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  1. He doesn't look like a leader, he can't even tuck his shirt tails in . Vic.
  2. Easy ,the government introduce a road fund licence for electric vehicles. Vic.
  3. Well done! As a matter of interest what company are you with? Vic.
  4. OK Tightchoke, so what do you drive, what is your age, where do you live and how much do you pay? Vic.
  5. To upset the apple cart, my Tom Tom sat nav works perfectly indoors. Maybe it depends on where you are. Vic.
  6. The lowest quote on Confused was £345 and that was the RAC. Quotes are based on statistics which is why youngsters pay high premiums. Me, I'm just a knackered old **** of 81 driving an ordinary Jazz in Lincolnshire. Vic.
  7. I got my renewal from Lloyds today for £412. I had already had quotes from Confused.com including one from Lloyds for £349. I called Lloyds to discuss the matter and was told that the best they could do was £398 but that if I had a better quote from Confused then go for that as it is treated as new business. This I did and confirmed with Lloyds that I was not renewing. I gave them my new policy number which was then checked and was confirmed to be OK so I saved £63. The crazy world of insurance.Vic
  8. There maybe a thin strip of spring metal that lessens the impact of the clay dropping onto the plate. Check that this there and in place. It is usually held in place by a single screw which can loosen and allow the strip to move. Make sure that the trap is disarmed and the launching spring relaxed before working on the trap. Vic.
  9. VicW

    Best work wind up

    Cast iron split pins. Red fluid for rear lights. and many others. Oxygen dip sticks. Vic.
  10. Not always, when I had a problem with a major component breakage on a Beretta semi-auto they sent a new part to the dealer in 24 hrs. Vic.
  11. I spent 43 years repairing aircraft. 28 years in the RAF and another 15 as a civilian working for the military.I enjoyed most of it although I was apart from my family a lot of the time I was in the mob.I managed to achieve marksman standard with rifle, pistol and sub machine gun. I held a SGC for 30 years shooting both game and clays until a shoulder problem forced me to give it up. Vic.
  12. Is the gun right hand cast? Vic.
  13. I am familiar with these Manifoil cabinets from my RAF days. The cabinets and safes of various sizes were used to store secret classified documents. The opening code could never be guessed and is changeable to your personal setting. Vic.
  14. Do you mean what used to be called a 'decoke' ? If so it is not neccessary with modern engines but particularly with modern fuel, petrol or diesel. Don't waste your money. Vic.
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