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  1. VicW

    PC Package

    I would recommend Acer for a laptop, they come in various sizes and prices. We have used Logitech cordless mice without any problems. They can be switched off to save the batteries when not in use. Vic.
  2. We lived in Kuwait in the early 80's and decided to buy a Yank Tank as it was probably the only opportunity we would have to own one. It was a Dodge Monaco top of the range model with all the bells and whistles. It was 448 cu ins (7litre) V8 model but felt grossly under powered.The only petrol available was leaded but the Yank Tanks had catalysts fitted which quickly clogged up, they also had crude emissions control systems fitted which didn't help the performance, this in a country which, on a bad day, stunk of oil refineries. I had a chat with a nearby Egyptian owned garage who said they could sort it out. They explained what they would do and I drove the guys own car which had similar mods done. The mods were to replace the emission control system with the previous years ignition system, fit a four branch exhaust manifold to each cylinder bank, cut out the clogged up catalysts and removed one of the two silencers in each bank and replace the two remaining ones which were clogged up also. The car now had that V8 sound but was not too noisy. The car was on cross ply tyres, this was the early 80's remember, they were replaced by radials. The suspension was left alone as lot of my driving was done on desert tracks and, believe it or not for an American car the brakes were fine, discs all round. I had to run the car on higher octane petrol after the mods because of the ignition change which made the cost of petrol the equivalent of 10p a gallon instead 8p. The original air cleaner was retained because a lot of your driving was done in sand storms. My daily round trip to work was 110 miles, a lot of it out in the desert. Driving standards were appalling but the roads were good. The car was transformed and wheel spinning was easily achieved to the detriment of the tyres. Fuel consumption was about 15mpg. Vic.
  3. VicW


    Funny you should say that. I was crossing a zebra crossing a while ago and was hit by a guy on a bike who chose to ignore the crossing. I just saw him coming and put up my hands to defend myself and in doing so he hit the kerb and fell off. He got up and threatened me with violence accusing me of pushing him off. The next thing that happened was the driver of the truck that was stopped at the crossing got out of his cab and took the biker by the front of the shirt and heaved him up against the wall and the biker gave the trucker a good listening to. I have witnessed two bikers riding on the pavement go past a copper who did nothing to stop them. There's no hope. Vic.
  4. VicW


    Bikes aren't kept off the pavements so e-scooters will do as they like as well, probably the same riders. No tax, no insurance, wonderful. Vic.
  5. VicW

    Shogun Sport 2004

    Image link doesn't work, not for me at least. Vic.
  6. When trawling for new insurance quotes ensure that you are comparing like for like. It is quite common for new quotes to include an inflated excess figure which will artificially reduce the premium. Another thing to watch out for is the inclusion of a clause stating that automatic renewal is in force. In other words if you don't tell your current company that you are not renewing with them they will go ahead and renew the policy using the card details that they have from the previous year assuming that you paid by card. Vic.
  7. VicW

    What are these.

    What were these used for and have you ever used them?
  8. MoT testers can be checked by VOSA with a no notice inspection at any time. This can be in the form of a request to carry out a test on a car that the inspector has brought with him/her or they will book a test for a car that has faults. Vic.
  9. VicW

    Red Arrows

    Scampton is closing, the reason the Arrows are moving. Expect to see an increase in plane spotters at Waddington and their death wish as they wander across the A15. I wonder which hangar they will use, I thought Waddington was quite full. Vic.
  10. Timpsons, if they are open. Vic.
  11. VicW

    A rare visitor.

    We haven't seen one of these for a while. It's a young Ermine moth which I believe aren't usually about until June time. The eggs are laid on dandelion and dock leaves and there's plenty of dandelions about. I think there are buff coloured ones as well. Vic
  12. cornish ? Vic.
  13. I prefer Bovril. The Bovril bottle recommends it as a hot drink which I don't think the Marmite one does. Whatever,to each his own. Vic.
  14. I would suggest that barrel length choice fits into the same discussion as choice of choke. It is a very personal thing but is ,of course, a much more expensive thing to experiment with. I used a semi-auto for most my clay shooting life so trying different lengths was a cheaper option than an o/u. I was able to prove to myself that I shot better with a 26" barrel. This is equivalent to a 28" o/u. Vic.
  15. VicW

    Spring arrives

    "Ne'er cast a clout 'til THE May is out." Vic.
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