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Fishery owner and farmer facing legal action on his no eastern Europeans policy

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    16 hours ago, Rewulf said:

    No I dont oowee.

    He talks about 'Brits' stealing salmon from the Tay , then tells me ,in very big letters not to drift off the subject.
    He casts doubt that the E.Europeans take fish to eat, its a well known fact, yet he lives among a 'huge' community of them.
    He casts doubt on my intelligence, and ability to reason through an argument, whilst crossing my words out, and ridiculing my facts as conjecture, with his own version of the same.
    He accuses me of racism, yet knows nothing about me.

    Very true, and I know Im wasting my time.
    Its the high horse moral stance that gets me going.
    "Im a PC hero ,and Ill stick up for any minority ,even if theyre in the wrong" attitude , that will drag this country to a place you dont want to be.
    My final word.

    Your last paragraph says it all.


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    How does one prosecute people for stealing fish? I'm guessing the answer is 'with difficulty', which is why rhe fishery owner adopted the shotgun approach and barred  anyone from the socio-economic/national group that has been causing him the most grief. All perfectly natural and it doesn't make him a 'racist' - anymore that it makes him right.



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