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  1. Nostalgia ....don’t wish to veer too far from the original posters question but I had a colt delta elite in the new then 10 mm .....bought some Norma factory rounds loaded mag . Chambered round obtained excellent sight picture BOOM ball of flame 🔥 cloud of smoke 💨 kick like a 🐎NO FRONT SIGHT.......it blew off with the recoil.... brand new pistol 🔫 ......gutted!! Flinch was an understatement. Sold it promptly.
  2. Yes as Best I can remember 147 grain full metal jacketed bullets great through the moderated smg not silent but very quiet.To be honest can’t recall using them in a self loading pistol .They were issue fodder and Brendan primed. Have you tried the cast boolits site they have a wealth of knowledge. If memory serves me correctly Mountain and Souden? Silver box vague memories of 115 grain hard cast cartridges. Sad how your memory fades!
  3. Rookandrabbit

    The War

    Figgy you put into words exactly how I feel about our veterans. My dad was on D day landed on Juno with the Canadians.Went through Caen, three times pushed back twice, Falaise Gap, Belgium and then Holland where he was wounded. He never spoke about what he did or saw to me until the last week of his life. Putting things into order I guess. My Uncle was in North Africa, Sicily and Arnhem he would happily speak about his experiences of seeing action being wounded and being taken as a prisoner of war. I never met my grandfathers but they were in WW1. What I think is that people are different we reflect and remember in different ways. BUT WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET, the service of our armed forces, ordinary people who do extraordinary things on our behalf to grant us the freedoms we have today! If you think this is melodramatic please read the citations in the London Gazette a lot were awarded posthumously.
  4. Rookandrabbit


    Sorry to read about your loss But you will have so many happy memories and times together that is what will help ! Our Ridgeback died and it’s hard to deal with but that hole in your heart will always be there. Remember the good happy times you shared! They are called mans best friend for a reason.
  5. Any updates regarding the outcome?
  6. REMOVAL OF HEADGEAR WORN FOR RELIGIOUS REASONS: section 60 Public Order Act. Many people customarily cover their heads or faces for religious reasons - for example, Muslim women, Sikh men, Sikh or Hindu women, or Rastafarian men or women. A police officer cannot order the removal of a head or face covering except where there is REASON to believe that the item is being worn by the individual wholly or mainly for the purpose of DISGUISING IDENTITY, not simply because it disguises identity. Where there may be religious sensitivities about ordering the removal of such an item, the officer should permit the item to be removed out of public view. Where practicable, the item should be removed in the presence of an officer of the same sex as the person and out of sight of anyone of the opposite sex. See Annex F of Codes of Practice PACE. the above text is copied from another source. So this is aimed at people who deliberately use a face covering to disguise their identity and not on racial or religious grounds. If you photograph has already been given to a government department then it’s fair to say you will be in a facial recognition system. Even mobile phones have facial recognition so why cause officers more work by deliberately hiding your face and engineering a potential confrontation?? Our police service is stretched to breaking without this. As for litter dropping shoplifting dog fouling anti social behaviour etc, you may be aware that under the 2002 police reform act designated officers were given powers to demand name address refusal can result in a court appearance and a fine. The designated officers must believe that the person they are demanding the details from HAS COMMITTED AN OFFENCE OR TRANSGRESSED A BYLAW. It is the police who have the power to REASONABLY SUSPECT. As for CCTV as a deterrent I was listening to radio 4 a while back and an expert said initially once installed crime rate drops then when people are used to the cameras it returns to its previous levels especially in city centres. But seeing is believing and what better evidence than to watch it in court.
  7. If you have a modern drivers licence, fac , shotgun cert , passport, mod ranges pass, you are already there on the data base .
  8. Section 60 of the public order act can be used in designated areas and empowers authorised officers to remove face coverings that are worn wholly or deliberately to conceal identity..... this must be authorised by an inspector and can be increased for a longer time period by a superintendent. Yet to issue this there are several caveats in place, and as is typical there are several other laws which grant a similar power eg knives act etc.
  9. The dog breeder if it’s the one in Yorkshire produce excellent looking puppies yes expensive but they are cracking dogs we have had a few from them. P.s. just say yes okay which one do you want love.......you won’t win if you visit them and they are all in the kitchen running round your feet. And remember it’s really your Ridgy !!! Good luck filling your Ridgeback sized hole!
  10. They are removed after 31 days from the systems memory in that it overwrites stored data UNLESS IT IS REQUESTED TO BE SAVED FOR A VALID REASON . This is the accepted range for cctv systems covering public open air spaces under the data protection act.There are many different types of cameras in use today have a quick google and see what they can do AND how long they have been in use for, Orwell was ahead of his time. Snowdon just let us peek through the window a little. P.s. facial recognition has been around for quite sometime spooky.! People can request footage of themselves walking through areas covered by cctv systems under the freedom of information act. It was on the radio today councils are using drones to record footage of illegal fly tipping so it’s not just the cameras on a long pole..........was the 97% failure from another country? I think this was also mentioned on radio 4 and the failure rate was weighed at a specific minority group .........Spooky!
  11. Wow Westley is that the old club off Perimeter Road in Kirkby I went there on a Sunday mornings in the early to mid 1980’S. That has brought back some long forgotten memories for me. Time is a weird concept.........spooky!
  12. Yes +1 with Costco sausages very little fat comes out have you tried the butchers hook ones? Also the burgers 🍔 are very tasty not like some that you can buy which shrivel up to half the size when grilled and drip 💧 gallons of saturated lard into the tray! I will be honest though never liked hot dogs 🌭 they don’t look as though they contain real meat and are also a pulp constituency which is soooo wrong.
  13. All the personal safety equipment the police have now makes them look like Robocop especially those trained as level one riot control
  14. Superb machining... well done I am sure you could sell them if you were able to do a small production run, wish I had that skill!👍
  15. Kaunda these all sound as though they would be very tough places to be a police officer wondering if they were also issued smoothbored rifles such as the Martini Henry or lee Enfield In 410. I know the Egyptian Police were issued special 12/14 bore Greener Martini for riot control
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