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  1. 😭 Thanks for letting me know
  2. Hornet99


    Its a long shot [no pun intended] would it fit a Tikka 595?
  3. I have a Browning Medalist and have misplaced the little green plastic box with the spare chokes. I'm sure I read somewhere other chokes fit. Has anyone any experience and knows if this is true or I dreamt it?
  4. Stunning photo well done, Beautiful little thing it is too. What species is it please?
  5. Ha ha ha ha your welcome fella, it was nearly 30 years ago lol
  6. Crikey that takes me back. I had a copy but first wife kept it. Does anyone know what happened to Jim?
  7. Do these fit on a wirly? is there one or two for sale please?
  8. I was forced to have hearing aids three years ago and am due for a check-up but am guessing C-19 has put paid to that this year. I have the NHS goldy coloured things that hook behind the ear and TBH they're pretty good. The only problem I've had is that the young man who was, shall we say, clearly bored doing whathe was doing said the instructions are in the box. Well, they aint so no idea what the little beeps mean even to this day. So if any one can help with a set of instructions I'd be really greatful. They might even be available on a link or whatever they call it. As far as specsavers and the like go, I don't think the service they provide to get a couple of hundred quid every two years is warranted so there's no way I'd be spending 000's with them for hearing aids. I do know different trusts spend their money differently eg my trust has the standard hearing aides whereas a mate in another trust has got the in-ear digital things. I have the hearing of an 80 yr old in one ear and not much better in the other and like the other poster, the hearing defenders would be the first thing I'd reach for all them years ago.
  9. TBH, if it costs the same as to write a fresh one then go for a complete renewal why wouldn't you? Also, the papers are often putting in articles where wills are being challenged and you'd be surprised how many are written where the owners think they're legal and they're not. I know £200 is a lot of money but what price is the price for peace?
  10. Hornet99

    My fat wife.

    Has she got a sister
  11. https://health.usnews.com/conditions/alzheimers/articles/is-there-a-connection-between-aluminum-and-alzheimers-disease#:~:text=Aluminum can be a neurotoxin%2C and if you,your brain%2C it can cause a dementia-like condition.”
  12. I think the charge of poaching stands little chance of success in court however, a charge of theft may stand a greater chance of success. Everything has an owner, even trash or perceived trash! Another mans trash is another mans gold and all that. Coincidentally, I recall a chap being prosecuted [successfully] by a local council for removing shrubs [I think] that someone "dumped" at the local tip. His attitude didn't help but...... he is/was just doing his job and unfortunately he may have developed the annoying habit of having only one view of his customers.
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