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  1. I sail myself there regularly & have done so for over 40 years, The Continentals seem to have a better standard of living than us.
  2. I would volunteer to deal with her 😋
  3. How about also only having MPs with life / business experience, rather than skool - Uni - Researcher - LA councillor - MP - PM
  4. plus even more customs posts to be manned
  5. Bozo has ditched ( geddit ) May`s RED lines to get the deal, what is now proposed ( Irish sea boarder ) is what the EU suggested in the first place I May rejected as it split the United Kingdom. What is now proposed are internal custom borders within the UK & that should be unacceptable, there will be a Scottish customs post nxt
  6. best get some overtime booked then well the border is now between 2 English areas & not between England / EU. More unnecessary bureaucracy for English companies
  7. I hope you wrexiteers have plenty of savings https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-eu-economy/uk-heading-for-fairly-hard-brexit-if-johnson-deal-passes-idUKKBN1WW2F8
  8. No they havnt, its up to all 27 ,Not Junkers because he is still " working out his notice", if you care to pay attention
  9. Well Bozo hasnt got a deal this morning. DUP have scuppered him, even after he "filled their mouths with gold"
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