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  1. VicW

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    I am familiar with these Manifoil cabinets from my RAF days. The cabinets and safes of various sizes were used to store secret classified documents. The opening code could never be guessed and is changeable to your personal setting. Vic.
  2. VicW

    Engine carbon clean

    Do you mean what used to be called a 'decoke' ? If so it is not neccessary with modern engines but particularly with modern fuel, petrol or diesel. Don't waste your money. Vic.
  3. VicW

    Car keeps getting a flat battery

    Lights staying on are favourite culprits, boot lights or interior lights are the main ones. Check that the lights go out when the doors are shut or take the bulbs out to identify the culprit. Vic.
  4. VicW

    How reliable are cvt boxes

    I have driven Honda Jazz CVT gearbox cars for twelve years and they have been faultless but it is essential that the gearbox oil is changed every two years or 25K miles using only Honda CVT-F oil. As has been stated CVT's are used successfully in a variety of cars. Belts were replaced by a chain like device many years ago. Vic.
  5. VicW

    Speed Cameras

    The cameras themselves are yellow but are the top of thirty foot poles and not obviously visible. Yes of course you should not be exceeding the speed limit but the old style cameras were an additional reminder that you were in a restricted area. Vic.
  6. VicW

    Speed Cameras

    They are in exactly the same place as the old speed cameras with the speed camera warning signs still in place but they may be ANPR cameras as well, the same as mobile speed cameras. Vic.
  7. VicW

    Speed Cameras

    An interesting trend in Lincolnshire right now that may be happening elsewhere. Speed cameras are being replaced by what look like Average Speed cameras except that there isn't series of them. They look like average speed cameras in that they are mounted on top of high poles so that they are not immediately obvious from the ground when driving along and the poles aren't yellow all the way down to the ground. I thought the law regarding the sighting of speed cameras required that they are in clear sight and painted yellow. Vic.
  8. VicW

    large gun cabinet

    Your local Firearms Office may be interested if you try and put that many guns on your certificate. They may suspect you of dealing. Vic.
  9. In what way has the gun been modified? Comb height, choke size, length of pull? Vic.
  10. VicW

    Why would my laptop just crash?

    Is the 'on' light visible and the charging light if you have it on charge? Most laptops have a reset switch. It is usually inside but accessible via a pinhole on the back. Using an unfolded paper clip locate the hole and push the pin inside. You will 'feel ' a click and the laptop will either boot up or shut down ready for re-booting. Vic.
  11. VicW

    Surprised by Tesco fuel

    At my local Tesco 99 is 5p dearer than 95. Vic.
  12. VicW

    Surprised by Tesco fuel

    One question you should ask yourself is if the 5 to 7p/litre extra you will pay for higher octane petrol is going to be recovered in benefits? Higher octane petrol is reputedly good at making your engine run cleaner but how are you going to know? Vic.
  13. VicW

    Phone for sale.

    Price reduced to £55 to include postage. Vic.
  14. VicW

    Phone for sale.

    Doro 8030 Smart Phone for sale. Doro specialise in mobil phones for older folks but this smart phone is like any other but easy to use. It was bought for someone who no longer needs it. It's only eight months old so is still under warranty and comes with the original receipt. The phone is as new and is Sim Free and unlocked (Not tied to any provider). It is complete with all cables, charger and paperwork and has been reset to as new settings. It has a 4.5 inch screen so is quite large. £70 to include postage. Payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. No Pay Pal.