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  1. There is one in Sleaford off the main high street, it has a sign on the pavement. Vic.
  2. Use very little oil on the wood, you can always put more on. Put about three finger tip dabs on one side and rub it with your hand using the ball of the palm hand, the bit behind the thumb. Rub it in circles so that your hand gets warm. Vic.
  3. VicW

    Lewis Hamilton

    Toto Wolffe apologises to Hamilton but ignores the fact although the car needs some work George Russell is finishing well up the order in the same car. Is Russell having more success in setting it up regardless of its faults? Is there something going on that we are not being told about,, has Hamilton had enough, is he a poor loser? Vic.
  4. There are a lot of instances of major defects and mismanagement being disclosed but do the people in charge ever get charged or even get their names in the public eye. Of course they don't, did you see the person in charge of the maternity sections at the two hospitals named and shamed, did you see the person in charge of those same hospitals made public. "The buck stops here." said someone in charge once, and so it should but it rarely does. Vic.
  5. I have a Honda Civic wheel and tyre for sale. It's a steel wheel and the tyre has 6mm of tread on it, the wheel is unused. The buyer collects from Sleaford, Lincs, NG34. The price is £30. It's cluttering my garage up. Vic.
  6. VicW


    The GP is on Ch4 live after Ch4 arranged a deal with Sky TV. GP start time is 1PM, don't known what time the programme starts. Vic.
  7. Honda Civic wheel and tyre, FREE TO WHOEVER COLLECTS IT. Sleaford, Lincs, NG34. Tyre has 6mm of tread. Vic.
  8. New price. £30 buyer collects. Includes tyre with 6mm tread. Collect from Sleaford, Lincs, NG34. Vic.
  9. Civic steel wheel for sale. 6.5x16. Brand new and unused. Takes standard tyre 205/55/16. Price £45 delivered, £35 collected from Sleaford, Lincs. Vic.
  10. VicW


    Put them in a brown paper bag and put the bag in your airing cupboard or anywhere dark and warm. Vic.
  11. A bit further away is Orston Shooting Ground which is off the A52 just west of Grantham. Vic.
  12. I have come across this question before and the problem only arose if you were carrying or storing enough cartridges to exceed the weight limit of powder to be declared an explosive hazard, this is about 10,000 28gm cartridges. Vic.
  13. Remember Steve, 'Nil illegitamae carborundum' Vic.
  14. VicW

    Card only sales.

    There will be losers in a cashless society, One will be staff in restaurants and coffee shops etc. not getting tips because there is no loose change and the same applies to charity boxes by the side of tills. Another one will be taxi drivers who are suffering now, they take contactless card payments but passengers will not add anything for a tip. Vic.
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