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  1. Rookandrabbit

    Crow Call Out

    I always enjoy reading your postings they are very informative and entertaining thank you for sharing them. Excellent shooting bet the farmer was pleased!
  2. Rookandrabbit

    CZ 452 mags for sale

    Thank you mags arrived today great condition. I have bought several things from this site and always had a positive outcome! Thanks again Rookandrabbit.
  3. Rookandrabbit

    Moorhen - pest control

    My dad would relate stories of how he and his comrades would love to eat moorhen eggs fried or scrambled as it made a welcome change from the tinned pilchards in tomato sauce that they got as rations as the officers would scoff the choice items during his European tour in 1944. Sorry I clicked the submit button too soon. I enjoyed reading your story and looking at the photos..... excellent shooting! Well done!
  4. Rookandrabbit

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Unfortunately this is exactly the point I have been trying to make. It didn’t take long to happen!
  5. Rookandrabbit


    Thanks for the link
  6. Rookandrabbit


    Yes I could understand this If I was an American citizen as their banking laws are different to here in the uk/ eu but it seems all a bit too big brother to seize a persons bank account freeze it and demand a photo I.D without any recourse to complain...... and no I have never defaulted and would and have confirmed my address but when institutions are being hacked all of the time they will not explain as to how they will protect my data should I send it to them....... Wanting to know if this has happened to anybody else on here?? Or am I just a special case?
  7. Rookandrabbit


    Hello just been sent an e mail from PayPal asking me to update my account .....okay had this type of thing before.... being cautious I opened PayPal in another window searching for it via a search engine so as not to be scammed . Logged into the site only to see my account has been suspended and they are requesting photo Identification and further proof of address. SPOOKY. I was gobsmacked yes proof of address but my ugly mugshot ? Is this for some type of photo recognition system?Has this happened to any other forum members? And yes it was the correct PayPal site not a scam!
  8. Rookandrabbit

    moped scum, gloves off?

    This 👍👍🤞
  9. Rookandrabbit

    CZ 452 mags for sale

    Pm sent
  10. Rookandrabbit

    moped scum, gloves off?

    AGAIN::: To quote the Police Federation Tim Rodgers has said” it is dangerous to drive a car deliberately at another road user. The law clearly classifies this as dangerous driving, and officers could be prosecuted. NO DEFENCE NO EXCEPTION” originally posted Monday at 1415 hrs ........not my take on things but the police rank and file union. The police federation will represent police officers during civil and criminal proceedings. So despite what people want or what people imagine should be right unfortunately reality is a little different. The law is the law and it is not on the side of the police driver at this present time .Lets hope it changes in favour of decent law abiding people.
  11. Rookandrabbit

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Yes you do read this correctly a suspect is still a suspect even though the officer, police or otherwise, arresting then may have seen them commit or suspect an arrestable offence has occurred. Once arrested the suspect is taken to lawful custody. Here a custody officer must firstly deem the arrest lawful and authorise detention for a myriad of reasons. Once procedures have been completed interview etc the evidence against the suspect is placed before the crown prosecution services and they examine it carefully advise the police on what else must be carried out and ultimately charge the suspect. It is at this point of charge a suspect changes in law from a suspect to a defendant. They will then either be bailed to surrender to a court, released on police bail or kept in custody depending on the severity of the charge and other legal reasons, the defendant is still innocent .......that is NOT PROVEN GUILTY...until FOUND GUILTY BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT IN COURT. There May well be a prima facile case against the defendant but even in court the case against them can still fail when they walk away with their barrister smirking working out to see how much taxpayers money they will claim in civil litigation. Which brings me to my next point civil litigation against the police hangs on THE BALLANCE OF PROBABILITY.......and not BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. Already the ballance is stacked AGAINST the police officer. The police driver is being asked to drive at suspects on motorcycles and crash into them and knock them off. I have quoted three sources the Police federation,senior officers and the Metropolitan Police Professional Standards all stating the Police driver is risking their liberty and faces loosing their job by doing this. The House of Commons did not even give the time to debate legislation to protect emergency vehicle drivers.... I fail to see how as it stands would I want to risk my career pension and LIBERTY to carry out this procedure so a senior officer can say Yes Ma’am look at the figures and stats now.........cold comfort if you are the officer who is the test case or worse convicted. I just can’t understand why people are unable to see the point I am trying to make. I am first in the queue for wanting thugs off the streets but the way the law currently stands police drivers will be leaving themselves open to being prosecuted or civil litigation with our taxpayers money paid out to the very thugs they have tried to bring to justice in the first place. I apologise that this is war and peace but it’s important as I think some people have failed to grasp what I have to say.
  12. Rookandrabbit

    Made me chuckle

    Maybe it has bird flu ha ha!
  13. Rookandrabbit

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Scully I would suggest the police act within the legal framework that currently exists. Please also read my further comments in this topic and do feel free to quote them.12 gauge the threat to life must be imminent and immediate for legal use of deadly force as the test cases have proved. May I further draw your attention to the bbc news website region London please read the comments regarding this matter for police drivers livelihoods and liberty... until the current legislation is amended or superseded it does appear to be as I feared all along the police driver who will be in court not the scooter motorcycle gang unless they are there to claim compensation with their barrister making out how badly done to and what a deprived life they have experienced! Sorry my only answer would be to demand legislation to protect the police driver. Would any of us risk a jail sentence the way the police officers are being asked to.......even senior officers and their own police federation are warning them as is the Mets own professional standards!!
  14. Rookandrabbit

    moped scum, gloves off?

    Yes I agree with what you have said. Until the deterrent outweighs their desire to inflict their abhorrent behaviour upon decent society it will continue. At the minute criminals just laugh when caught because they know very little can touch them and there will be some do good lawyer who will find a loophole to get them off free to carry on. But to bring about the deterrent the law needs to be changed in favour of the police officer both civil and criminal because as it stands Justice is portrayed as being blind and carrying a sword which will cut both ways, so we have to determine which way those who live by the sword will be dealt with. I think immunity from prosecution for the police drivers would be a start to protect them . As I previously stated the police can’t win as it stands. Even with much simpler tactics it is easy for a police officer to find themselves in court or under investigation and having to justify why what and how they did their duty to protect and serve the public.
  15. Rookandrabbit

    moped scum, gloves off?

    As I stated in my previous posts my concern is for that of the Police driver who carry out this procedure not for the suspected perpetrators because after all its one thing suspecting somebody has or is about to commit a crime but it’s another thing proving it. When senior police officers and the Police Federation state that the police drivers are open to prosecution you are on a hiding to nothing. Please do not think for one moment that I in any way want robbers thieves and general scum to get away with their heinous crimes but my argument has been a police officer who does this needs to have the back up of the law on his side not to be hung out to dry!