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  1. I saw this in a car park today. I thought it might appeal to Land Rover lovers. Vic.
  2. Send yourself one as a test Vic.
  3. In 1976 when we had a major heatwave that lasted for nearly three weeks climate change hadn't been discovered/invented. Vic.
  4. VicW

    Overseas Aid

    How much do India get in aid from us each year? Something doesn't add up. Vic.
  5. Try a few tankfuls of super petrol such as Tesco 99 Momentum or if you want spend more money some Shell high octane. A bottle of injector cleaner might help as well. Vic.
  6. I owned a Winchester Wildfowl (or maybe Waterfowl ) model with the black action. It was a multi choke and had 32" barrels before they became fashionable. A beautiful gun with lovely wood.Plenty of weight, a fine clay gun. I always regretted selling it, I sold it back to the guy I bought it from, he was wiser than me. Vic.
  7. VicW

    Neat bike

    Looks a bit like a scooter called a 'Corgi' from many years ago. I think they were dropped with paratroops in the 2nd World War. Vic.
  8. Why do these alleged 'homeless' with their begging bowls all have mobile phones, why do they all smoke, wear expensive trainers and why do they all have dogs? Vic.
  9. He doesn't look like a leader, he can't even tuck his shirt tails in . Vic.
  10. Easy ,the government introduce a road fund licence for electric vehicles. Vic.
  11. Well done! As a matter of interest what company are you with? Vic.
  12. OK Tightchoke, so what do you drive, what is your age, where do you live and how much do you pay? Vic.
  13. To upset the apple cart, my Tom Tom sat nav works perfectly indoors. Maybe it depends on where you are. Vic.
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