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  1. Without TPMS sensors surely the warning sign will be displayed all the time which would be a MoT failure if applicable but would surely go against you in the event of an accident and was picked up by the police or an insurance assessor? Vic.
  2. I have removed the 'Pokki Start Menu' from my PC by using the uninstall function in 'Control Panel ' It has had no effect on the Windows 10 Start Menu, whether it has cured the original query I do not yet know. Vic.
  3. VicW

    Remember Them

    Interesting then that a Defiant squadron was responsible for accounting for more enemy aircraft in a day than either the Spitfire, and the largely ignored, Hurricane squadrons. Are you perhaps thinking of the Fairey Battle? Vic.
  4. Antivirus or malwarebytes doesn't detect it as a virus or malware. The PC runs normally I am just suspicious of the programme or app whatever you want to call it. Vic.
  5. This takes you to the Control Panel programmes and features which I have already tried and got the warning that uninstalling would remove the start menu form my computer, implying that it would remove the Windows start menu. Thanks anyway. Vic.
  6. This is still happening. I have a suspicion that a programme called 'Pokki Start Menu' may be involved. I think that this is program that is downloaded via some websites and was intended to provide a start menu for Windows 8 that apparently didn't have one. The programme is listed in Control Panel but if you try to uninstall it a warning comes up telling that you will lose your start menu which was reintroduced with Windows 10.. Has anyone uninstalled Pokki Start Menu without dire consequencies? Vic.
  7. Hi Bob, My machine is not running slowly and I do not use apple or adobe products. Thanks. Vic.
  8. When I switch on my laptop i get this notice come up when the PC has fully booted up. It sometimes appears when going back to the desktop.It goes away if you click on 'retry' or 'switch to'. Any ideas on how to get rid of it permanently? Vic.
  9. Many thanks for all the helpful replies. Vic.
  10. Sorry that's the only pic that I have.
  11. What's this beast, it doesn't look very friendly. Vic.
  12. When I had a head gasket blow it failed between a cylinder and the engine coolant jacket and blew all the coolant out of the overflow bottle.It made a right mess. Pressure tests failed on both the cylinder and the coolant system. Vic.
  13. VicW

    Mono block LOL

    Blocking a drop down kerb is the offence of obstruction. Take photos and report it to the police. Unfortunately if the perpetrators are low lifes they may get back at you or your property, it's a very awkward situation to be in. Vic.
  14. VicW

    PC Package

    I would recommend Acer for a laptop, they come in various sizes and prices. We have used Logitech cordless mice without any problems. They can be switched off to save the batteries when not in use. Vic.
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