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  1. VicW

    Storm Ciara

    We are experiencing very strong winds here in Lincolnshire (18 miles south of Lincoln) and coupled with heavy rain the squall we have just had was just like thick smoke blowing sideways. It was so bad the few cars about were almost at a standstill. Our front garden fence has been badly damaged, I was hoping to get another few months out of it. Vic.
  2. What size are they FS or have I missed that in your advert ? Vic.
  3. I gave up game shooting when I could no longer come to terms with it but carried on beating and picking up. When my dog died suddenly from stroke I lost all interest in game shooting. Then I had to give up clay shooting after suffering from a back/shoulder injury. I miss the shooting, the friends I made and the banter so I did a bit of scoring but it's not the same. I'm a lot better off financially though! Vic.
  4. My wife and I have recently carried out the Marriage Allowance procedure with HMRC and once you registered with them, which is bit lengthy but very secure, the whole procedure is straightforward. You can claim back transfers of your wifes' tax allowance to the the tax year 2015/16. Once the transfer is approved you can claim online and the money was paid into nominated bank account within five days. If you choose not to register it can take two months apparently to get a cheque. Vic.
  5. Yes, D*ck Whittington.
  6. I find that a lot of the modern stuff on TV and the big screen is a meaningless jumble of muttered dialogue, dark pictures and loud, unnecessary, background music. I intend to start watching the new series, 'Witcher', on Netflix' tonight but expect to be disappointed. Vic.
  7. The weapon should be unloaded unless it is at the point of being used. When unloaded it should be carried with the muzzles pointing up. Imagine you are carrying the weapon loaded with the muzzles down and the gun loaded and it goes off, it will possibly blow your feet off. Shotgun safeties are not very efficient as I have seen demonstrated. Vic.
  8. VicW


    He is exercising his right to free speech but, yes , he is a pain in the butt. Vic.
  9. I have Googled the spoof BT scam number and it comes up with several results saying that it is a scam, so why don't BT do anything about it? Where do they get your name and phone number from? Vic.
  10. What I find interesting with these calls is that they display their number instead of withholding it. This means that if you have the right phone you can block that specific number. A lot of modern phones can be set to automatically block withheld numbers so perhaps that is why they do it. After a while they can simply change the number they are calling from. Vic.
  11. While having a coffee this morning I was sat at the next table to a young lady who was booking a holiday using her mobile phone. Every word she said was quite clearly heard and had I been a low life I would now be in possession of her full name and address, the dates she would be away, both her phone numbers and her full bank card details. I could now rob her empty house, sell her phone numbers, steal her identity and hack her bank card account. The guy sat opposite me looked at me and shook his head. I pointed out to the young lady what she had just done and her response was that I shouldn't have been listening as it was a private conversation. I reminded her that she was in a public place and that I hoped she enjoyed her holiday in Greece. Vic.
  12. I used to leave my gun in the rack in the clubhouse until I found a total stranger had picked it up and was going to shoot a round with it, he thought that they all belonged to the shooting ground. I asked him if that were the case why are they all in gunslips? After that I always left my gun locked in my car between rounds. Vic.
  13. Earlier this year when my contract with BT was due for renewal I spoke with BT and asked what was the best they could as I was considering moving elsewhere After a bit of bargaining I got £12.50 knocked off the price. Our BT deal is unlimited calls and broadband plus other extras using fibre to the cabinet. Our broadband speed is 73 whatsits. We currently pay about £53/month depending on overseas calls. Vic.
  14. BT Wi Fi Booster for sale As new in original packing with original receipt. Improves broadband performance from your router. £15 to include p&p. No Pay Pal. Cash or cheque only. Item can be seen here:- https://www.argos.co.uk/product/6207735
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