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  1. They are always very vocal, always offended when (it suits them)
  2. Jeremy Corbyn jumps into Keir Starmer's bear trap, writes Robert Peston Shudda waited 10 minutes before trying to defend himself https://www.itv.com/news/2020-10-29/jeremy-corbyn-jfmps-into-keir-starmers-bear-trap-writes-robert-peston Removed it
  3. And how much have we spent for no return, £47Bn to date No doubt those rich folk in the ERG will consider it well spent as they can still use ghost companies to hide there wealth from prying eyes
  4. I had a mole on my back that turned into melanoma, removed 2 yrs ago, 0.8mm deep so easily sorted. One reason BLME are susceptible to CV19 is lack of Vit D
  5. I use from ebay eBay item number:151812285726 Also on recommendation of my Consultant Dermatologist ,also helps with CV19 as some folk lack Vit D Vitamin D3 5000iu * 360 Tablets * Max Strength * Maintains Healthy Bones & Teeth
  6. your displeasure is noted, here all spoilt papers are available for candidates to see, No vote No paper
  7. I always vote, my forefathers fought for my right to vote. Give the choice above, then spoil the paper, rather than abstain.
  8. I bet the Dr is still on full HNS pay I stuffed my lower back 2 1/2 weeks ago, i di have a supply of Naproxen 250mg & Ibuprofen 400mg on prescription. neither has been totally effective, i went to see Osteopath on Monday, i had to wait a week for the appointment, he did make a difference & gave me exercises to do ,the 1 hr consultation & treatment for what i thought was a very reasonable £46. It is gradually improving & i went out yesterday to zero the Pard 008 & walking about uas almost pain free Good luck with your back
  9. My ticket just stated "Moderator", i have A-tec & Wildcat Panther but neither is "named" or have serial Nos
  10. Check-out your area here http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/results?postalCode=sg8+6nu
  11. time will tell & history the judge
  12. Johnson will take the blame for brexit & the handling of CV19, the Men in Grey suits will have had him out by nxt summer. He would not want a repeat of The Iron Lady's exit.
  13. No Jump b 4 he is pushed , face saving exercise
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