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we have been on the rape today,a mate on one farm,a cross the road i was on another farm. i got there 9 o clock this morning,so did he, hundreds of pigeons got off, there for 2 hours,i shot 3, thats all that came back for me, my mate never fired a shot.so they went some where,i went back after dinner.200 came out the wood, i shot 2 that was it,.

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It would be interesting to know what people are seeing up and down the country, the area I shoot was holding a good number of birds a couple of months ago but now they seem to have mostly disappeared, its unusual for this area as most years they are in big numbers around the woods and rape fields, at present I am covering 15 rape fields spread over a good area and the most I am seeing on a couple of these is 200.

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Nothing on the rape in this part of Kent. Have had a few (single figures) on days out coming into ivy clad trees in a small wood.

However, driving round yesterday saw more than I've seen in ages on fields of wheat, previously maize, so obviously finding the odd cob scattered about. Probably in excess of 500 birds spread over three fields, but difficult to decoy due to footpaths, houses etc. The main flightline to these fields is also inaccessible. Very frustrating seeing these numbers after what seems such a lack of birds over the last few months. Hopefully they have now left the woods having gleaned the excessive acorns to venture out once more into the fields, but still appear a few in evidence in roadside hedgerows on ivy berries.

The ones that I have shot recently have had, without exception, ivy berries in their crops.


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