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Ford Ranger off road tyres

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Hi guys,

After the recent rain the truck was sliding around the fields about like bambi on ice so I am thinking I need to get some new tyres for the winter.

Can anyone recommend a set of off road tyres for a 2018 Ford Ranger Wildtrack that will get me around the fields in winter but still be half decent on the road please....?

Many thanks

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Grabber at3 or Cooper  discover sport the new ones are winter rates to same as the at3  

had the grabbers on my past two rangerovers and not a problem and got the coopers on my old shogun sport again no problems. 

and good with them been snow and ice rated 

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9 hours ago, Zimtrout said:

anybody tried the INSA turbos??

I had Insa turbo special tracks on my Disco 1 about 10 or 12 years ago, absolutely brilliant tyre for extreme use but very noisy on the road with a limited speed. Also they are of little use on alloy wheels. 

I'm currently using these below on the Range Rover as my perm is over 240 acres of very steep, muddy and often waterlogged ground. Ok on road not too much noise considering the aggressive tread depth. For me its horses for courses, if it wasn't so steep and muddy I'd probably be running General Grabbers or similar. 



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11 hours ago, Zimtrout said:

anybody tried the INSA turbos??

Plenty of off road grip.

But be prepared to buy another set at between 10 to 20,000 miles, and they are awful on the road. And, personally, I will not buy remould tyres.

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