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Scottish Members Clay Day 17, March 8th 2020

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I have confirmation from Andrew the owner at Forest Experience that the clay ground will be open for us on the 8th, this is pretty exciting as it’s such and incredible venue that is completely under utilised. They also have a superb flush tower that could add an extra dimension to the day! 

We really just need a head count and if possible we will arrange a car share scenario to cut costs down. 

In the meantime I hope everyone has a a great Christmas! 

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We have the plan, I have spoken to Andrew at the clay ground. We will shoot 80 bird sporting, we then stop for lunch which the clay ground will provide, then we shoot a team flush which is 20 birds per person, so you pay for 100 clays each but we get to have the grand finale which will be a little different to our usual days! 

This is shaping up to be awesome!



1030 am start at the clay ground

30p per clay 

£10 for bbq lunch 

no steel shot as it’s in forestry

fibre wad only 

number need to be confirmed in advance 

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Updated role call, tried to put it in car share teams 


tam + Lynelle 

john + watty + scott p + tignme + fifegun

Euan + Mathew + Andy + graham + mark 

stephen s + JK + scott P 

Johnathon O  + Mathew 

stevie no show 

Derick + Eddie + Colin + Gregg 

gregg w + friend 

dave at kelton 

salmo + boss 

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Thank you for a great day! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, we had 21 guns turn up, I’m useless with what everyone’s handles are in comparison to their real name but you can work out who is who from the list below. 

Some great shooting with Gregg and Mark entering a shoot off for 1st and second place 

56 Gregg U

56 Mark L

53 Barry

51 Alec

49 Dave G

49 Watty

47 Tam

47 Stephen S

47 Scott P

45 Ewan P

44 Gregg W

43 Derick

43 Colin

42 John F

41 Lynelle

40 Dave B

34 Eddie

26 Graham Mc

25 Mathew P

23 Scott P

20 JK



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Yes had a goodun, good craic in our squad and the weather held for us.

I was disappointed with the amount of no birds throughout the day but when I spoke to Andrew at lunch break he tol;d me the clays have been changed from pitch to a resin mix and were softer . he did say no charge which was probably my main concern. 

Would I rush back, jurys still out on that. They have a zeroing range which could be good on a good day. a range day and a few clays whats not to like.

maybe see yall on the next one.


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