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Found 10 results

  1. Wanted Moderator

    Wanted Moderator Have Howa 1500 with 5/8 unf and am looking for Moderator Not fussy if thread is incorrect or if calibre small as have lathe can remedy May sleeve outside so minor marks dents OK as long as price good Have been quoted £190 new for wildcat at local RFD Anyone have better offer ? Thanks John
  2. Ase utra

    Ase Utra Northstar moderator. .30 cal with 1/2" thread Original box. Little use. £175 F2F with relevant slot or RFD at cost. Cheers Steve.
  3. moderator

    Hi would puting center fire moderator on a 22lr make much difference
  4. After a lot of scanning through threads on here and speaking to various people on the subject I think I have decided what to get.... Looking to order it soon BUT I thought I would run it past you all on here before and see if there was anything you would change?? A Sako .243 rifle, wooden stock and blued barrels. A Zeiss Duralite 3-12x50 scope Optilock mounts A-tec Maxim moderator with 2 extra baffles A Harris flexi bipod
  5. Wildcat Whisper moderator. Virtually brand new Had about 50 rounds through it In original box £75 MOD is on FAC Wigan Area
  6. Afternoon all, I have for sale a Wildcat Whisper .17HMR mod for sale. The moderator is off ticket and in very good condition, it is a reflex mod (over barrel) and fits 1/2" UNF. It was included with a rifle in a recent deal but I had a mod already lined up for it, hence this one is surplus to requirements. £85 Posted Cheers, Oly
  7. Sonic moderator

    I have just purchased myself a sonic moderator for my Remy 770 in .270. Wow never realised how much recoil and sound these awesome pieces of kit really can make. I have left it in a .308 calibre so it has the extra baffles. No effect on performance but really amazing the difference. If you want a good quality fair priced mod I can't recommend them enough. Also the fact you can add remove baffles and it is totally strip able for cleaning and will not rust due to the nature of build materials and quality not sure sure there is anything on the market for the same quality. WHAT DO YOU THINK ?
  8. Moderator

    I am looking to get a moderator for my stainless Remy 770, any good brands you can recommend or have experience of and can you buy moderators second hand is it advisable as have seen a few Many thanks
  9. hi i'm new

    just joined this site today, looks real good. only problem is everytime i try to post something it says i have to wait for it to be approved by a moderator before it is shown. why is this? and is there any way around this? becoming a bit of a pain
  10. sako quad

    Sako Quad .22 barrel, Sak moderator and two five round mags all as new. May split if enough interest. Face 2 Face or RFD at your cost. PM me for picture. £200