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  1. DVLA scam alert.

    There's a lot of retarded gibbons about it seems. Vic
  2. A winter trip to the seaside.

    Scully, never let your dog chase sticks even in the sea. If they pick the stick up by one end and the other end hits the ground/beach the stick goes straight down their throat often with fatal consequences or a very high vet's bill. Vic.
  3. Engine Sounds

    Try this one, we were at the Goodwood FoS when the Renault team did this and were stood by the side of it. Vic. There is always the V16 BRM from the 50's. Vic.
  4. Country Gent Embarrasses all Shooters

    The only legal limit on the number of shotgun cartridges you can be in possession of is governed by the explosives regulations. It equates to about 10,000 cartridges. Vic.
  5. Beretta 391

    The carrier is not involved in the ejection of the spent cartridge only in lifting the new cartridge into position. It sounds as though the problem has been solved by cleaning the gas ports properly. Vic.
  6. Beretta shock!

    Learnt from where exactly? Red Dot posted while I was writing. I have bought one or two new Beretta's in the past. They were in their new boxes, unopened and when I opened them the guns were not dry. Vic.
  7. Magical sight and sound.

    The BBMF Merlin engined aircraft are currently grounded because of an engine problem. BBMF have two Griffon engined Spitfires that are filling the gap as best they can. There are quite a lot of Spitfires still flying, whether BBMF's problem will affect them all remains to be to seen. Vic.
  8. Motorhome hiring

    An excellent choice for a holiday. Check that the insurance covers all eventualities especially as you have a dog. Vic.
  9. Gas, electric and broadband

    I have been with OVO for some time now and can't fault them. They only operate on line and send reminders for monthly readings. No broadband though, do any of the energy suppliers do broadband? Vic.
  10. Neighbours trees blocking light and Sky signal

    The law governing overhanging branches allows you to remove the offending branches that overhang your boundary but the cuttings remain the property of the owner of the tree. However you cannot cut them down and throw them over the fence without advising the neighbour what you are doing as that is classed as fly tipping! We had a similar problem, consulted the neighbour and employed a tree surgeon to cut down and dispose of the offending branches. Vic.
  11. Semi Auto Cartridge Solution

    It should be appreciated that anything that prevents the first empty case from properly ejecting may prevent the next cartridge from loading properly. Vic.
  12. Semi Auto Cartridge Solution

    If you shorten the operating spring the cases will travel even further because the ejection process will be more violent and the recoil maybe excessive. Further the gun may not load the next cartridge properly because the operating spring is less powerful. Vic.
  13. Brandon Wood Clay Shooting

    Hi Dave, There doesn't appear to be a website yet but I know roughly where it is. Find Stubton on G----e mapping and the ground lies between Stubton and Brandon. Go down the A17 towards Newark, past Leadenham turning and down the hill. At the Brant Broughton X-roads turn left. I think it's the next right just before you get to Brandon and the ground is on the right. When it opens hopefully they will put a sign out. Vic.
  14. New gas boiler.

    You could go all electric using modern storage heaters for warmth and an immersion heater for hot water. Make sure that you have an Economy 7 electric metering set-up and you can heat the storage heaters and water on cheap rate electricity at night. Vic.
  15. Lupins - Growing from saved seeds ?

    Be warned TD, lupins are like poppies and will rapidly take over a garden if left to their own devices. Vic.