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I have both eyes open until my cheek touches the comb and then my left eye squints. I have central dominance and if I don’t do this I see two beads/sets of barrels neither of which is on track. My cheek only touches the comb momentarily, never pre mounted. If I have my gun in shoulder for a long time I tend to lift my head off the stock to get a better view... which ruins any subsequent shots. For me the fluid move towards mount is part of the swing. 

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With respect to pre mount. You should get a few lessons with a coach and also practice your mount in the mirror or a just a room with an empty gun. You do not need to pull the trigger to practice your mount.

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yea .....  done a bit of that, and tweaked the gun fit etc.  Not had a coach though, a bit pricy, i was quoted £85 

Thanks ūüĎć

I'll see how I get on with the Two eye's to One... bang ! 



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On 18/08/2020 at 11:02, johnphilip said:

I always shoot with one eye , cos me left one dont work . Very little sight in it . Was born that way so don't know any different  . There are times when I am concentrating  on something I have to closes it . 

Same as that !

I shoot just as bad as most of the others ,

Don't get 1/2 price eye tests though .

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