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  1. spot on

    Zeroing a scope

    shots are going low ,,,cant get reticule any higher ???surely the reticule needs dropping to poi ..clamp the weapon in a workmate put a couple at the target then making sure scope is still poa adjust reticule to poi
  2. spot on

    Guidance required!

    aye we seem to be lucky in the south west ..I metal detect as well as shoot "rough" at present over the years have managed 18 farms for detecting and at the present 10 for shooting all have been acquired by face to face meeting ..tis hard work but you MUST sell yourself but don't be too PUSHY ….Agriculteral contractors are are good source of information as to what farms ,crops are being hit and who owns them ,,as previous comments introduce yourself to keepers offer to beat on shoot days fox drives and roost shoots " beaters day at the season end " my daughter beats but doesn't shoot so she nominates me for her place season end ..farmers and keepers do appreciate an extra pair of eyes around ...choose a quiet time to knock on doors . if a lab or springer dashs out to greet you make it you friend ." do you work your dog?" yes .ok he is a shooting man ..he will have an idea what you want you now have a foot in the door...build on it ..
  3. spot on

    Why would my laptop just crash?

    made the mistake several years ago using my daughters laptop balancing it on a cushion ,,blocked the cooling vents and fried the works .never worked again
  4. spot on

    Binos, Try Before You Buy

    my favourite bins are a pair of 7/50 ex military individual eye focus ,no makers name just serial number and the war dept arrow,,,, £4 at a junk shop £12 to have the mirror and prisms cleaned ,,,amazing clarity and light gathering
  5. spot on

    Shotgun cert full ?.

    just request a fresh page you should get one by return of post .,,got a fresh one tother week no problem
  6. spot on

    Shooting over hemp?

    used to use hemp twine for making purse nets years ago .it was good to know that unlike nylon nets if you lost a hemp net it would rot away ,,,several years ago there were 100s of acres of opium poppies grown in Hampshire..i believe the by product was oil for the paint trade and seed for the baking industry, often wondered if anyone tried to get the latex from them
  7. spot on

    A word of warning

    many,many many years ago can remember my stepfather getting the pile "hemmoriod" cream tube mixed up with if I remember correctly with the Algipan cream "sort of deep heat" twas the only time I ever saw him in tears...can still see him sat in a bucket of water franticly scrubbing his "donut "tears streaming down his face.
  8. spot on

    Side by Side Club

    now that is what you call a stock...truly outstanding piece of wood ..love it
  9. spot on

    Repairing line guides

    long in the butt ..double handed salmon rod ?? hand a few beauties through my hands over the years ..one was a Hardy Perfection (mint) made good money on that..another from a junk shop turned out to have been made by one of the top American rod makers ..that went to a vet in Cumbria ,thought I had overpriced it,, he damn nigh snatched my hand off .
  10. spot on

    Cogswell and harrison certus

    shelf in your lavatory !!!.....seems I am not alone in having a read with yer keks round yer ankles....my maid gives me grief if I leave too many books in there
  11. spot on

    what a waste

    friend of mine was out this morning with his missus dog walking on the stubble fields near where I found the dumped pigeon ..and yes under the hedge bordering the stubble was a large amount of pigeon bodies .his wife was most disgusted ..if they cannot use the birds at least take them to the council tip ,tis only 2 miles from where this is happening .
  12. spot on

    what a waste

    has anyone tried local cat or dog rescue /boarding centres or even wildlife parks ..zoos etc
  13. spot on

    what a waste

    not pointing any fingers but I do have a vague idea who it might be ...
  14. spot on

    what a waste

    just got back from walking the dogs..the same as last year ,,someone is shooting pigeons and dumping the carcases in a ditch bordering the wood ...
  15. spot on

    I Must Be Getting Old

    don't know the temp here .I am sat here with my feet in a bucket of ICE and water ,,I don't do heat ..its always easier to warm up than cool down..promised my lad and the daughters fella a pop over fresh stubble this evening ..aint looking forward to it ..can see me ending up as a pile of bones and slack skin surrounded by a fatty puddle.