... I have had the pay pal e mails but when I went to the real site they want me to send confirmation of address and photo ID and it’s genuine ...... but the scammers are true scum we have relatives in hospital and when waiting for the contact call we get bombarded with what appear to be local numbers which we answer only to find it’s some scam.....I have noticed it seems to peak about a month after renewal of insurances on comparison websites which require contact details no doubt they are also located in another country where the data protection laws do not exist....... but I have found instead of ranting and swearing I say in a calm cold voice “ ITS DONE .....BUT THERE IS BLOOD EVERYWHERE “ the scammers are lost for words !
  6. Rookandrabbit


    Looks delicious enjoy !! But needs crusty bread and lashing of butter and afterwards a wee dram 🥃 enjoy fine sir!
  7. Rookandrabbit

    Beaters/rough day

    Enjoyable read great to enjoy fantastic sport well done 👍thanks for sharing.
  8. Rookandrabbit

    Court appearances

    Is this a criminal civil or appeal, trial by jury? Have you asked if your evidence can be served under sections nine or ten of the criminal justice act 1967... that means it has to be agreed by both sides but again this depends on the type of trial and if your evidence is in contention.... as for waiting to give evidence well how long is a piece of string? Good luck !
  9. Rookandrabbit

    Lead shot where to buy?

    I use clayandgame never had a problem also used Folkestone engineering both companies have been excellent to deal with. I have never cast my own but some of the other contributors on this site seem to have excellent results... good luck with your reloading!
  10. Rookandrabbit

    Crow Call Out

    I always enjoy reading your postings they are very informative and entertaining thank you for sharing them. Excellent shooting bet the farmer was pleased!
  11. Rookandrabbit

    CZ 452 mags for sale

    Thank you mags arrived today great condition. I have bought several things from this site and always had a positive outcome! Thanks again Rookandrabbit.
  12. Rookandrabbit

    Moorhen - pest control

    My dad would relate stories of how he and his comrades would love to eat moorhen eggs fried or scrambled as it made a welcome change from the tinned pilchards in tomato sauce that they got as rations as the officers would scoff the choice items during his European tour in 1944. Sorry I clicked the submit button too soon. I enjoyed reading your story and looking at the photos..... excellent shooting! Well done!
  13. Rookandrabbit

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Unfortunately this is exactly the point I have been trying to make. It didn’t take long to happen!
  14. Rookandrabbit


    Thanks for the link
  15. Rookandrabbit


    Yes I could understand this If I was an American citizen as their banking laws are different to here in the uk/ eu but it seems all a bit too big brother to seize a persons bank account freeze it and demand a photo I.D without any recourse to complain...... and no I have never defaulted and would and have confirmed my address but when institutions are being hacked all of the time they will not explain as to how they will protect my data should I send it to them....... Wanting to know if this has happened to anybody else on here?? Or am I just a special case?