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  1. Thanks for all your replies folks, very helpful. Vic.
  2. Do any of the PW collective have any idea what altering existing wills costs these days, my wife and I want to make alterations to ours? We have spoken to a couple of solicitors offices but can't get any kind of answer without making an appointment which presumably means you will be charged for. We know that there are several charities offering free will writing in exchange for a legacy but could that could finish up costing the same in the end but at least the charity gets something out of it. Vic.
  3. They get my vote too, probably available from Military Surplus Stores. Vic.
  4. Unless I have misunderstood the type of printer you need you can get a printer for a tenth of what you quoted. Locally I could get a printer/copier/scanner for that money and sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new printer for less than the cost of replacement ink cartridges but be warned, new printers usually come with cartridges that are less than full. Vic.
  5. I too use Windows Defender and have done since the advent of Windows 10. It appears to work very well, is updated automatically, it scans automatically and is not invasive. Reviews of its efficiency are generally favourable, it suits me. Vic.
  6. Is your left hand side next to the kerb, if so you could be parked in a cycle path which is an offence. It is not an offence if the white line is broken into dashes. Cycle paths are usually marked by painted signs in the road. Vic.
  7. Th two chokes shown appear to have different threads I wouldn't trust them, the damage they could cause is too expensive to consider a possibility. Vic.
  8. Thanks for the prompt replies folks. Vic.
  9. My contract with BT is about to end and I am thinking of moving to Plusnet where I can save about £20 a month. BT are not budging on their renewal price. Do any Club Jazz members have any experience of Plusnet. No ISP's appear to get many good reviews. Vic.
  10. Since you bought the car from a dealer you have a six month guarantee in accordance with the 'Sale of Goods Act' or whatever it is called now. This basically says that any faults that appear on the car within six months of purchase are deemed to have been present when the car was purchased. I am not sure where wear and tear come into this. Vic.
  11. Does it have a potential personal number plate by any chance? Vic.
  12. VicW

    Flu Jab..ugh!

    I spent 28 years in the RAF so injections were a regular thing and if they weren't up to date you didn't get any leave. The worst ones were the jabs for hay fever when introduced. It comprised two jabs a week for a total of 12 weeks in three phases and as you progressed through the phases each jab got bigger until at the end of each phase each injection was two syringe fulls. The nurse would leave the needle in your arm and change the syringe. Your arms were as hard as walls when you had completed the course, at least the injections worked and no hay fever. Now the treatment is tablets.
  13. Without TPMS sensors surely the warning sign will be displayed all the time which would be a MoT failure if applicable but would surely go against you in the event of an accident and was picked up by the police or an insurance assessor? Vic.
  14. I have removed the 'Pokki Start Menu' from my PC by using the uninstall function in 'Control Panel ' It has had no effect on the Windows 10 Start Menu, whether it has cured the original query I do not yet know. Vic.
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